Friday, February 29, 2008

To DO...

This year I am feeling the itch to Spring Clean. But it is worse because not only do I want to clean and organize EVERYTHING! I want to update as much as I can as cheaply as I can... So I have been spending many waking hours planning ,making lists and budgeting.. So....THIS is my “To Do” list before the baby gets here...
I figure I can do one big project per week and I may just get it all done.

In general:
Clean and organize the house, shed and storage unit!!!
Have a garage sale
Go through all baby stuff

Reface cabinets
Install under counter lighting (?)

Finish wainscoting and molding

Kippi's Room:
Put up shelving and molding
Look under crappy carpet and pray there is hardwood...
If so re- finish
If not cry
Put in closet system

Laundry room:
Finish painting
Hang curtains
(?) Considering painting washer and dryer silver what do you think...?

Make closet bigger & put in system of some sort
Re-arrange furniture
Maybe change our headboard out and make a new one...

Living room:
Check under carpet for wood and Pray!
Re-finish if prayers are answered
Clean carpet if not

Paint two dressers, one wardrobe, Kippi’s bed and maybe a crib
Refinish kitchen table and chairs

Okay so it looks a lot bigger here then in my notebook for some reason... Lucky for me we have the materials for 90% of these projects because they have been on the list for ages... This is only my house "To Do" list I have a whole other one for our yard and outside stuff (sad I know).
I just want to be realistic here and not psyche myself out too early in the game (lol)...I will post the outside "To DO" list in a week or so when I get over the Shock of what I am taking on inside. So here’s to a busy spring and a huge to do list...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

The kids riding their scooters to the school to play
Kippi just hanging
Rieken and Daddy making dinner rolls
Rolling out hands prints
Rieken going solo
(I swear he wears clothes. It's just potty training is 100 x's easier without them!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is why I love my Cat!

These were all taken on separate days.... Ahh the life! Isn't he beautiful?

It's been a while...

I know I haven’t updated in a while. We have been sick again:(
At least it's not the flu only head colds. I keep getting these migraines that are just kicking my rear! Which means computer time is not really the thing for me right now. So, until life gets back on an even keel (or at least my head) I will just be checking on your blogs. If I don't comment I'm sorry. It seems I have just enough time to read everyone’s updates before the old noggin starts thumping. So in order to continue functioning somewhat, Blogging must wait. I will try to post a few fun pics here and there. Until next time...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Conversation Station in the Rimmasch Nation

This is a little taste of some of the conversations we have had at our house today…

Kelten: Hey mom can I go to school yet?
Me: what time is it?
Kelten: 6:55
Me: No
Kelten: (as he walks away) I should just go she won’t know because she’s sleep talking anyways...
Me: (thinking, must get up must ge….t….ZZZZ)
(Sad but true! In my defense I know for a fact he won’t leave w/o kissing me goodbye. So, I’m sure that’s why I felt comfy going back to sleep)

Me: Hey guys have you seen the cat?
Kippi: Yeah he’s in our closet…
Me: Uh, why is he in the closet?
Kippi: I don’t know maybe he’s laying kittens... Oh wait never mind he can’t lay kittens cause you guys took him to get his nipples chopped off remember?
Me: Oh yeah ....(Laughing until I snort!!)

Rieken: Mommy….Mommy…MOMMY
Me: Yeah Rieken?
Rieken: (to Kippi) See Kippi I say so.
Me: (to Kippi) what did he say?
Kippi: He said you can hear
Me: why would he think I couldn’t?
Kippi: I told him you can’t hear anymore cause when I hit him and he cried you didn’t yell at me…
Me: (thinking, I had better put my listening ears on ASAP)

Kippi: for lunch can I have tuna fish?
Me: sure
Rieken: I hate tuna fes
Me: what do you want then?
Rieken: uh a Pa seekle
Me: sorry pal real food first. What do you want for real food?
Rieken: bubble gum
Me: again bud, not real food.
Rieken: you not make real food daddy does.( with a look of confusion)
Kippi: Rieken, mommy can make tuna fish and it really does taste good,,(with an overly happy smile)
Rieken: (to Kippi) you pomise?
Kippi: Yup
Me: Oh good tuna it is
Kippi: Mom please don’t disappoint me I made a promise…
Me: (thinking to myself, I should have let him have the stinking popsicle)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Super Boy!... Or is it Super Sleepy Boy?

