Friday, January 11, 2008

Trash talk :)

.....I felt I needed to make an across the board apology to all of you who have had to "suffer" through reading our Blog. Apparently I suck at spelling, grammar and word usage oh and I am the queen of run on sentences I mean come on I can't even imagine who would ever think these things!!!...... Now now don't get defensive on my behalf (you did right?). I will be the first to admit it ain't perfect and I ain't neither. I have never claimed to be brillaint or even moslty smart but I've felt I was passable in the traditional high school drop out sort of way. That is until recently when it was brought to my attention. Well rest assured I am no longer fooling myself. I was an imposter and am now fully aware I am a white trash talker in disguise. As far as I am concerned if spell check didn't catch it than that’s good enough for me otherwise what’s the point? Well apperantly that is not the case for some of you (no names will be used in this blog for security purposes). So considering the fact that between the time I started writing this and the time I will post it no major knowledge growth will have taken place in my life..(Well ...Yeah none)... I'm sure that it is safe to say I will most likley continue blogging in my own "special" way. So for the good of all blogging kind I feel I need to put this sanity warning out there just in case you have been mislead into thinking you where reading somthing of great scholarly worth (maybey to a kindergartener) .. I will make no promises that any current or future blogs will be gramatically book worthy or that they will even make sense. I will however ensure I will make mistakes and my word usage may be completely off the mark and they will probably be spelled wrong to boot. My sentences will most likely run on and on and on and on but really people be grateful I stink at typing or you would be reading a page a day! So until next time have fun spel checking:)


Janet said...

Grammar, schmammar. You're real. That's all that matters. I enjoy reading and staying in touch with you guys this way! Keep it up, Nikki.

owona said...

You crack me up. It's not the spelling or grammar that count...blogging is about memories and emotions (at least to me, anyway). So, who cares! Just enjoy it! This is for you, not anybody else. Oh, and about the pushing Kelten too hard thing in Piano - don't worry for now. He's still young. It's when he gets to be about 14 or 15 that it's going to be tough, so as long as he's enjoying it, who cares if he plays for an hour a day. Remember when we were growing up...I was attached to the piano, and I loved it! So, no worries. I love you and hope you have a great week. Love, Tooty!

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

My dearest Niki, may I just say that as a college graduate, NEVER in all my life have I seen more bad grammar, spelling and punctuation than during my 5 years at the University of Wyoming and it was from the PROFESSORS. These are people with decades of training, tenure and research! It's pathetic! So frankly, don't get your knickers in a knot over it! At least you take the time to write and let us in on it! It doesn't bother me and I like you just the way you are... Carrie :)