Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Pink Eye

Oh the Joys of Children! So Kippi got all these wonderful lip glosses for Christmas this year and she just loves putting it on every chance she can get. Well I guess she thought since it works so well on the lips it must work just as well on the eyes right? Unfortunately for her and the rest of us this eye glossing gave her a raging case of pink eye . THE dreaded pink Eye has hit our house with a nastiness no person let alone family should ever have to endure. Three of us officially have it and the doctor said the odds are not in our favor so we all have to take the drops! The real bummer is this: 2 drops in each eye, 4 times per day for 7 days! Yes I said 4 times per day that is a total of 40 drops a day people!!! Not to mention we are stuck alone with each other for 24 - 48 hours because we are contagious (Happy New Years to Us)! Now this wouldn't even be so bad except Rieken and Kippi are just being babies about the whole thing. Where they get off thinking that is going to fly is any ones guess... So our first round of drops went something like this... Kelten was brave and took it like a man and then said OH crap oley freeholy that really burns! The first part was very help full but the second, well not so much. Kippi then of course won't let us anywhere near her with those "burny drops" and Rieken made hay and took off like a bat out of well, anyhow. So Karl does the Dad thing and proceeds to put them in his own eyes (very Manly) and show the kids how it is really done and he of course does not complain. Unfortunately for him neither Kippi nor Rieken were paying any attention as they were trying to flee from the Kitchen while Dad wasn't looking (hee hee). So that leaves only Mom left to demonstrate that these are not all that bad and if she can take it then surely they can as well (Right?). SO Karl holds both Kippi and Rieky and I put the drops in myself. Now I am obviously lacking in the manly department so what happened? I miss completely (it is way harder then it sounds okay). So Karl has the kids sit on the table and me kneel on the floor (so they can get a really clear view and block his entirely) He puts the drops in for me (how he could see what he was doing no one knows) it went beautifully. I didn't even say out loud how much they burned and they did! Oh yes they did! Too bad for us the two little beasts could care less. In the end Karl had to sit on them and I gave them the drops while holding open their eye lids. Oh ya baby, at this rate by the end of the week we will still have Pink eye and Our kids will be calling CPS on us. On the bright side.... The second dosing Kelten cried (now knowing how it felt and frankly being a man isn't worth it) Kippi took it like the She-Man she is (she didn't want Dad to sit on her and fart as threatened) and Rieken decided he would like to try it himself. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment. Go ahead and laugh at us. At least someone will enjoy it.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Oma made all of the kids new Flannel Jammies. Kelten was so thrilled because he grew out of the last pair she made him and nothing else has ever measured up in his mind. Kippi and Rieken have never had the pleasure of owning a pair so this was a real treat for them both. Kippi Loves the color and the fact that it is long and warm. Rieken just Loves the fact that he gets big boy Jammies that are just like Kelten's! Oma was so cute she had to put in a little disclaimer that they are not flame resistant and so probably are not up to the current Jammie code. I assured her that was okay with us because we have had already had our once in a lifetime house fire so were good! Just cross your fingers that the new electrician did his job better than the last one! Oh and notice the ornaments on the ground that is compliments of Smokey our tree loving cat. He will lay underneath and play with it until all the bottom ornaments are on the ground. He is worse then Rieken! All the pics of him under the tree turned out crappy so here is one of him just hanging with Kippi.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rieken vs. Tape

Rieken got into the tape and wanted to be a pig. Karl knew just how to do that... At fist Rieken thought it was great but as I am sure you can see, then he didn't. He wouldn't let us help him take it off because it was pulling his hair and we were laughing which only made him more upset. He finally got it off of his face but Karl had to rip it out of hair fast like a band aid. That was the real breakdown and I had to snuggle him so you don't get a picture of that. Karl and I feel like he really learned something from this experience though.. If you ask him were the tape is he says, "tape a Rieky no no mommy". Thanks for stopping in and checking out our blog. Please feel free to leave comments just keep it clean please. Thanks

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here are a ton of fun pics for your holiday enjoyment.

Rimmasch kids and Santa at our ward Christmas party

Merry Christmas 2007 From the Karl Rimmasch Kids

Letter to Santa and snacks for him and his Reindeer (we ran out of carrots hence the pickle and green peppers), Kippi noticing all the Food got eaten ( and they thought Reindeer didn't like pickles and peppers)! Our Tree Christmas morning.

Rieken and his mote control truck from Santa! Rieken and Daddy doing jumps off the presents with the truck! That thing is a beast! we are all going to have bruises on our ankles from Rieken's truck. And Rieken trying out his new camping gear from Grammy ( he would rather be driving his truck sorry Grammy) .