Last night Rieken was running around wearing his "cape" and his "flying underwear" just like superman. He was fighting the aliens and jumping over hot lava and so much more we mere humans would never understand. All of the sudden things got really quiet (never a good sign!) I went into the living room to check things out and this is what I see....

I guess being a Super Hero is terribly exhausting! He looked so uncomfortable but I had to get pictures before I moved him and then I had to make dinner so why chance waking him up. So, I did what any "normal" parent would do and I left him there. He didn't seem to mind because he slept for a good 45 min to an hour. Ahhh bliss I tell you. At least until he woke up and his legs were asleep (apparently sleep standing is not one of his super powers). Okay I know, Bad Mommy but, at least I got pictures:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What flavor are you?

I thought this was cute! Karl and I got a kick when it said I was mint choc chip because, I usually like all kinds of ice cream. But, latley the only thing working for me is Mint Choc chip! It is driving him nuts!


I somehow managed to cut out the last five questions when answering my TAG. Sorry I added them so check it out. This shouldn’t' be a problem to the people I tagged since only Rosie has done it so far:) Rosie if you want to add them COOL if not too bad. I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say…

Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been Tagged!
Rules of this game.
1. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
2. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names and then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and that they should read your blog. Got it? Good!

10 years ago.....I was suffering the consequences for my actions! (No I was not in jail:)

5 things on my list to do today......
1. Clean the toy room (this has been on my to do list for weeks!)
2. Go get Kippi new pants (the girl just won't stop growing!)
3. Get snacks ready for Kippi’s class on Wed.
4. Take a nap (yes I still take naps!)
5. Play with my kids

Snacks I enjoy....salt and vinegar chips, vinegar cucumbers, popcorn, Dr.Pepper & Fresh fruit and veggies!

What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire.... Pay off our debt! Buy my dream house & car, college funds for all of our kids; Take our family on a Euro tour for like three months! And invest invest invest!!!

Three bad habits.....
1. Speaking what I think (Even if I think about it I still tend to say it. sugar coating is not my best life skill)
2. Swearing (This is a work in progress that enjoys the occasional sick day and week of vacation time)
3. Re-living every conversation I had with just about anyone but family (they have to love me). Then stressing about something I said, or did, or wrote, and how it may or may not have affected someone... (See #1) Again a work in progress.

Five Places I have lived....
1. Pasco, Wa
2.Provo, Ut.
3.West Valley, Ut.
4. Laramie, Wy.
5. Burbank, Wa.

5 jobs I have had....
1. Server at Applebee’s
2. Ranch and Home cashier
3. Nanny
4. Wal-Mart Photo studio Manager
5. Doctor office receptionist

Five things people don't know about me.....
1. I am not a very big Star Wars fan (blasphemy at our house)
2. I actually do like to exercise
3. I have broke everyone of my toes:0
4. I am very afraid of the dark.
5. I don’t really enjoy shopping. ( get in and get out or don’t go!)


Friday, February 15, 2008


Kippi ready for the day and happy as can be:) In fact she had already gotten her school clothes all dirty... What kid can do that before school even starts?
Rieken not happy about having to get out of bed:( He actually wore his jammies to town while we dropped Kippi off at school... ( he went to bed with dirty jammies because he was up late playing in them)
Kelten trying to stay occupied until he can finally leave for school!

