Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back To Basics...

I'm sure some of you have noticed my lack of posts lately. (at least my sisters have) We have decided to trim down and get back to the basics in our lives. We have gotten rid of our cable, land line, and our Internet. I know shocking! It was really hard for the first week but now I find we are spending more time together and I am getting more of those projects aka painting my living room floor (Love it!), laundry (So nice to be on top of it instead of buried under it) & dishes done. I know I have promised posts on birthdays (Karl's and Kelten's) and I have our 10 year to post about not to mention Tiernen is 4 months old people. Yup, He is rolling and scooting in circles and he talks non stop. Hmmm wonder who he gets that from? I will be posting once a week for sure, maybe more. I am hoping to get the "promised posts" done and set up to post every couple of days so at first it may look like I am back full time but in reality I will have finally figured out the delay post option :) I have also been tagged and will be posting this soon! I promise Rachel you did not waste a tag on me:) I also what you all to know I will still be reading your blogs but as I will only be doing this once a week I probably won't have much time to comment so they may be far and few between.I'm sorry but it is what it is. So until my next date night with the Internet peace out.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has been INSANE! Lots of good along with plenty of bad. This month we celebrated Karl's 34th and Kelten's 9th Birthdays. I am feeling like a total slacker Wife and Mommy for not posting about them on their special days but I have been caught up in life, Love and change. I will take time next week to celebrate both of them with pictures and shout outs and post about Kippi's "new room".
But for now I have a favor to ask. Last week both my Grandpa and Grandma found out they have cancer. It’s looking pretty bad for both of them and our whole family has once again been set on it head with this news. You would think we would be used to hearing this in our family but it is still a shock. Grandpa is a spry 80ish man with White hair and easy attitude he works hard and loves hard. He is an orchardist who loves his work and is still out there ever year doing whatever needs to be done for his crops. Nanny is a young 60 something who is as strong as she is gentle. She stands by her man and helps him day in and out in the fields and behind the scenes within the home and family. They are such a great team and really amazing grandparents. They got the news within days of each other and really this shouldn't surprise me they seem to do everything else in life together too. I know some people may be thinking,"Well at least they have lived long good lives." But really should that make it any less of heartache to know your family is hurting and will have to fight for their lives? Nope, it doesn’t. So, I ask you this favor. Please pray for them. We as a family would really appreciate it. I have a strong faith in the healing power of prayer weather emotional or physical it helps in every way. Thank you and I will be back to my blog-o-diction here in the next little while. Until then, happy weekend.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

take it or leave it.

We have been crazy busy between family in town for the blessing camping and the normal summer fun. I have fallen behind on my blogging and commenting... I have loads of pictures but no time to post them. My next post will be just pictures because I want to avoid the phone call from my mom asking why I haven't posted them yet. Until then Here are a few little moments of my life to get you through the rest of your weekend.

Rieken: Mom can I have a Jolly Rodger?
Me: You mean a Jolly Rancher?
Rieken:Yeah that's what I said a Jolly Rodger.

Me: Kip go change into dry pants so we can go to town.
Kippi: I only have my supremes (Capri's) left in my drawer so I'm never gonna be able to go because they aren't pants! ( Totally Dramatic)
Me: Capri's count just as long as they cover you up.
Kippi: Well why didn't you just say so!? (exasperated)

Kippi: Mom can I be done eating? (hardly touched her food)
Me: You need to eat five more bites of dinner.
Kippi: ( eating the very smallest five bites possible)
Me: those don't count because they were so small.
Kippi: Well you never said how big you just said five so take it or leave it.
Me: to slow to react before she cleared her plate.

Tonight we are doing this for dinner so no worries about a repeat performance from the dinner diva.

Monday, August 11, 2008

confessions & progress

Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

After a little reflection I have some confessions to make...

Confession #1
A few weeks ago I was exhausted (quick trip new baby nuf said) so I slept in. unfortunately for me my older kids didn't. They needed to be fed so I asked Kelten to handle it (meaning microwaveable oatmeal since we were out of cold cereal). A little later they came in and asked it they could have A as in 1 popsicle and I said yes if real food had been eaten. When I re- joined the land of the living I found a little surprise in the kitchen. Loads of Popsicle sticks and wrappers. I asked Kelten how many they ate. His reply, we each ONLY had 8 since we had to divide the box evenly. Yup 8 and I have 3 older kids that makes a whopping 24 popsicles downed for a post breakfast snack. Kippi's two cent on the matter... That’s what happens when you sleep in mom.

I'm stocked up on cereal and milk for next time and we are officially out of popsicles.

Confession #2
Wifely duties...Currently uninterested.

Willing to bargain

Confession #3
I have always nursed my kids in bed at night. I am too tired to get up. this however leads to baby in bed all night at the all you can eat buffet. I have been determined to sleep #4 in his crib with very little luck.

Last night baby started in his crib and returned there after each feeding until 6 am when I awoke in a puddle and couldn't take it.

I hate doing dishes and laundry. In fact sometimes we end up eating off of picnic wear and wearing the cleanest of the dirty clothes.

Last week two loads of laundry got done start to finish each day and we only ate with picnic wear because we wanted to.

I love the game Mozaki blocks. Time seems to fly while playing though. I find myself playing when I should be doing other things like cooking cleaning and the like.

