Wednesday, April 10, 2013

February 2013 ~~~ Love month baby!

February around the Haus was pretty great. We finally got some nice weather. No one was sick SCORE! Kippi made it through her Market day with flying colors with the help of her family and friends. Valentines Day was a "treat" and we even managed a road trip to Aunty Tootie's in Spokane. 
the kids enjoying the warmer
weather and the longer days
Beastie 5 going on a walk with Grammy Lanai
He was SOOO excited for the nicer weather!
Beasties 4 and 5 digging up my yard .
Tiernen was feeling warm so
of course that called for going topless
 in 45 degree weather.
it was warmer but not warm enough for that!

 Kippi Had Market day at school. she chose to do a nail salon with a group of friends and they came to our house and spent an afternoon practicing on all of us (boys and men included!) and making signs. When all was said and done someone stole almost all the money (funny money) from their cash box and they each only made about 10 bucks! Tears were shed but it was a great lesson and at the next market day her and her friend made the most money out of the entire market!
some serious napping took place by animals
and humans alike!

I love this bum pillow shot  of beastie 4 and 5 
 Homemade Valentines  were made for school parties

Chalkboard LOVE in my kitchen
Breakfast love on Valentines Day

After school snacks for my LOVE Bugs

 For Valentines Day the Handy Man and I went out to Dinner. It was really nice to get dolled up and go out on a real Date with my Man! Oh and he got me those beautiful flowers even though both of us usually skip the flowers because they just die (it's  called being practical). It was so sweet of him and they actually lasted quite a while. 

Captured this little gem at Auntie Tootie's house .
When you are somewhere unfamiliar
 it's always nice to have something
familiar to snuggle :)
We spent Hours at the park!.
 We had a picnic lunch and
let the kids RUN!
The babies loved swinging the most

of course when we got home real life
came with it and that meant a mountain of

Beastie 5 was SO thrilled to come home to his Daddy!
Biddy and Daddy Reunited

February was a great month for the WASH-MASCH clan
 (thanks for that nickname Janet!)
Until next time,  N

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

January 2013

January... Well January started out great with an awesome New Years party with some great friends but of course I can't find the pictures. So just imagine good food, fun games, great friends and tons of laughing. 
It. Was. Awesome. 
Then, January kinda went downhill from there.  I had been putting off going in for a spinal tap over the holidays because it was so crazy busy and my family was out of town and I didn't want to put anyone out. Well, lesson learned. By the time I actually went in for my tap the pressure in my head was so severe I looked like I was having a stroke. The whole right side of my face was droopy and my right eye was almost swollen shut. Not Awesome. I had to have another CAT scan to make sure that wasn't the case (it wasn't) and then we waited forever for my tap. While we waited I had a wonderful experience knocking a full cup of pee (on the bright side it was my pee) to the ground and all over myself when I reached for it but misjudged the distance because of my depth perception issues. Again not awesome. So anyhow on to the Tap. They tried three times in the ER and couldn't get it. Usually I go through radiology but they were super busy. 
Finally one of the lead doctors came in and was able to get it on the first shot. 
He did tell us he just used the biggest needle he
 could find then he was sure to hit it. 
Uh ok not what I want to hear but your the Doctor dude. 
Well guess what? I have had TONS of spinals and Never had an issue not one but this time I had the most intense spinal headache and muscle spasms from the pain that totally put me down for almost a whole week. I actually went back in two days after the tap it was so bad. They gave me a muscle relaxer for my spasms but it didn't touch the pain so back we went two days later. I've have never been so grateful for IV  pain meds in my life! I had to get a blood patch and I was still out of it for another couple of days and then HALLELUJAH  the hole from my tap sealed and I was a new woman!
Day of the spinal

Spinal headache just hitting me

Back in for a blood patch and pain meds.
 My mom held my hand through the muscle spasms.
I felt like I was in labor but total body cramping and spasms
 were happening so it was different but just as intense
Karl taking care of the kids while I was down
When Daddy's in charge for days on end, fun things like this
target made out of crayon on the
 back of the boys  bedroom door happen

I decided after my nasty tap I wasn't doing this anymore.
 That is when I decided to make a change diet wise (I'm not supposed to exercise or it will raise my pressure)
My thoughts were  hopefully this would slow down my
condition at the very least  and maybe kick it all together .
 No guarantees but worth a shot right?
 (post on my lifestyle changes to come later)
After my week of Hell it was back to life as usual and
since my Tap had cleared my vision I was able to
 really see the beauty in some of these precious moments.

Really how can I not feel blessed with moments
 like these happening all around me.
And, I get to SEE them happening.

