Saturday, December 29, 2007


Oma made all of the kids new Flannel Jammies. Kelten was so thrilled because he grew out of the last pair she made him and nothing else has ever measured up in his mind. Kippi and Rieken have never had the pleasure of owning a pair so this was a real treat for them both. Kippi Loves the color and the fact that it is long and warm. Rieken just Loves the fact that he gets big boy Jammies that are just like Kelten's! Oma was so cute she had to put in a little disclaimer that they are not flame resistant and so probably are not up to the current Jammie code. I assured her that was okay with us because we have had already had our once in a lifetime house fire so were good! Just cross your fingers that the new electrician did his job better than the last one! Oh and notice the ornaments on the ground that is compliments of Smokey our tree loving cat. He will lay underneath and play with it until all the bottom ornaments are on the ground. He is worse then Rieken! All the pics of him under the tree turned out crappy so here is one of him just hanging with Kippi.

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