Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life in all it's freaking glory!

Our very first blog. This month has been very crazy! Kelten started 2ND grade, Turned eight and got Baptized!THE whole fam damily came up for Kelten's Baptism it was really wonderful. Kiprianna started preschool. Karl also had a birthday , started school again for fall and has picked up two more jobs as well. Rieken and I are getting a ton of household projects done. It is amazing how much I can get done with only one child at home! For his part in the craziness he jumped off the dresser and had to get staples in the back of his head. I am glad we have our ER trip of the month out of the way I just couldn't stand not knowing who would be next! Kelten also started back up for the year in Piano and he is with a new teacher. Professor Powell. They get on very well together. He has his first recital coming up in a month or so will keep you posted. I am so excited for fall! I love the crisp smell and the crunchy leaves and the colors are my favorite. The kids are already getting excited thinking about Halloween and we aren't even into October yet! We are going to the pumpkin patch next week and Rieken and mommy are on a mission to decorate for harvest! We will post pics of it all !!Not very much I know but it will have to do for know.


Robert said...

Hello Rimmasch Family!!!! I usually am rather anti-technology (all of that nostagalia for the past and human connection, etc.) but I was very happy to get an email about you all running a blog. Seeing how poorly I've done in keeping in contact and being a part of big events like Kelten's baptism, etc., I'm glad to be able to make some contact with you all. It was definitely nice to see some pictures and to revisit good old memories.

Anyway, things out here on the east coast are going pretty well. We are busy like usual, but then again such are the requirements of existence in the world anymore. I'm looking at two more semesters of school and then at a move next summer. We don't have any firm ideas of a location yet, but Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming are probably near the top.

Well, thanks for dropping me an email. I look forward to seeing more from your lives. Drop me an email when you can and I'll do my best to write back promptly.

Crazy Uncle Bob

Tiffany said...

Hey there! I love the new blog!! Sorry I missed out on the family get-together this weekend...I really missed seeing all of you! Hope all is well, and I look forward to all of your future blogs and pics! Love ya!!! Love, Tooty