Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sleep over.. Family Council.. Sickies

I love the picture of Caleb wearing one shoe and Rieken wearing the other! As you can see we had TONS of FUN! For some reason there are no pics of Ashley or Aaron and the only shot of Ry and Sheri are @ Applebee's:( Don't worry guys we will catch ya next time.

This weekend has been insane in a really great way. We have packed so much into such a short time it is not even FUNNY, and the weekend isn't even over. So this is what has been going on for last 3 days. Friday Karl me and the kids all went over to my brother Kim's for a sleepover. At first we were a little skeptical but holy cow! We really had a great time. The kids went back and forth between playing with the GameCube and the toys. We had a fun dinner of homemade burgers and fries. The adults talked and played games and just had loads of fun. The kids stayed up way to late and got up way to early but over all it was a blast! Saturday morning we all felt a little off and we just chalked it up to too much fun but, I think it was the beginning of colds for all of us. So that morning we got up and had a fun pancake breakfast and then Kim and Karl went to help my Dad spray insulation in his attic. Karl lived through it even with his asthma:) I took the kids home and we got cleaned up and ready to go back to Kim’s for our monthly Family Council. This month Kim and Eden were in charge and they decided to have it on the importance of marriage and specifically dating. So they got babysitters for all 8 grandkids and we all went out to lunch and a movie. It was so much fun the only things missing were Jaime, Mike and Jack who live in Oklahoma so unfortunately couldn’t make it. All together there were 10 of us. Mom, Dad, Ryan, Sheri, Kim, Eden, Karl, Niki, Tiffany and Bernard. We are one rowdy family I feel sorry for any waitress who gets stuck with us! We went to Applebee’s and we talked and laughed and just overall had a wonderful time together. I have to say this may have been the finest Family Council yet! After lunch half of us went to the theater to save seats and the other half went back to Kim's to check on kids and to pick up baby Aleah. We saw the National Treasure Book of Secrets which I loved! The best part may have been the Goofy preview in the beginning though. After the movie we went back to Kim's and relieved the sitters then had a little lesson to go with the day. Since Tiffany and Bernard were there we decided to make a night of it and get pizza, play games and just hang out. The next thing you know it's midnight and were are all still going strong so we all just decide to crash at Kim's place! By then most of the kids were down with the exception of Aleah who had been sick all weekend and Rieken who had also been sick most of the weekend. The funny thing was once the decision had been made to stay another night we all kind of hit the wall and couldn't stomach another hour long game. So, we watched a movie together and the girls talked and then we all went to bed around 2AM with the exception of Aleah and Rieken. They both decided between 2 & 3 worked better for them. Sunday morning Karl got up early and headed home to make it to his Elders Quorum meeting on time and I stayed to clean up and drag the weekend out as long as I could. The snow was coming down pretty had and it just made everything look so cozy and beautiful. We had a great breakfast and then packed it up (we had practically moved in!) and headed home. That’s when the complaining started. Kippi's throat and ears were hurting and her nose was running a mile a min. Kelten was exhausted and Rieken was still a grump from being up all night sick. We got home and Karl was in bed! His meeting had been canceled which was good because he was worried he would get someone sick with this cough he had had since waking up. Now being the thoughtful people we are we decided to stick it out at home instead of going to church and infecting everyone with our germs. Today we have all pretty much lazed around alternately taking meds and sleeping. The weekend was great but we are going to need a month to recover! Tomorrow is our appointment with the specialist so wish us luck.


Tharker said...

Eden just told me about your fun weekend. It sounds like it was a hit!

I hope all of your sickies are doing better soon!

Ms. Kristen said...

Wow! Sounds so fun! I am excited for you to tell me more about these family councils? I love the idea! Wonder how I could do it long distance? Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well soon in your house! We are doing Under the sea this week! Kippi. Get better quick!!!

owona said...

YAY FOR FAMILY TIME!! I had a great time this weekend!! I love all the're so cute with your prego tummy. Hope everyone feels better soon!! Love you! Love, Tooty

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

Niki--you look SO good! You look great! Now THAT is how to be pregnant! :) I hope I look that good in the coming months! hee hee! Talk soon, love, Carrie