Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend getaway / death of the camera

Last weekend we were able to go to Spokane to visit my little sister (Tiffany) and her hubby (Bernard). It was a very quick trip. We left Saturday afternoon and had to be back Sunday afternoon. We can sure pack a ton of fun in 24 hours though! I am sad to say there will be no pictures for a while as our camera has officially moved on to camera heaven. We were so sad to lose it. We had some great times together and it will be missed dearly. So until we can replace the little bugger you will have to be creative and just use your imaginations like the pioneers did! So, like I was saying a ton of fun in a teeny time frame. Now we Mahaffey girls know how to play and our husbands are great sports. We went grocery shopping together and got a bunch of fun food. Then of course we went home and cooked it all and ended up having just a smorgasbord of fantastic culinary delights white trash style! Then we played games for a few hours talked for awhile and then off to bed we went. Early church can kinda put a crimp on any all night plans we may have had. Sunday we went to church at their ward which was fun because well frankly because it wasn't our ward (I will save that for another time.) Then back to their place for more fun food and a little hang time then it was back to our own little lives in Burbank. We actually missed our turn and ended up in Moses Lake which added about 1 hour to our trip. And really that was OK. a little extra vacation never hurt anyone especially when you have a DVD player in the car so the kids didn't even notice. I do however want ,no need to point out that Karl was the one driving so I cannot be blamed for this one. Now it is Monday so, for FHE we just drove around and talked as a family about what things we wanted to do when we all grow up and where we want to live and what kind of house we wanted when the fateful day of grown -upism finally arrives . You would think we had enough car time recently, but apparently not. It really is fun for us to dream as a family, bonding and all that . Well that is it for today sorry about not having any pictures to share maybe I can Kype my parents camera for a few days but you will have to keep checking in to see :)

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