I got the new high score and see number 4

Do you have any confessions you want to make? I am all ears.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A blessing and a name

Tiernen McKai Rimmasch was blessed on Sunday August 4, 2008. It was a wonderful spiritual moment that I will cherish always. He is lucky to have a Daddy who loves him so and does such an amazing job at being in tune with the spirits of each of our children. We are so blessed to have you in our lives Little Tiernen I can't even remeber what life was like with out you. Thank you for choosing us.
Love, Mommy

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lazy days of summer

Today has been one of those great relaxing days we are just hanging it at home. I didn't even make my bed and it’s a good thing because I think it's much more cozy with the blankets all waded up to burrow under and apparently so do my kids.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Be or not To Be...

Warning brag session ahead!
When Karl and I decided to get married I will admit we didn't know all the ins and outs about each other. I knew I loved him and he was a great guy but other then that we were going on faith. Throughout our life together he has had to choose to be... or not to be in various situations for example.

On our wedding day he chose to be... himself

At the birth of all four of our kids he chose to be... the proud daddy At the hospital when times were rough he chose to be... by my side
With each of our kids he has chosen to be... A teacher in the kitchen and in quiet times
When sickness hits he chooses to be... my helper and the kid’s comforterWhen he has a few free moments he chooses to be...A parent who spends time to bond and play with his kidos. When he was working four jobs and going to school full time he chose to be... there when his little girl had an important event even though he was exhausted.When he had to work Christmas Eve he chose to be... a few minuets late to hold the angel in the sky for our traditional Nativity.

When work (school, house or job) needs to get done he chooses to be... A good example and do it.

When we go camping he chooses to be... the best marshmallow roaster around.

When family wants to take silly pictures he chooses to be... a good sport

He chooses to be... A worthy member and a great example to our children.

He chooses to be... In Love with me...

I am so blessed to have him by my side as a partner and a best friend. Thanks babe for everything you choose to be.
With love, Snot Nose Joe and the Beasties

Monday, July 28, 2008

Friendships thicker then water

Last week Kippi and Kelten got to invite a couple of friends over to stay the night. Boy did they have fun! We went swimming a few times, played the Wii, ate spaghetti for lunch (kid’s choice) went to the playground of dreams, played in the water park and had snow cones all in 24 hours! Then we went to our wards 24th of July bash to see all the fun we had go here. It has really been a great week. Did I mention Tiernen is smiling all the time and he even laughs when something really tickles him :) What a joy my family is. I am so grateful to be home with them every day and experience all these fun little summer time adventures they are having. I'm off to clean house for family that is coming all the way from Wyoming and Utah to be a part of our Tiernen boy's blessing this weekend. Anyone who wants to come is welcome! 1:00pm Sunday the 3rd at the Burbank building.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Life in 6 Words

Thanks for the tag Marilyn I'm sorry this took me so long.
Six words that describe my life:
1. chaotic
2. Blessed
3. intense
5. melodious
6. golden

Rules state that I now tag 5 others and leave them comments notifying of them of this tag. Tagging is just as hard as making the list. Here goes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Memory schmemory

I got this from Tiffany , and thought it was a fun idea.
Here is a fun little game... leave a comment on my blog of a memory you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time or a long time. It can be funny, embarrassing, whatever. Anything that you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It is pretty funny to read the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you are playing and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.
On your mark... get set... blog those memories!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crazy Summer Dayz

Today the kids invited this gal's kids over for a play date and they had so much fun
~~~~The girls did~~~~

THIS...They picked out a recipe, picked the ingredients from the garden and the pantry, and made it all from start to finish!

THIS. They helped me make Zucchini bread and they greased the pans the "old" way because I'm out of Pam. It turned out Nummy! AND THIS. They took a break and had some water melon and jumped on the trampoline then to cool off they played in the water. Fun Fun!

~~~~The boys did~~~~

THIS... They played Star Wars, and jumped on the trampoline, and played Star Wars legos on the game cube. They really had a ton of fun too.

Then when Marilyn came to pick them up, they gave us these scrumptious berries which lasted all of 1 hour! (The bowl was actually almost full before they started eating them all.)
We are so grateful to have such great friends who have such great kids!!

After things settled down the kids had some much needed (for me) quiet time for an hour. I guess it was the re-charge they needed because the next thing you know every kid in the neighborhood was over just in time for my new Visiting Teachers to come and visit. I am so excited I get this gals mom and this gals mother in law as my new Visiting Teachers! They also brought us more nummy berries just in time to replenish our stock. Don't they look so good! The Ladies are wonderful! They didn't even flinch when my kids (who were out front playing with the neighborhood kids spraying water everywhere) sprayed water IN Sister Lybbert's car and then they sprayed both ladies as they were leaving! UHG!!! You know they were great about it but seriously could we have possibly found a way a little less damp to make them feel at home and welcome? I hope it at least cooled them off after having to sit in my hot house during our visit. Ah well all in all it has been a wonderfully crazy fun day but now we all feel like doing this.
(Kippi last night after swimming and playing hard with some friends for FHE)
But only after we eat these for dinner:) Don't you wish you could have some?Thanks for the idea Marilyn. Fresh blueberries + pancakes and eggs = fantastic breakfast for dinner.