Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Classic family pictures

I have been thinking about our lack of new pictures and I have decided to put some of our older more classic Rimmasch Pics up for you all to enjoy. Please keep in mind these pics are up to two years old but they are still cute as can be. Please enjoy.

Above Left is Kelten's kindergarten Graduation day. Dad got a bit carried away with the clippers and he ended up looking like a cancer patient. at first there was zero color it was really bad but this picture is about three days in so the orange is at least vi sable. Rieken was in dire need of a cut but I didn't dare try our luck for a while after that. In fact up until about six months ago he had this terrific old man comb over look that was priceless. To the Right are the Three beasties oh wait they are sleeping so they were being angels. Rieken was only about 2 weeks old at the time and he already looked just like a Rimmasch. The picture just below this is of us camping at Ensign park two summers ago. They are just showing the Love to each other .They are filthy but hey that's why we go camping the rules are different in the woods right?.....To the Right is our Fall 2006 Pictures we did them ourselves in our kitchen. We were lucky to get his shot Rieken was having none of it! and this is the only one of the three of them together to turn out at all.

Last but not least The Rimmasch Beasties playing in Papa Floyd's Digger. This was the day we dug the hole for our trampoline. It was a family ordeal! But, we love our in ground trampoline it has been the best thing for the kids.


Tiffany said...

You guys are so freaking cute...you know I'm super jealous, right? I loved your other blog updates, too. You crack me up (stinky cheese analogy was hilarious!). So, I love your blog and your updates...keep it up. Love you all!! Love, Tooty

LAUREN said...

Hey Karl and Nikki! This is Lauren Shumway! CUTE KIDS! We have a blog, too. http://shumways.blogspot.com. If you don't mind, I'm going to add you to our links. Keep in touch and I'll be waiting for a new post!