Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not in the mood

Okay so I was "browsing" through some friends blogs when I noticed how irritated I was getting over the lack of updates people had. Don't you know I have no life and I depend on your updates! Then I realized I myself have nothing interesting or even post worthy to post about! Nothing I tell you. The oddest part of this is it isn't even bothering me because I am really not in the mood to post right now. SO sorry to those of you whom I have been silently cursing. I am officially a hypocrite! UHG I hate that I have to admit that. Maybe when life picks up I will have more to say. So, until then sorry about the lack of updates but I will continue to browse and comment for your pleasure. Have a Happy week.


Suezan Rimmasch said...

You are very funny Niki. I'll see if I can do this right so it gets posted. Loved the pictures of the parties and the Derby car. Hope you all stay healthy for a while. Weather map looks like it's raining and snowing all around you and maybe you are only getting blown away. At least it is warmer there than WYO. Have a great day.
Oma Suezan

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

Wow, are the old hormones getting to you?? :) Mine are so I am taking it out on my husband, like a good pregnant wife should. Hee hee... And, sometimes, the things you don't think are interesting might be, at least to you if no one else! I ramble about things like the mailman irritating me for not taking the outgoing mail FIVE days in a row! So see, there's always fodder! CMP

Ms. Kristen said...

You are funny! You mom came by! We are fine for the rest of the year!
I will post a new one this busy this week to do all that!
I am printing preschool stuff off right now so I have time to comment on others!
Your mom said you are interested in putting Rieken in next year?
See you on Fri.

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Thanks for the comment! For now we are healthy... Happy is relevant to the person in question though:) Our weather is actually not bad, I could live w/o the wind but hey I will take that over the snow and ice any day!

I'm thinking you get an A in friendship! Me a hormonal grouch to put it mildly! So, rather then take it out on the people I live with I thought this would be safer:) Not that you are doing anything wrong... Oh crap forget it I'm going to be now!

I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that she did! Go MOM! I would like to put Rieken in next year I just don’t know for sure though. I can't wait to see your next post keep them coming baby!

Naomi said...

Welcome to the club. We all have slumps.

owona said...'re the best blogger I know! (does it count that I really only know one other blogger??) I know with your exciting life you'll be posting something new in no time! And, I'll be waiting with baited breath until then!! Love you! Love, Tooty

* Mike and Jaime Sydnes * said...

Okay so I'm one of the horrible not so quick to blog - apologies. :-) The good thing though is we talk just about every day so when I do finally sit down in front of the old computer (after work hours of course, actually most likely in the wee hours of the morning) and decide to "update" I know you'll be the first to check my blog out...and say to yourself, "wow I already know all this stuff, but I'm so glad she finally officially put it all down!" LOL - Love you and talk to you before I blog, K!