Monday, January 14, 2008

Latest and Greatest

Last night was my nephew Caleb's 2nd birthday party. He loves trains so Eden made him a cute train cake. It really turned out nice. The kids all ran around playing with balloons and just had a great time. Caleb got naked (down to the diaper) in honor of the occasion. Hey it was his birthday so what better outfit could he have had? And we just all sat around and gabbed for a couple of hours it was great fun. My brother Kim and his wife Eden have invited us (all of us) over for a sleepover on Friday so we are looking forward to staying up late and watching movies and playing games. The kids are in heaven because they get to have a sleepover. I will be sure to post all about it next week. Until then my thought for today is: Why do we feel so compelled to go on and on about our kids and re-tell the same old stories to people who have already heard them? I am totally guilty of this. I remember growing up having to suffer at every family occasion as all the gory details of some past or present must tell was re-told yet again about me. I am sure they talked about other kids but I didn’t really care about that. I also remember thinking I will never do this to my kids. And here I sit a mother of three and I am so guilty of that very same thing. I should be ashamed! Well sadly I am not. I love talking about my kids and hearing about others in return. However, today because of this funny little story I have a little sympathy for those of my family members who have to hear about every little thing over and over . My mom and a couple of her siblings were out to lunch the other day and they were reminiscing. Now my mom has five kids and my uncle Steve has 2 and my Uncle Rob has none but has always had a wiener dog or two. So they are all making their way around the table going on and on about each kid/grandchild and the latest and greatest dramasodes. Uncle Rob sits there and listens and adds his two cents in here and there and then all of the sudden it's his turn and he says serious as can be, "well I just want you all to know You (his latest wiener dog) finally stopped licking his @!*". To which everyone just busted up laughing. Kudos to you Uncle Rob for getting in what I'm sure must be a milestone moment at your house! On their behalf we would like you to know we love hearing all about You and his latest and greatest. He is a member of the family after all.

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