Kippi putting on her new lip gloss, Kippi with her easel from Santa (gotta love the hair), Christmas night painting at 9:30 pm in Daddy's green shirt. Good Choice Santa!

Kelten and Dad with the best ever Hoth Star wars thing (boys and their toys!), Dad with his new tool stuff, and Kelten with a huge Hershey's Kiss that he was so pumped about!

Kelten and Kippi playing Wii at aunt Kristy's house Christmas day at the family party (She got it for all her grand kids for x-mas SUPER NICE!). It was hilarious and I think this will be our next big purchase! Everyone got involved and everyone loved it! They played so hard they were sweating. As far as video games go this gets an A+ in our book! I know you are wondering were I am in all of these pics and I must say I looked and I am not in a single one! I was taking them all day and forgot to get in even one! Over all It was a fantastic Holiday and we survived my family which can go either way some years . That means we are already on track to ending this year on the right foot. Now we just have to make it through New Years Eve and we will be set! To all of our Family and Friends:
Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy New year! Love Karl, Niki and family

Friday, December 21, 2007

Our dirty little secret

I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long! We have had so many things happen in the last few months it is insane! I haven't felt comfortable going on and on about my freak life and not sharing the "Big news". In October we found out we are pregnant again Yeah us! Unfortunately within a week of finding out I was put on full bed rest due to a 2 x 3 cm blood clot in my uterus. I cannot even begin to tell you what a pain this has been. Not physically so much as emotionally . Karl has had to go to school full time and work his four jobs and then come home and cook and clean and take care of the kids. He has been amazing! While I on the other hand, sit on the couch and create a permanent indentation. I swear my side of the bed is at least 2 inches deeper than it used to be too!. I haven't really been able to do very much with the kids although I can't help it sometimes. I mean really they are my kids and I am their mom! I feel like I have missed out on so much, too much to even get into about! Karl keeps saying what choice do we have like this is supposed to make it all go away? I know he's right but really it doesn't make it any easier to be a bystander to my own life. It's hard to look but don't touch with my own kids . It is one thing not to do the dishes because you don't want to or to just not get to the vacuuming and all of that because life gets busy. It is a whole other ball of crap when you can't do it and you just have to sit there and watch as life falls further into the deep and dirty! As your kids who used to listen because you used to be able to follow through on those threats just look at you as they climb the entertainment center and throw all the movies down and you stand there and yell threats that you can do nothing about, at least until they get down because you can't lift anything!! And I know I shouldn't complain but I will, because it is in my nature to do so. If you don't like it just skip through it. Basically life in our house is upside down and dirty rotten! But it will all be worth if we get a healthy baby ( this is my daily mantra). If you are upset because you are just hearing the news I hope you feel better knowing very few people actually know. We have not told very many people because the doctor has told us not to expect to bring home a baby just yet due to the size and placement of the clot. So, we have been waiting to get the all clear to tell everyone. So here we are almost 15 weeks and we finally realized we are not getting the " all clear". I have been going in weekly for tests and ultrasounds & every week they are surprised to find a heartbeat (a little depressing)! But, at our last appointment the doctor actually took me off bed rest 100% He said life as usual due to my good behavior and time served (lack of bleeding and no growth in the clot)! Yes! I cannot even describe how awesome that was! Most women who have to go on BR get at least a few months to enjoy and brace themselves. Not us. We found out and then basically were told don't get attached this is very serious! So for the first time in almost 11 weeks I got to do laundry and hold all of my kids and go out and walk around, run errands and think about the baby without my mental guard up. I even scrubbed the bathroom ! Well our celebration was short lived. I started bleeding again after only 12-13 hours of a regular life so now I am back on Moderate BR. So we decided to share our news because for now it is good. The baby looks great and is actually measuring big (whats new?) . The clot is getting a little smaller each week and for now even though I am still down I am only moderately down (hallelujah!). If this BR goes on for the entire time I may just stay down forever because of atrophied muscles. for now though, we are doing pretty darn good and Hey I have a clean bathroom and my kids will have fresh clean clothes for at least two days. Really this is something to celebrate right now. So until next time... And I'm not sure when that will be . You see, I have found the most central location for planting my self and growing roots is the couch which is sadly no where near the computer. It allows me to stay down and still stay tuned to all the activity in the house (yes our house is that small ). You know, just in case Kippi finds the scissors or Rieken gets into the markers again . I think our house has taken just about all the "Freedom" the kids could dish out and then some. Sadly the carpet is past the point of no return and that is a whole other blog in itself! . On a side note I am determined to sit on the other side of the darn couch and then at least it will match again. So, just in case "next time" isn't for a while Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! With Love the Rimmasch Family