So there you have it. January started with a Bang turned into a steaming pile of dog crap
 and went softly into the night like a dream.
Not really my idea of a wonderful life but its my life and I'm so blessed to get to live it. 
Until next time, N 

Monday, April 8, 2013

December 2012

   December 2012 was full and frenzied for us here at the Rimmasch Haus. 
Here is a glimpse of what went down
For my birthday we took the kids out to Bateman Island and took Pictures
The Handyman had to have an  Emergency Dental appointment YOWZA!
It was an end of an Era when we sold the Blue Beast
We had a lot of lazy days in our jammies or only half our jammies :)
We took the whole family to an Americans Hockey game to celebrate Beastie 2's 10th Birthday.
I can't believe she is 10!  

I tried my hand at Chalkboard Art and loved it!
The stocking were hung
We sprinkled Christmas cheer throughout the Haus

The ol' Tree got all gussied up for the holidays
Massive amounts of  Hot chocolate were consumed
Beastie 5 played endlessly with our nativity from Oma,
 Often falling asleep doing so.
Beastie 3 had the pleasure of getting his front teeth kicked in,
literally by his sister.
 Of course we asked him what he wanted for
 Christmas now and he replied without hesitation, "Better reflexes!"
He also wrote the tooth fairy this fabulous note
trying to explain his chipped tooth
 so he wouldn't get "docked" money :)
We received packages from our Rimmasch relatives
We racked up hours of dance time
We had a cookie making and decorating extravaganza at
Grammy Lanai's with the cousins

My sewing machine got put to good use making gifts
for our very first Handmade holiday

Christmas time around here is really one of my favorite times but it can get very crazy and stressful when you are trying to gift for 5 kids. Over the years as our family grew we were feeling the pressure to get each of them what they wanted but not break the bank and of course as they got older their lists got bigger and you know, more-ish. Does any of this seem familiar to you?
  Well lucky for us right about the time we started having those concerns we came across a blog post at dandee  and it really hit home with us. It was so nice to know we weren't the only ones out there who wanted to simplify; we felt like she was writing our thoughts exactly! That is when we heard about the Want, Need, Wear  & Read tradition and decided it was just what this family needed.
   Then a couple of years ago the kids got big enough to start gifting each other and there are enough of them we decided to let them draw names so each kid wasn't having to purchase or make 4 gifts each. These gifts we call, Gifts of Love. We got the idea from Karl’s Aunt Hazel. Basically they make a gift for one person in the family and it’s done with thought and purpose and most importantly Love.
    I have always loved the idea and knew I wanted to implement this tradition into our family one day so the minute our kids got old enough we started. It has been a smashing hit since then and in fact some years we noticed the best gifts, the ones loved and used most were the gifts of Love.
    This year for Christmas we were determined to stay within a very minimal budget and we wanted to make each gift count so we decided to try a new route, a handmade holiday.
    I'm not going to lie, I totally thought this is going to be so much easier than having to deal with the crowds and find the best deals. Ugh yeah well let’s just say it was a serious LABOR of love. Although we saved time in town, a lot of the gifts were very time intensive and well, we didn't decide to do this until Thanksgiving Day! So we pretty much had 20 gifts to come up with and make in a month and we still had 5 littles who needed to complete their gifts of Love as well. Needless to say it came down to the wire but the payoff was tremendous.
 We spent a lot of time scouring Pinterest as if it was the Sears Catalog for ideas but in the end we were successful. A lot of our gifts were inspired by pinterest ideas. If you want to  you can  find what we did on my  Handmade Holiday 2012 board. We didn't do everything on the board  but what we didn't do we are saving for next time Also to clarify, not all of our ideas came from Pinterest so some of our gifts won't be on the board. 
Here are a few of the gifts that were made for our Handmade Holiday 2012

Super Hero Masks and Cuffs  for Beasties 4 and 5's wear
They also got Dino Hoodies  not shown
The felt faces for Beastie 4's Need
Sewing cards  for Beastie 4 made as a gift of Love for Beastie 5
The Stomp and Catch board  for Beastie 4's Want
Leather bookmarks for Beastie 2 and 3's  Read

The Avengers shirt Beastie 2 made as a gift of Love for Beastie 1
One of the I Spy mats for Beasties 4 and 5's Read
 Lap desk Beastie 3 made as a gift of Love  for Beastie 2
(with a little help)
 Sensory toy  for Beastie 5's  Need
Leather bracelets  for Beasties 1, 2 and 3 for their wear
Beastie 4 snuggling the Grappling Hook Santa brought him.
On Christmas morning he ran out saw it and yelled, "Yes I knew it, only TRUE ninjas get grappling hooks from Santa!"

So there you have it, a little glimpse into December 2012 at the Rimmasch Haus
I hope you enjoyed it. 
Until next time, N