Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pink Eye

Oh the Joys of Children! So Kippi got all these wonderful lip glosses for Christmas this year and she just loves putting it on every chance she can get. Well I guess she thought since it works so well on the lips it must work just as well on the eyes right? Unfortunately for her and the rest of us this eye glossing gave her a raging case of pink eye . THE dreaded pink Eye has hit our house with a nastiness no person let alone family should ever have to endure. Three of us officially have it and the doctor said the odds are not in our favor so we all have to take the drops! The real bummer is this: 2 drops in each eye, 4 times per day for 7 days! Yes I said 4 times per day that is a total of 40 drops a day people!!! Not to mention we are stuck alone with each other for 24 - 48 hours because we are contagious (Happy New Years to Us)! Now this wouldn't even be so bad except Rieken and Kippi are just being babies about the whole thing. Where they get off thinking that is going to fly is any ones guess... So our first round of drops went something like this... Kelten was brave and took it like a man and then said OH crap oley freeholy that really burns! The first part was very help full but the second, well not so much. Kippi then of course won't let us anywhere near her with those "burny drops" and Rieken made hay and took off like a bat out of well, anyhow. So Karl does the Dad thing and proceeds to put them in his own eyes (very Manly) and show the kids how it is really done and he of course does not complain. Unfortunately for him neither Kippi nor Rieken were paying any attention as they were trying to flee from the Kitchen while Dad wasn't looking (hee hee). So that leaves only Mom left to demonstrate that these are not all that bad and if she can take it then surely they can as well (Right?). SO Karl holds both Kippi and Rieky and I put the drops in myself. Now I am obviously lacking in the manly department so what happened? I miss completely (it is way harder then it sounds okay). So Karl has the kids sit on the table and me kneel on the floor (so they can get a really clear view and block his entirely) He puts the drops in for me (how he could see what he was doing no one knows) it went beautifully. I didn't even say out loud how much they burned and they did! Oh yes they did! Too bad for us the two little beasts could care less. In the end Karl had to sit on them and I gave them the drops while holding open their eye lids. Oh ya baby, at this rate by the end of the week we will still have Pink eye and Our kids will be calling CPS on us. On the bright side.... The second dosing Kelten cried (now knowing how it felt and frankly being a man isn't worth it) Kippi took it like the She-Man she is (she didn't want Dad to sit on her and fart as threatened) and Rieken decided he would like to try it himself. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment. Go ahead and laugh at us. At least someone will enjoy it.


Lauren said...

Oh Niki! Yikes! That is so, so terrible. So sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I laughed the whole time I read this post. :)

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

Just another day in the Rimmasch home, huh? :) At least you keep your sense of humor and share it with us! That's why we love you!