Today I was just marveling at how very different each of my kids are! Kippi is such a morning person. Up by 6 am (at the latest) she is dressed, ready to go has her bed made and usually digs something out to eat too:) Early to bed early to rise sort of thing and Very self sufficient. Rieken is the exact opposite! He is a night owl and he will sleep as long as I will and longer some days (Nice for me). Getting him to change out of jammies is challenging some times. He won't get dressed unless he gets help (he can do it by himself he just won't right now) and he usually doesn’t go foraging for food he waits to be served. He is a huge mamma’s boy! Kelten on the other hand, will stay up SUPER late if you let him and he gets up early no matter what time he goes to bed. He makes his own food but won't get dressed unless he has to. He is also self sufficient but he isn't super motivated. He loves to go to school so I never have to make sure he is ready and on time. In fact I am usually telling him he has to wait another 10-15 min before he can leave but, on weekends I can hardly get him out the door. These are just a few of the ways they differ. I'm just stumped at how we have managed to create such unique individuals doing basically the same thing each time??? Makes me wonder what’s in store for us next.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Karl, You are amazing! The midnight movie was Awesome! Thanks for staying up to take me on a Valentine's Day Date even though you had to get up for work by 3:50 am so you only got 1.5 hours of sleep! I'm so thankful that even in our hectic & insane life you still have time for me. And when you sacrifice sleep for the next two days well, that is what I call Love..I love you Babe.....

Make sure you zoom the pics to read the captions.......
Click to play From the Beginning
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today I was awakened by one of these “Excuses" can you guess which one? I actually laid in bed for and hour Fuming. As I lay there within 20 min. I had my Top Ten so I thought I would share w/ all of you. I debated on weather to post then or later. I decided to salvage what was left of my sleep time. So even though it may not have quite the ring of irritation it may have had this morning I hope you enjoy :)

Top Ten most horrible "excuses" to wake me up at 4 AM!
10) Mommy I just wet the bed...
9) The alarm going off at the wrong time because Rieken played w/ it before bed.
8) Random Foot in my face :(
7) Cat meowing to be let out or let in. He is VERY persistent and VERY loud.
6) The squirrels partying in our attic!
5) Mom I don't think I feel so good... BARF Repeat
4) Phone ringing.... Wrong number!
3) Nature calling AGAIN!!!
2) (Karl) Umm Hey Babe. Do you know where my keys are? I'm going to be late..... Umm Babe really could you Please get up and help me?! (Me) Okay I'm coming.. (I get up, get into the living room..)(Karl) Oh never mind I found em' Love ya bye.
1) (Karl) Hey Babe are you Awake? (Me) Now I am. (Karl) Oh sorry... Well, want a "back massage?"

Monday, February 11, 2008

date change:)

My pianist can't come to town next week so she asked me to see if I could change the date and sing another week. At first I was unsure because I didn't want to be rude. In the end I caved and called Brother D. He was super great about it but, the soonest he had was March 16th! I offered to just wait and do it whenever he wanted or even this weekend if that worked better for him. He was like,"No that’s okay I can wait another couple of weeks to hear you if you need. It will be worth it." :) So sweet. This however has and upside and a downside (don't they all?). I have a whole month to prepare a song! I don't think they have ever given me more then 2 weeks TOPS! This of course means it had better be perfect:( Ah well you can't have it all. Thanks so much Brother D. I will strive to be "perfect" just for you:)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Help!.... Kippi and her clear conscience

This is an old picture but that is the look to a "T"
So, I have been asked to sing in sacrament again… Surprised? Yeah me too!. He called Wed. night and asked about Sunday the 17th! Okay no big deal really.(I would rather sing then give a talk anyday!) I just need to find a song, pianist and practice right?... The problem is I am drawing a blank in the song dept. any ideas for a good song to sing during sacrament. I prefer not to do just a regular hymn but at this point I will take any suggestions. He said I can choose whatever topic I want, which is always great fun but I am really coming up dry here. I know there are a few of you who sing all the time so I am counting on you to help me out here…
Oh and as a side note: this afternoon Kippi was playing with the cat and "accidentally" pulled out a big hunk of hair (yeah he is shedding a little but still we are talking a WAD!) I said,

