Thursday, January 24, 2008

Off to the Doctor we go...

DR. waiting room, Elevator button pushing after visit, Sucker from visit (best part of visit), and at home with all the lovely new meds don't they look thrilled!

Today we had to go to the doctor. I just couldn't put it off any longer. Kelten still had this fever that he couldn't shake and a cough that was starting to sound a little scary. It wasn’t nearly so bad until last night. It just morphed into this monster awful cough. Rieken was literally a faucet of snot and gross things at both ends and he had a fun little cough that made him poo his pants every time it happened (So much for the under pants this week we were pull-ups people all the way). Kippi was just still in this little funk and had also started coughing. Our DR. is great and managed to fit us ALL in today at the same time YEA. So he just set all three kids on the table and went down the line. I have to say this may be the way to go. I think he went even quicker then normal because he was trying to keep all three kids quiet while he listened to breathing and still so they wouldn’t' fall off the table. Not an easy thing for just anyone to do. He was great. Kelten had started to cough blood about a 1/2 hour before the visit and the Dr. said he had lesions on his throat from coughing so hard or it could be coming from his lungs only time will tell :( Poor kid! He never once complained about a sore throat. So Kelten was officially diagnosed w/ Bronchitis verging on pneumonia! Yea I get mom of the Year for that one. Kippi also has bronchitis but not as bad as Kelten's. Thank heavens because I thought she was mostly faking her coughs because they were so random. That whole diagnosis just totally caught me off guard. I also get 2nd place mom of the year for that! Rieken was verging on Bronchitis but not there yet. Okay so two out of three... Not bad. I felt a little better when the Dr. told me, ” if you would have brought them in two days ago I would have sent you home and told you to wait it out and if you would have brought them in yesterday I most likely would have given Kelten cough meds and said the other two were viral. But, If I would have waited until tomorrow Kelten would most likely have been sent to the ER AND the other two put on antibiotics. It's all about timing”. Whatever. Kelten and Kippi are both on antibiotics and cough meds and Rieken is just on cough meds. The up side is the cough meds have codeine so a little piece of heaven will be visiting my house every 5 hours or so in the form of “quiet time”:) I feel so bad for making my kids wait to go in but I just didn’t want to hassle with the whole nope its viral thing. The sad thing is Kelten doesn’t get to go to his Pine Wood Derby. Someone else will race his car and they have promised to take pictures but still…. He is really bummed. Also to top off his week of "miss outs" they were working on a science section at school he has really been looking forward to and he missed the whole week! Kippi too missed out on things. She loves Pre-school and was mad at me for at least an hour both times I told her she couldn’t go. She is already working herself up for tomorrow. She said, “If only you would have listened to the Holy Ghost you would have known we were really sick”. Okay I will admit I have been a little pre-occupied so maybe my H.G. tuner was not so in tune. But really that was LOW and it came from my 5 year old OUCH. So that is it for now. I am off to beg forgiveness from the three little people living in our house and sucking out my life force (J/K) I think it might be time for some cough meds though…;) So Until next time see ya and enjoy the pics.


owona said...

Whoa!! Sounds like you had a super fun day! Sorry I missed it! But really, I hope everyone is feeling better soon, and you are a good mom so stop beating yourself up!! I love ya, and only 2 more days until we get to hang out again. Hope everyone is healthy by then so we can play! Love ya! Love, Tooty

Christin said...

Hey, I know you guys. I check your blog too through Laurens. Thanks for your comments. They made me chuckle. Luckily we don't have pets or that would open up a whole new world to us.


Tharker said...

Well, even though they are super sick, it sounds like your Dr. was right. Good thing you did take them in TODAY and not yesterday or tomorrow. So even though you had no way of knowing that little tip, you should give yourself a pat on the back. Maybe your tuner wasn't so fuzzy after all. Give that to Kippi ;) What a funny little girl...for some reason she reminds me of someone....oh I know...YOU!!!!

Hang in there, the crazy will end soon!!!

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

I am so glad you stopped by now I can stop feeling guilty:) I have to agree pets would put you in a place you do NOT want to go right now.. Please feel free to comment anytime.-N

Tiffany: Thanks so much for that. I really needed a response for little miss too smart. When this is over lets get together I need Friend time and I guess we could make a playdate of it if the kids have to be there;) What do you think?

Suezan Rimmasch said...

Sounds like the weather in Wyoming is better than in Washington. In the house anyway. I think maybe Gretchen has the same bug. She has missed a couple of days too. Hope all of the Rimmasch children will be able to back to school next week. If you can go to school that means you getting better. Kelten what was the science project about? Could we do it this summer? Hope you all hang in there. Believe it or not it won't be long and they will all be gone and you will wonder where all the time went. We love you.