Thursday, February 21, 2008

Conversation Station in the Rimmasch Nation

This is a little taste of some of the conversations we have had at our house today…

Kelten: Hey mom can I go to school yet?
Me: what time is it?
Kelten: 6:55
Me: No
Kelten: (as he walks away) I should just go she won’t know because she’s sleep talking anyways...
Me: (thinking, must get up must ge….t….ZZZZ)
(Sad but true! In my defense I know for a fact he won’t leave w/o kissing me goodbye. So, I’m sure that’s why I felt comfy going back to sleep)

Me: Hey guys have you seen the cat?
Kippi: Yeah he’s in our closet…
Me: Uh, why is he in the closet?
Kippi: I don’t know maybe he’s laying kittens... Oh wait never mind he can’t lay kittens cause you guys took him to get his nipples chopped off remember?
Me: Oh yeah ....(Laughing until I snort!!)

Rieken: Mommy….Mommy…MOMMY
Me: Yeah Rieken?
Rieken: (to Kippi) See Kippi I say so.
Me: (to Kippi) what did he say?
Kippi: He said you can hear
Me: why would he think I couldn’t?
Kippi: I told him you can’t hear anymore cause when I hit him and he cried you didn’t yell at me…
Me: (thinking, I had better put my listening ears on ASAP)

Kippi: for lunch can I have tuna fish?
Me: sure
Rieken: I hate tuna fes
Me: what do you want then?
Rieken: uh a Pa seekle
Me: sorry pal real food first. What do you want for real food?
Rieken: bubble gum
Me: again bud, not real food.
Rieken: you not make real food daddy does.( with a look of confusion)
Kippi: Rieken, mommy can make tuna fish and it really does taste good,,(with an overly happy smile)
Rieken: (to Kippi) you pomise?
Kippi: Yup
Me: Oh good tuna it is
Kippi: Mom please don’t disappoint me I made a promise…
Me: (thinking to myself, I should have let him have the stinking popsicle)


Ms. Kristen said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love the play by play!

Stacia said...

I don't normally laugh at posts, but I laughed twice at what Kippi said about the nipples being chopped off and not disappointing you because of her promise. She can think so deep! Thanks for the laughs! I love Kippi! Ms. Stacia

Like how her preschool teachers posted back to back?

Marilyn said...

Nikki, this was exactly what I needed. To laugh.

I have a feeling you will have your hands full when Kippi hits about 13!

A & K said...

Hahaha! That was hilarious! I almost wet my pants for laughing so hard! I have a feeling that if I ever have a girl, she'll be just like that--too much to handle! Great post, Nik!

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

Well, it sounds like your house is always the same! :) By the way, my ice cream flavor is vanilla and I am mildly insulted by that! But it said I am mellow and go with the flow so that is true... And most people like me. Um, not so much! :) CMP

Rosie said...

You are to funny! Cutting the nipples off has me rolling:)

owona said...

ok, said I read this last night, and I was laughing so hard, I forgot to comment!! Your fam cracks me up! It's a good thing you have a sense of humor and let them have imaginations. Can you imagine if you were a stuffy old turd...your kids would be missing out on so much because they wouldn't be able to make the rest of the world laugh! Love ya! Love, Tooty

Tharker said...

Your kids SO have your funny personality Nikki! They are so cute. I love reading Kippi's thoughts.

Arlene said...

I had to post too! I'm laughing my head off! With all your "To Do's" at least you are enteratined!