Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ode to Wyoming

Winter in the Tri-Cities is usually a non-event. Cold with a little sunshine and windy with the occasional snowfall. Every once in a while we get a good little dumping of snow but it is gone in a day or two. This year however we got a little love in the Wyoming way. It started with some good ol' freezing rain on Saturday night coating the roads and everything else in about an inch or so of pure nasty! Sunday morning we had the pleasure of waking up to some quality love from the Heavens in the form of Snow; thick and falling fast on our still un-melted sheet of ice. Throughout the day we got about 7-9 inches. Now I know those of you who live in or have lived in the Wyoming way are going oh how pretty. But, here in Washington it is as pretty as Darth Vader is to a Jedi. Given the fact that this area very rarely gets this kind of weather our system is just completely unprepared to deal with it effectively. So what happens? Church is canceled in all of the Tri-cities and surrounding areas!
Never in my Parents memory has this happened. Even when Mt. St. Helens blew they still held sacrament meeting.
Now here it is Tuesday and all the Tri-cities schools have been closed for two days and the roads are still unfit to drive. Normally I wouldn't be complaining (okay that's a stretch) but as we have all been sick for over a week now we are really getting coopy. It is one thing to have all five of us home day in and out when every one is sick, quiet and lying down. It is a whole other issue when three out of five are feeling so much better and want to run and jump and play but having just been super sick can’t go do it outside.It has made for some very grouchy moments if I do say so myself.
Yesterday we had to go to the store for Water (pregnant women and kids under one can't drink our water!)and Pull-ups (as stated in previous post). We thought surly the roads would be clear enough and safe enough by now… Oh NO it was a white knuckle drive all the way in and it took us 20 min to get there and 30 to get home when normally it takes 10 min. tops. Karl as I am sure you can imagine having grown up in Wyoming is a great driver in all sorts of nasty weather. Here though we have a bunch of Stupidos driving around going 60 and flying all over the place. It adds a whole other element of scary to the plate. On the way to town there were several cars in the ditch but on the way back there were tons more! If we didn't have to hit the roads anytime soon that would be too soon for me! Unfortunately Rieken has been getting worse with a consistent fever of 102-104 and he is out of cough meds! He gets really bad at night and although he is very very sick we haven’t felt that the risk of keeping him home and giving him Tylenol and such plus the cold shower thing has outweighed the risk of driving the roads at night. Now it is daytime and he is still sick and the roads are hopefully better so, we are off to the Doctors yet again. We are on a winter advisory here so we have to plan this visit just right so we can make it home safely. GRRRR It feels like Wyoming all over again:)


D.C. Confidential said...

Sounds like winter in Washington, D.C. We get barely a dusting of snow and they close school. It's insane. On the other hand, it's a good thing they do, because there are a lot of folks living in the D.C. Metro area from country and states where either they've never had to drive in snow or where they've never had to drive at all until they moved here. It makes for not so fun driving when the weatherperson calls for the white stuff and it actually falls.

Good luck with the kids. I've had the flu for the last week and a half and it just will not go away. In fact, I'm about to go have a nap right now. Ugh.

D.C. Confidential said...

Whoops. That should have said "countries" plural, not singular. Sorry 'bout that!

emahaf said...

I feel the same way about the weather, it has been nice to have kim home, but now all I want to do is get out of the house for an hour, we will have to see if it happens.

owona said...

Ok, I think the snow is beautiful, but ENOUGH already!! I'm sick of getting stuck in the driveway and wanting to cry on my way to work because I'm scared I'll slide off the road and die! Be careful driving to the doctor's office - I know you need to get those kids feeling better, but there are a bunch of crazies out there! As for me, I'm going to crank up the heater and keep working on finding a bus route to work. yippee. Love ya!! Love, Toot

Naomi said...

Karl's a good driver? I'm curious as to what your Dr. says. Has Reiken(did I spell that right?) been on an antibiotic yet? Good luck.

Tharker said...

I hope Rieken is feeling better very soon. It's so hard when little ones are sick.

And I agree with you about the people in our town not knowing how to drive in the snow. Can't they at least figure out that they should SLOW DOWN?

One Sunday, it snowed all through church and the roads were pretty nasty so I took it slow getting home. This one car kept riding my tail, and because I'm such a hateful person I went EVEN SLOWER just to tick them off. Yeah, I'm not going to put my kids lives in danger just so the crazies can get to their Sunday Brunch faster.

Suezan Rimmasch said...

Well we have missed the snow in Southeaster Wyo. so far. The roads (interstate) have been closed all day however as the wind in blowing everything through real fast, like 70+ mph. It's not a warm wind so our wind chills are below zero. I would like to have school closed so I didn't have to go out in it. Hope you get all of the kids well soon. Take care, we love you all. Oma

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

I hear ya on the drivers I only trust myself and my husband! It's going to stink at our house when people start turning 16! I really hope you get better soon, this is super draining and you have had it even longer than us! Did you go to the Doctor have you had chicken soup What about 7-up? Just checking:) I highly recommend the Kleenex with the Vicks in it. It's a really wonderful combo..

Karl thinks your SOOO FUNNY and I have to say his reaction was SOOO HIGH SCHOOL with the eye roll and all:)
To answer your question He is a really great driver when he is awake.. His sleep driving however is in need of some fine tuning:)
As for Rieken the little beast has a double ear infection. His cold is so gooey it is draining into his ears and throat and that is what is causing the nasty cough and the ear infections:( He lost 1.5 lbs since Thursday though so he's in rough shape! The Doctor was really concerned about that and put him on a mega antibiotic for his ears to make sure we got it all before he ended up in the hospital. I think he felt really bad for not giving us something last week but who knew we would all be snowed in?

I just love you both! You crack me up!

Eden, we need to get together again that was really fun. Let us get bug free and we will make a date.

I think I will take our crappy weather over yours for sure! Be safe bundle up and take your vitamins just in case:)
The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you comment! Not that I don't they just get so excited and well my excitement just doesn't compare! By the way Karl informed me Freezing Ice is NOT the Wyoming way! Hope I didn't offend any Wyomingites :)

owona said...

So I just got home from Les Schwab- that was fun!! At least our chains are cute...they're red and stuff! I can't believe this weather...it's really bumming me out. I keep asking Bernard to go out and make a snowman or something, and take some pics, but he's being a party pooper. Oh well, what do you do? I really hope it all clears up (yeah right, huh?) by the weekend so we can come to town like we planned. I miss you guys already!! We should plan a trip to go visit Jaime. Wouldn't that be fun? Remember how you were talking about going to Oklahoma and kidnapping her for a couple days? I still think we should do that!! I know you'll have a new baby, but, well...I don't know. Maybe we can get Jaime over here for a special trip, or something. Who knows? I just hate being an adult and having to go to work and schedule time to be with the family - if money isn't too tight, and if the weather holds out. It's soooo annoying. Why can't we just be kids again? I wish a could remember that! But, I do remember the carefree fun we had and I wish we could just be like that again. Anyway, I've been blabbing for long enough, so maybe I'll go update my site (finally)...I love you big! Love, Tooty

Ms. Kristen said...

Tell Kippi she was a great helper and on her best behavior today during the field trip to the Vet clinic! She is wonderful! You get better soon! Take care of you!!!

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

Just don't send any germs or snow our way! I'm never going to get my family out here as it is! Hee hee! Poor Reiky! That is so rough on a little guy who has things to do! We'll pray for him to get over that ASAP. And for your South Pole climate to go back to the South Pole! :) CMP