Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Classic family pictures

I have been thinking about our lack of new pictures and I have decided to put some of our older more classic Rimmasch Pics up for you all to enjoy. Please keep in mind these pics are up to two years old but they are still cute as can be. Please enjoy.

Above Left is Kelten's kindergarten Graduation day. Dad got a bit carried away with the clippers and he ended up looking like a cancer patient. at first there was zero color it was really bad but this picture is about three days in so the orange is at least vi sable. Rieken was in dire need of a cut but I didn't dare try our luck for a while after that. In fact up until about six months ago he had this terrific old man comb over look that was priceless. To the Right are the Three beasties oh wait they are sleeping so they were being angels. Rieken was only about 2 weeks old at the time and he already looked just like a Rimmasch. The picture just below this is of us camping at Ensign park two summers ago. They are just showing the Love to each other .They are filthy but hey that's why we go camping the rules are different in the woods right?.....To the Right is our Fall 2006 Pictures we did them ourselves in our kitchen. We were lucky to get his shot Rieken was having none of it! and this is the only one of the three of them together to turn out at all.

Last but not least The Rimmasch Beasties playing in Papa Floyd's Digger. This was the day we dug the hole for our trampoline. It was a family ordeal! But, we love our in ground trampoline it has been the best thing for the kids.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend getaway / death of the camera

Last weekend we were able to go to Spokane to visit my little sister (Tiffany) and her hubby (Bernard). It was a very quick trip. We left Saturday afternoon and had to be back Sunday afternoon. We can sure pack a ton of fun in 24 hours though! I am sad to say there will be no pictures for a while as our camera has officially moved on to camera heaven. We were so sad to lose it. We had some great times together and it will be missed dearly. So until we can replace the little bugger you will have to be creative and just use your imaginations like the pioneers did! So, like I was saying a ton of fun in a teeny time frame. Now we Mahaffey girls know how to play and our husbands are great sports. We went grocery shopping together and got a bunch of fun food. Then of course we went home and cooked it all and ended up having just a smorgasbord of fantastic culinary delights white trash style! Then we played games for a few hours talked for awhile and then off to bed we went. Early church can kinda put a crimp on any all night plans we may have had. Sunday we went to church at their ward which was fun because well frankly because it wasn't our ward (I will save that for another time.) Then back to their place for more fun food and a little hang time then it was back to our own little lives in Burbank. We actually missed our turn and ended up in Moses Lake which added about 1 hour to our trip. And really that was OK. a little extra vacation never hurt anyone especially when you have a DVD player in the car so the kids didn't even notice. I do however want ,no need to point out that Karl was the one driving so I cannot be blamed for this one. Now it is Monday so, for FHE we just drove around and talked as a family about what things we wanted to do when we all grow up and where we want to live and what kind of house we wanted when the fateful day of grown -upism finally arrives . You would think we had enough car time recently, but apparently not. It really is fun for us to dream as a family, bonding and all that . Well that is it for today sorry about not having any pictures to share maybe I can Kype my parents camera for a few days but you will have to keep checking in to see :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our 9th Anniversary

Well we have survived one more year of marriage to one another. I have to say, this year we had a very laid back day. Karl had school all day and he had to close at work . Kelten had Piano lessons so we only saw Karl for 5 minuets before he left for work. And that is because he wanted to at least say "Hi" before disappearing into pizza land. Then out the door he went. I even had to leave his gift at work for him because I thought he would be gone by the time we got home. No fuss no muss. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not but, I can tell you we have done worse! One year my sister called two days after our anniversary to apologize for not calling to wish us a good one and I was like what day is it? Our anniversary had come and gone with neither of us even noticing! So, we just had an improv family movie night and called it good. We were just so grateful the other had forgotten also! Another year our babysitter canceled at the last min. so we got KFC and watched the Presidential Debates and let the kids go crazy. It was our gift to ourselves that year No parenting for one hour. It really stunk as far as gifts go but hey beggars can't be choosers right. I had a really bad Flu one year and Karl had strep another year. The way I look at it is this, we can only go uphill and each year has a very real possibility of outdoing the last in more ways then one. All in all I am completely thrilled we have lasted this long. We have a very unique relationship in that we both have very strong personalities and instead of tearing us apart it has actually been one of the strongest glues working in our favor. When they say Marriage isn't easy I say hallelujah! But seriously, I feel so blessed to have a husband who loves me for who I am and who will do anything to make our family better in any way he can (even if that means working 4 jobs while going to school full time!). He is an amazing Father I couldn't have ordered one better. As far as husbands go he is everything this girl could ever ask for strong when I need him to be , gentle when I need him to be and there all the time. Each year we get better and better together (kinda of like cheese) My guess is before we know it we will have 50 years under our belts and we will be one very happy albeit stinky couple.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Octber yeah!

October is here and I am so pumped!I think this is my very most favorite month! It is not too warm or to cold it feels like fall but you still get those rare really warm days and nights. The Colors are to die for. All those buttery golds and deep coppery reds oh and the orange like pumpkins new from the vine. And the smells....mmmmm. All the farms are in their last harvest so everything has this deep rich earthy smell not to mention all the fresh apples . The mornings are fresh and slightly damp, afternoons still hold that hint of summer, and night brings a crisp clean breeze just perfect. It makes a person want to open all the windows, sit back and read a good book with a hot cup of cider. Well I could just go on and on about this time of year but I have loads to say so I had better get on with it! Okay First up we have posted a couple of slide shows. Kelten's Baptism slide show is fairly self explanatory...We consolidated a bunch of pics from Kelten's Baptism and Birthday Party so you all can have a better look at what really goes on around here :) The Lethal Luau slide show. Well You know how I love to throw parties! So, this year for Karl's Birthday we did a murder mystery Luau with the pig and coconut shrimp and real coconut cups for our pina coldas (the Mormons version) and everything! It was fantastic! As you can see we are all dressed according to our characters. We only invited immediate family due to the number of players involved in the game. Everyone really got involved and we all just had a such a great time we just might make this a Birthday tradition! The Family Reunion slide show is of the Mahaffey family side 2007 Reunion. It is currently off kilter and I hope to have that fixed within the next day or so.Until then enjoy what you can see of it:) We went to Lincoln City Oregon and we rented a beach house that was just across the raod from the Beach it was just amazing! The home was wonderful and gorgeous to boot but the view was breath taking. Being the Oregon Coast it was a little chilly but we did have two very nice days and the rest were fair. It didn't keep Kelten and Karl out of the water though! And the rest of us got in on the warmer days. It was so Fun! Tiffany My sister got pulled out and couldn't get back in so these big tall guys had to go out and get her.The rest of us couldn't touch where she was so we wouldn't have been able to get back either! It was pretty scary for a few minutes though we all just felt so helpless. Just a few days before 3 brothers had been swimming in the same area and they all got pulled out like 2 miles by a rip tide and the coast guard had to go out and get them ! Talk about to close for comfort! This was Karl, Kelten, Kippi and Rieken's first time to the beach. The kids built sandcastles,collected shells and flew kites all on the beach and the house had an arcade game , a ping pong table , a hot tub, play stations and a TV in every room . Needless to say there weren't very many dull moments. We did however learn the hard way not to bring the shells inside! The bigger ones sometimes still had stuff living in them! If they got left out they would die and it smelled like dead rotting fish fast! SO as long as all shells and crabs and shoes were left outside we had no complaints. We all just loved it and hope to make it a tradition also . We have also added an mp3 player please feel free to turn it off or change the song it you don't like what is playing. we have a fairly wide range of tastes so hopefully you can find something you like. Until next time Be safe and Enjoy the Month Of October I know I will!