" Kippi that’s not nice be soft with my Kitty please." her reply...W/ a look of pure innocence on her face,
" But Mom "normal" cats don't just "let go" of their hair like that (like it was his choice). He must be sick but don't worry I know where the vet is."
Ah the joys of a clear conscience:) I thought her come back was pretty witty though. I have to give a shout out to Miss Kristen for taking the kids into the Vet at her school. Now we know all about it at our house so no matter the damage done we can always take him in and get him fixed. Apparently that Vet is Magical:)

pure innocence

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Scout Treats

This week Kelten is in charge of the scout treats. Of course I forgot until about noon today and scouts are @ 3:00. So I needed something quick and no fuss. I have been trying some recipes from this blog lately and I have been really impressed. So I did a quick search and found these little gems in her sweet section. Anything with cookie dough and candy is a definite go in my book. They were super easy and the kids had fun helping make them. There are even enough to send tons to scouts and keep a bunch home YEA! Talk about a win win:) I highly recommend these to anyone in need of a quick and yummy treat!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Okay I lied...

I know I said there would probably be no updates for a while but I lied ...This may however be it for a while WE SHALL SEE.
This evening at dinner I was amazed at how much my youngest bambino was putting away! I noticed last night that he really ate a ton (13 large sized shrimp and a ton of French bread!) But, I thought it was just because he loves shrimp and bread. Hmmm now I'm thinking growth spurt.....Here are some pictures of tonight’s dinner. Um in the end he had 11 BBQ chicken wings 1/2 a baked potato loaded with stuff and about a cup of green salad. The only thing he didn't want any of were the crescent rolls weird because in my opinion that was the best part of dinner. He was looking pretty tired around number ten and I thought, "he just ate himself to sleep!" but oh no, he perked right up when he noticed he was chewing on the bone! It was so funny. I really wish Karl could have been here to see it he would have been

Not in the mood

Okay so I was "browsing" through some friends blogs when I noticed how irritated I was getting over the lack of updates people had. Don't you know I have no life and I depend on your updates! Then I realized I myself have nothing interesting or even post worthy to post about! Nothing I tell you. The oddest part of this is it isn't even bothering me because I am really not in the mood to post right now. SO sorry to those of you whom I have been silently cursing. I am officially a hypocrite! UHG I hate that I have to admit that. Maybe when life picks up I will have more to say. So, until then sorry about the lack of updates but I will continue to browse and comment for your pleasure. Have a Happy week.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Derby Car

Isn't he so cute! Notice the non existing patches on his shirt.. I can't sew! I am waiting for Karl to do it. So sad I know! Suezan its times like this I would still really love to be your Neighbor.

So Ghetto I know but hey ya work w/ what ya got right!

Kelten didn't get to race his Derby car this year due to illness...We did get pictures of it and the certificate they gave him for "participating" though so here you go. This is what you get when you throw it together last min! Karl spray painted it Gold and wanted to do a bunch of neat stuff to it and instead I got put in charge because he had work and school go long that day. So, I used what I had... Sparkly Gold Nail polish for the windshield detail and finger nail diamonds for a little Pazaam. Karl got home and thought we should write PIMP on it with the Diamonds because it was all "pimped out" in a girly way DUH! We decided against it though given the fact we are the only people who would have thought it was funny and we wouldn’t even be there to see the looks on people’s faces...As plain as it may be Kelten Loved it and thought it was SO COOL. The best part... He didn't get to see the other cars so he really has no idea what to compare it to. So we are still looking good in his eyes. Oh yeah procrastination station squeaks by again for the gold! Oh as a side note his car was actually illegal because we lost the wheels. So, we used some from an OLD derby car kit (thanks Kim and Eden) not thinking anything of it but apparently they aren't the same anymore. I am feeling like instead of groaning and moaning about being sick we should really be counting our blessings ya know silver lining and all that.. He would have been so bummed to get there and not get to race against everyone. It all worked out in the end and thats what matters in our house... Hope you enjoy the pictures! Until next time.