Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Home sick

This morning Kelten asked if he could stay home because he didn't feel well. After taking his temp and deciding he wasn’t faking we agreed. Not that we don't trust him it's just that Kippi, Rieken, and Karl were already down sick so I was really hoping to be able to send him off on his merry way. No such luck for this lady. Of course I have to confess I had made plans w/ my Mom to take the little kids today so I could really get down to business on this cleaning thing. She was wonderful enough to take them even though they are not in top form. Not wanting to push my luck I decided to keep Kelten home as he was not part of the original agreement. So, I get to my Mom's and she was like, "I would have really enjoyed having Kelten too". I felt bad for both of us (selfish I know). Overall though I have hardly noticed him. He has spent the majority of the day so far reading in bed or playing the piano. What kid does that on his day off? He has just been going through all of his books playing a bunch of songs. So I got a little video for all of you to enjoy. The songs an oldie but he still likes it:) Oh and Congrats Kelten for moving up to the Orange books in piano this week! We are really proud of you. Make sure you pause the music player or you won't hear it very well.
Click to play Kelten+Piano
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Suezan said...

I really enjoyed your song. You are making good progress. Opa noticed that you read the music the whole time. I hope you keep playing. Music really adds a lot to life no mater what you choose to do. Hope you get better soon.

owona said...

I'm so proud of Kelten - he's an amazing kid!! He's so smart and talented! Your kids are all amazing! Love you! Love, Toot

emahaf said...

I really enjoyed your new post, I have finally decided to post on my site hopefully it will continue. sorry about all the kids being sick, but hey good news is it is probably not roseola.

Lauren said...

Nice work Kelten! Looks like your skills are developing great and that you are moving on ahead in piano. It still is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the whole world-play the piano. Sorry about the sickies. Yucky. We haven't had that for awhile.