Sunday, October 7, 2007

Octber yeah!

October is here and I am so pumped!I think this is my very most favorite month! It is not too warm or to cold it feels like fall but you still get those rare really warm days and nights. The Colors are to die for. All those buttery golds and deep coppery reds oh and the orange like pumpkins new from the vine. And the smells....mmmmm. All the farms are in their last harvest so everything has this deep rich earthy smell not to mention all the fresh apples . The mornings are fresh and slightly damp, afternoons still hold that hint of summer, and night brings a crisp clean breeze just perfect. It makes a person want to open all the windows, sit back and read a good book with a hot cup of cider. Well I could just go on and on about this time of year but I have loads to say so I had better get on with it! Okay First up we have posted a couple of slide shows. Kelten's Baptism slide show is fairly self explanatory...We consolidated a bunch of pics from Kelten's Baptism and Birthday Party so you all can have a better look at what really goes on around here :) The Lethal Luau slide show. Well You know how I love to throw parties! So, this year for Karl's Birthday we did a murder mystery Luau with the pig and coconut shrimp and real coconut cups for our pina coldas (the Mormons version) and everything! It was fantastic! As you can see we are all dressed according to our characters. We only invited immediate family due to the number of players involved in the game. Everyone really got involved and we all just had a such a great time we just might make this a Birthday tradition! The Family Reunion slide show is of the Mahaffey family side 2007 Reunion. It is currently off kilter and I hope to have that fixed within the next day or so.Until then enjoy what you can see of it:) We went to Lincoln City Oregon and we rented a beach house that was just across the raod from the Beach it was just amazing! The home was wonderful and gorgeous to boot but the view was breath taking. Being the Oregon Coast it was a little chilly but we did have two very nice days and the rest were fair. It didn't keep Kelten and Karl out of the water though! And the rest of us got in on the warmer days. It was so Fun! Tiffany My sister got pulled out and couldn't get back in so these big tall guys had to go out and get her.The rest of us couldn't touch where she was so we wouldn't have been able to get back either! It was pretty scary for a few minutes though we all just felt so helpless. Just a few days before 3 brothers had been swimming in the same area and they all got pulled out like 2 miles by a rip tide and the coast guard had to go out and get them ! Talk about to close for comfort! This was Karl, Kelten, Kippi and Rieken's first time to the beach. The kids built sandcastles,collected shells and flew kites all on the beach and the house had an arcade game , a ping pong table , a hot tub, play stations and a TV in every room . Needless to say there weren't very many dull moments. We did however learn the hard way not to bring the shells inside! The bigger ones sometimes still had stuff living in them! If they got left out they would die and it smelled like dead rotting fish fast! SO as long as all shells and crabs and shoes were left outside we had no complaints. We all just loved it and hope to make it a tradition also . We have also added an mp3 player please feel free to turn it off or change the song it you don't like what is playing. we have a fairly wide range of tastes so hopefully you can find something you like. Until next time Be safe and Enjoy the Month Of October I know I will!

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