Friday, February 29, 2008

To DO...

This year I am feeling the itch to Spring Clean. But it is worse because not only do I want to clean and organize EVERYTHING! I want to update as much as I can as cheaply as I can... So I have been spending many waking hours planning ,making lists and budgeting.. So....THIS is my “To Do” list before the baby gets here...
I figure I can do one big project per week and I may just get it all done.

In general:
Clean and organize the house, shed and storage unit!!!
Have a garage sale
Go through all baby stuff

Reface cabinets
Install under counter lighting (?)

Finish wainscoting and molding

Kippi's Room:
Put up shelving and molding
Look under crappy carpet and pray there is hardwood...
If so re- finish
If not cry
Put in closet system

Laundry room:
Finish painting
Hang curtains
(?) Considering painting washer and dryer silver what do you think...?

Make closet bigger & put in system of some sort
Re-arrange furniture
Maybe change our headboard out and make a new one...

Living room:
Check under carpet for wood and Pray!
Re-finish if prayers are answered
Clean carpet if not

Paint two dressers, one wardrobe, Kippi’s bed and maybe a crib
Refinish kitchen table and chairs

Okay so it looks a lot bigger here then in my notebook for some reason... Lucky for me we have the materials for 90% of these projects because they have been on the list for ages... This is only my house "To Do" list I have a whole other one for our yard and outside stuff (sad I know).
I just want to be realistic here and not psyche myself out too early in the game (lol)...I will post the outside "To DO" list in a week or so when I get over the Shock of what I am taking on inside. So here’s to a busy spring and a huge to do list...


Heather said...

Whoa, ambitious- but you can do it if you really want to!! I think painting the washer and dryer is a cool idea!!

Ms. Kristen said...

Watch out for you!!! You have a baby a cookin'!!!

Christin said...

wow you are amazing. Lot's of projects. I'm lucky if I get a shower let alone paint and do other home improvement projects.


A & K said...

When you're done with all that, will you come do my list! I can't believe you are that ambitious when you're pregnant...all I want to do is lay on the couch like a beached whale!

emahaf said...

those all seem like great projects, I love nesting it seem like so much more gets done when you are pregnant.

owona said...

Watch out...psycho pregnant lady on the loose! Simmer down now! It's not that I don't have faith in you to accomplish your mountain of tasks, but really! C'mon! If anyone can do it, it's you. But, my question is, why would you want to? Spring Fever and nesting has hit you all at once and it's a little offense. :) Love ya! Love, Toot

Terilyn said...
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Terilyn said...

Umm, excuse me, but did Santa bring you MY most coveted/highly desired gift for Christmas - two extra hours per day? If he gave you MY extra hours, I am sending him a box of coal! I wanted 26 hours per day. Not fair.
Seriously, if you're workin' that hard - I guess I don't have to. You are going to accomplish enough for the both of us!

Naomi said...

Are you nuts? sleep while you can! The natives become restless and overwhelming with 4...OH wait. Do it NOW while you can. Oh I'm so torn. Someday I think I'll be able to paint again. Make sure you use a heat safe paint on the dryer.

Tharker said...

Holy cow girl!

Rosie said...

Please, oh please, send me some of your energy!!

PRP said...

Just think---if you get HALF of that done you'll feel amazing. Go for the gold! You can do it!

Jen said...

Hi you totally don't know me, but I knew karl in college! Anyway, just thought I'd say hello and congrats on your little one. Tell Karl that Jen Bell says hi. :)