Friday, February 8, 2008

Help!.... Kippi and her clear conscience

This is an old picture but that is the look to a "T"
So, I have been asked to sing in sacrament again… Surprised? Yeah me too!. He called Wed. night and asked about Sunday the 17th! Okay no big deal really.(I would rather sing then give a talk anyday!) I just need to find a song, pianist and practice right?... The problem is I am drawing a blank in the song dept. any ideas for a good song to sing during sacrament. I prefer not to do just a regular hymn but at this point I will take any suggestions. He said I can choose whatever topic I want, which is always great fun but I am really coming up dry here. I know there are a few of you who sing all the time so I am counting on you to help me out here…
Oh and as a side note: this afternoon Kippi was playing with the cat and "accidentally" pulled out a big hunk of hair (yeah he is shedding a little but still we are talking a WAD!) I said,

" Kippi that’s not nice be soft with my Kitty please." her reply...W/ a look of pure innocence on her face,
" But Mom "normal" cats don't just "let go" of their hair like that (like it was his choice). He must be sick but don't worry I know where the vet is."
Ah the joys of a clear conscience:) I thought her come back was pretty witty though. I have to give a shout out to Miss Kristen for taking the kids into the Vet at her school. Now we know all about it at our house so no matter the damage done we can always take him in and get him fixed. Apparently that Vet is Magical:)

pure innocence


Lauren said...

I usually go for anything that is EFY stuff. Any good arrangement from or Good luck. Funny about Kippi. She is SO PRETTY.

::DANDEE:: said...

Oh, Kippy! That is so funny! You know you're in trouble when your children can come up with explinations that good.

::DANDEE:: said...

...and singing in Sacrament Mtg? You're awesome!

owona said...

Ok, well, I'm working on trying to figure out if I can get a sub so I can come and play for you - that is, if you still want me too. Just let me know. You know I'd be there in a heartbeat if I didn't have so much trouble finding somebody to fill in for me with my calling. But, anyway, no matter what it will be great! I love Kippi so much...she cracks me up! She is so imaginative and creative. She reminds me of you with her quick wit! Anyway, I love you tons and hope you're having a great day! Love, Tooty

Ms. Kristen said...

Thanks for your comments! Yeah posting is only happin' at my house on the weekend!
I love Kippi! She is a very good person! She is kind to others, shares, helps those in need, listens and respects adults! I could go on and on! I love her so much! The thing about preschool is that I only get these kids for 1 or 2 years! I miss them already! You'll have to visit!

D.C. Confidential said...

How about something non-traditional like Amazing Grace or Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing?

In the Protestant and Catholic traditions, it's Lent. Maybe something Lenten?

Okay, I know. I'm being a smart *ss. Seriously, though, maybe something unique and universal in its message. I'm always one for shaking things up a little bit, which is why my favorite MoTab song of late is Betelehemu.

Just a thought...

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Okay so these are a few of the songs both Karl and I like. Let me know what you think would ya?

Abide With Me, 'Tis Eventide
By: Katherine Nelson
I am comfortable w/ this because I was going to sing it in August.

The Olive Tree
By: Felicia Sorensen
I have never sung this but I do Love it. My concern is it is recorded as a solo with backup singers. I have no back up singers and I think they really bring out the harmony that so many people love this song for. Hmm will it be very good W/o that?

Still Believe
By: Hillary Weeks
Again comfy w/ this as well. I started working on it about a year ago then changed my mind and sang a different song.

Karl also thinks, Be still my soul is a good one but I can't find one I Love!
I have a little problem in that I can't read music. So, I have to learn it by ear. Not so much a problem if I can find an arrangement I love. Otherwise I just won't bother. Pathetic I know but that’s my life:)

Tiffany, Please Please say you can come!

Lauren, Thanks so much for the resources I'm adding them to my favorites for the future.

Thanks:) Kippi's middle name is trouble which is half the fun w/ her! You never know what she is going to do next.

Kippi adores you too! She knows next year is Kindergarten but, I don't think she has realized that means you won't be her teacher. That is going to be a sad day @ our house:(

Karl thought your comment was super funny! What do you think about my possibilities?

D.C. Confidential said...

Niki: I think they're all very nice choices. Be Still My Soul is a lovely hymn and always reminds me of my mission companion from Finland, Sister Vahannikila. Felicia Sorensen's stuff is good, too, but I may a little biased there. When we lived in Orem, she was in our ward. Lovely lady. I like Hilary Weeks' stuff, too, because it reminds me a little of Susan Ashton's music and is a little more evangelical/pentecostal than most.

Oh, there's some music you might look into: Susan Ashton. She's not LDS but she has some great stuff. And Amy Grant, too. Her earlier music was very good. But I'm straying. The list you offer is all good; my first vote would be to find an arrangement of Be Still My Soul.

My two cents...

Tharker said...

I Stand All Amazed.

That is my two cents. I love anything that can remind me of The Atonement. Especially during Sacrament Meeting.

Whatever you choose, I know it will sound beautiful.

D.C. Confidential said...

So... Niki... What did you end up singing?

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

I sing next Sunday and it's a good thing because I'm still on the fence. UGH! I'm a horrible decision maker! I think I may be pouting a little too as pathetic as that sounds... My sis was going to come down and accompany me (she is the best!) but now she can’t because she has a baptism to attend. There are plenty of people around that I could ask. I just feel bad knowing I have known for how many days and I'm just asking now...Tiff said she would come and play the next week if I can get it changed. Does that seem rude to call and ask to get your week changed after you have agreed on a specific date? Hmm I will have to make a decision soon I know but for now I am still debating on songs. I will let you know as soon as I decide :)

D.C. Confidential said...

Asking if you can change the date isn't a bad thing and won't put anyone out. If the bishopric is letting you pick the song, it's obvious they haven't built the solo around a theme. My motto is, asking is free. (Which, actually, I think was something Grandpa Bang always use to say.) I say, go for it! What have you got to lose? The worst that could happen is they'll say no. The best is that they'll say yes....

Just my unsolicited two cents. (I'm really bad about that. Giving my opinion, that is. I really should just shut up and go away. Which is what I'm doing. Right now.) :)

emahaf said...

Kippy is such a character. I am sure that whatever you sing will be wonderful, just don't stress your self out about it.