Saturday, March 8, 2008

Procrastination is my middle name...

This is the sign I have wanted to wear for the last two weeks!How I managed not to will remain a mystery even to me....

I am a horrible procrastinator... This usually means a lot of unnecessary stress, worry and a half done job in the end. This problem pertains to almost all areas of my life. However, there are a few things that I manage to stay focused on so this plight doesn’t touch them. One of those things is singing. I am a true believer in being prepared when performing. If someone cares enough to ask me to do this I feel obligated not to let them down.(why I can't have this mentality about everything beats me!) Well I got asked to sing in another ward for their Relief Society Birthday dinner a little over two weeks ago. I was sick at the time but thought I would be over it with plenty of time to prepare. Well, guess what? The Dinner was Last night and I almost didn't make it and this is why.....
Monday the week of rolls around & I kind of start to worry because, I still sound like I have a bad cold. By Tuesday I sounded better but not totally and on Wednesday it was like I was cured! This was good and bad in my opinion. I need to mention that due to my head cold and sinus infection over the last two weeks I never even bothered to look at the song. So this is bad because, now I am officially better and I have no acceptable excuse to beg off and good because then I don't have to be a Jerk and beg off. To top it off I find out the person whom they have told me was accompanying me was never told that. So, not only am I unprepared but she would be too (through no fault of her own). She was Super sweet about it and said she would be happy to but, there was no time to get together before hand because her schedule was packed... So here I am Wednesday night Freaking out about a song I have to sing in two days that I have Never bothered to look at and even if I had I can't read notes and, I have no pianist to practice with to boot!!! Needless to say I didn't sleep well that night. At about 5:30AM Thursday it occurs to me I know someone who plays Very well and may be able to help... I lay there watching the clock waiting until a respectable time to call her. At 7:30 I couldn't wait any longer so I called her and she was more then happy to help! Hallelujah!! We made arrangements to get together and practice. What followed were pure patience on her part a lot of laughter and some really horrible singing on my part!! In the end She ended up playing for me (thank you so much Marilyn!) and it all worked out fine. I have to say I could have lived with out the stress stomach ache and the major case of nerves that hit me out of no where! All in all though it was a great lesson learned. I just wanted to say Thanks a trillion to this gal for helping me through a ticking time bomb! You were amazing and you even sacrificed your Friday night to help me out not to mention, the time spent practicing and having to listen to me stumble through or talk NON STOP!! You are amazing and I couldn't’t have pulled it off with out ya! So, from the tips of my stubby toes to the bottom of my chineck I Thank you .


owona said...

Yay! I'm glad it all went well! Stop stressing so is too short! Love ya! Love, Tooty

Naomi said...

I had one of those at Christmas time, but it turned out to be a mark of overconfidence on my part. When you sing as long as I have, sometimes practice doesn't happen as much as it used to (or should)and although the notes were all fine I sang "Let no shepherds enter" so this last year, there were no shepherds in the manger scene ;)

Jen said...

Wow! What a rough couple of weeks. I'm glad it turned out all right for you!
It was good hearing from you on my blog. :) I love thinking back on the old days. :) Too bad I never met you though!! When did you and Karl live in Laramie? Jeff and I moved in 2000.
Hope your coming week goes wonderfully.

Marilyn said...

You and your adorable chineck are totally welcome. You sang so well, sounded great, and we have had a great time being with you guys! Thanks!

Tharker said...

Your are so funny Niki!

I've only heard you sing a couple of times, but I was blown away both times. You have a beautiful voice. Hooray for sweet Marilyn helping ya out!

Lindsay said...

You are so funny! I'm a procrastinator too so I totally get it.

By the way, thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. Feel free to stop by my house anytime. It would be so fun!

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