Sunday, March 9, 2008

My many faces...

I have noticed quiet a few people doing these 5 things I love about me things... I have really had a hard time finding five whole things I love about myself. I have the hardest time truly loving my physical self at the moment. This is a work in progress. Some days I really love the "bigger me" but mostly I would really love the "smaller me" back. I Have truly enjoyed and frankly been inspired by all of you who have done this. I managed to come up w/ a few things to list but it has taken me days! So, I thought I would just make a slide show that gives you little glimpse into the real me. These are just some of the many faces that I wear on a daily basis. I am a very expressive person and I can't seem to hold back no matter how much I may want to. So, now you have your very own personal guide book and you will know what I am saying from across a crowded room. Hey what more could you ask for right?

1. My eyelashes... They are longish and they never gain weight!
2. My Sense of humor.
3. My voice. I love to sing and I love that my kids love to hear me sing no matter what!
4. My ability to sleep through anything and/or anywhere when I need to. My ability to wake up at the smallest thing when I need to... (I swear I am out of bed in a flash at the slightest gag or barfing sound!)
5. My family. I know this isn't technically me but it wouldn't be the same w/o me and I love it so, to me that counts.


Marilyn said...

Nikki, you are hilarious and I love your sense of humor, and I adore your family. So glad you did this.

Oh, and you are gorgeous!

owona said...

Super cute!! I totally recognized every look...they were spot on! You should go into acting...I never realized how expressive you are! I think this is one of my favorite posts! It made me miss you, too, by the way. So, it's a good thing I'm coming to town this weekend. Can't wait to see you (and all of your moods)! Love ya, Love Tooty

* Mike and Jaime Sydnes * said...

Nik - Love the slide-show totally right on with every look! Thanks for the smiles, miss you, LOVE YOU!

Jaime XXOO

::DANDEE:: said...

Niki, you are so beautiful! You have the most lovely eyes, and smile, and your humor is THE BEST!

You are also very creative, I loved the slideshow! Great idea!

Heather said...

I'm dying at the eyelashes gaining weight!! You crack me up.

Tharker said...

I just love you. You are so funny Niki!

My personal favs from the slide show are:
"No you didn't"
"Classic Rammasch bathroom pose"
and my very favorite is:
"Just me"

You are gorgeous!!!

Naomi said...

LOL. Kudos to you. I don't laugh out loud unless something is truly funny. Your slide show was exactly that. My hat's off to you!

emahaf said...

november11I love the slide show nick, you cracked me up with the fish poses, and I loved the no you did not pose. You are so amazing and I love that we are related.
Great post.

Rosie said...

You talk about eyelashes and not gaining wieght and I thought "She better mention her sense of humor"! You are a crack up and always put a smile on my face:)

Have a great day!!

lovely lindsay said...

i am so happy to see that you did this. we really need to take more time to appreciate ourselves. besides all the wonderful things you listed... you're growing a baby! isn't that the prettiest thing our bodies can do, ever?!
thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. i love to know that you visit me there.
love, lindsay
p.s. i would do anything for long eyelashes. ok, maybe not anything... but it would be nice!

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Lindsay thanks so much for stopping in! I had fun with this so, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the original idea. you are a doll:)