Saturday, February 2, 2008

Derby Car

Isn't he so cute! Notice the non existing patches on his shirt.. I can't sew! I am waiting for Karl to do it. So sad I know! Suezan its times like this I would still really love to be your Neighbor.

So Ghetto I know but hey ya work w/ what ya got right!

Kelten didn't get to race his Derby car this year due to illness...We did get pictures of it and the certificate they gave him for "participating" though so here you go. This is what you get when you throw it together last min! Karl spray painted it Gold and wanted to do a bunch of neat stuff to it and instead I got put in charge because he had work and school go long that day. So, I used what I had... Sparkly Gold Nail polish for the windshield detail and finger nail diamonds for a little Pazaam. Karl got home and thought we should write PIMP on it with the Diamonds because it was all "pimped out" in a girly way DUH! We decided against it though given the fact we are the only people who would have thought it was funny and we wouldn’t even be there to see the looks on people’s faces...As plain as it may be Kelten Loved it and thought it was SO COOL. The best part... He didn't get to see the other cars so he really has no idea what to compare it to. So we are still looking good in his eyes. Oh yeah procrastination station squeaks by again for the gold! Oh as a side note his car was actually illegal because we lost the wheels. So, we used some from an OLD derby car kit (thanks Kim and Eden) not thinking anything of it but apparently they aren't the same anymore. I am feeling like instead of groaning and moaning about being sick we should really be counting our blessings ya know silver lining and all that.. He would have been so bummed to get there and not get to race against everyone. It all worked out in the end and thats what matters in our house... Hope you enjoy the pictures! Until next time.


Naomi said...

I think it's funny

owona said...

HAHAHAHA!! I'm still laughing about the nail polish and "diamonds"!! Even Bernard got a kick out of that! He did do a great job, though. Our future kids are going to be so behind when it comes to cool stuff like that...I wouldn't even be creative enough to think of nail polish...our poor kids will probably have to settle for masking tape and color crayon decorations for their derby cars. You crack me up!! Love ya!! Love, Tooty

Tharker said...

The gold and sparklies are pretty sweet!

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

Wow, I feel like a nerd because I made one of those when I was TWELVE in woodshop! ha! But, his looked great and by the time Kelten figures out it might not be the manliest, he'll just think his mom is pretty funny and girly! :) Loved the pictures and look back at the K&N love story... hee hee hee... I just can't believe how big the kids are--makes ME feel old to see them growing up and doing all these things I still remember pretty well! Ahhhh! Talk to you soon--I put up lots of pix just for YOU! C