Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So far this week ...

~~~To start this week off Karl gave the boys haircuts. Yeah Daddy! I love when my boys look clean cut. Then of course to add a little "typical" to the mix the clippers didn't get put away, duh du dun...Can you guess what happened next? Of course you can :) Rieken came into me a few hours later and asked if I liked his hair cut and without looking first I said, “You are so handsome I love it!" Then I turned around.... He had of course found the clippers and done a bang up job cutting his own hair w/o a guard. Like a said…Typical. Karl had to go back and give him a super short buzz and in the end it still didn't cover Rieken’s Handy work. We would have to shave him bald for people to miss it. I can honestly say this didn't actually upset me. Shocked? I know me too. I guess I was just so glad he cut his hair and not Kippi's or the cats and he didn't cut himself that it didn't bother me. It will grow back in no time he's a boy so, he can have super short hair and no one will think anything of it. RIGHT?

~~ The next wonderful thing to happen this week. I had my doctors apt. here's the run down. I gained some weight, the baby has a heartbeat, and my belly is measuring large not to mention, the time has come for my sugar test... I can honestly say this is one of those things I hate during pregnancy. I can hardly keep the drink down and I hate that I have to fast. I can go hours w/o eating a thing and not notice but, when I HAVE to do it I can't think about anything other then eating and it's torture! Lucky for me I won't have to drink the drink I get to eat jelly beans instead yeah! I'm am also interested to see if I will do the "typical thing" and be gestational per usual or not per this very unusual pregnancy. My doctor also gave me options for the day to schedule my c-section. I know super early in my opinion. But hey, I'm not against being prepared it's just a slightly foreign concept to me. So, I think we have picked June 6th but I will keep you posted in case we change our mind. It seems weird to actually put a date on the arrival of a baby we haven’t even named yet. Oh and I also got scheduled for our 4-D ultrasound!!! I am so excited I love those. The kids do to. I think it makes it more real to them. So that’s it for the Dr. Visit.
~~Then there is this .... I have finally picked the song I am singing this Sunday. Actually I picked it last week but I was to busy preparing last week’s song to mess with this week's. I have another Relief Society B-day I am singing for next week so I have to prepare that one too. Ahh! Seriously I love to sing but wow this seems like a busy month singing wise doesn’t it? Anyhow, I have gone off and picked a non- traditional song but I did get it approved people so no worries:) I heard it in sacrament for the first time in Provo at the BYU ward I was in ... (Weird cause I didn't actually go to BYU I just got put in that ward because of boundaries.) Then I heard it again In Laramie a couple of years later. This gals Mother in law sang it and I was HOOKED! I actually asked her to teach it to me because well, she sang it amazingly! Too bad for me I didn't stick with it because now I am on my own! It is the perfect Easter song in my opinion. Yes, I am aware I am not actually singing on Easter Sunday but it fits the theme for the month anyway. So here it is... Via Dolorosa by: Sandi Patti click here to see a video of it. Warning it is very realistic/ graphic depiction of the Crucifiction. Be prepared to bawl.
I am singing an arrangement w/o the Spanish so it will be a little shorter then that but it is still beautiful! I really hope I can do this justice. It is one of the most touching songs about the Sacrifice our Savior made for us. I still have a hard time not crying when I listen to it.

~~~The last thing of any notice to happen so far this week... I ran out of gas! I have never run out of gas before. NEVER! I was on my way to pick Kippi up from Pre-school when the gas light went on. I thought oh I should have enough to get me there and then stop on the way home right?. Yeah-NO I made within a couple of blocks from the preschool (LUCKY ME!) The kicker.. I hadn't bothered to put shoes on Rieken because he wasn't supposed to be getting out of the car. Yeah well I carried him the whole way except about 10 feet and then his little piggy’s got cold. I owe a HUGE thanks to Mrs.Kristen for taking me to the gas station to get more petrol for our gas guzzling Beast of a car. Thanks so much I would have been screwed w/o ya!! I really do owe you. Maybe a little homemade bread & jam will make it up to ya?
Well that's it for the week so far. So until next time... Wish me luck and the next time you see Rieken don't forget to tell him what a good Barber he is:) Happy Wednesday people.


Jessica said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I feel like such a jerk! I totally drove right past you and waved like a idoit! I'm so sorry!!! For some reason I didn't put two and two together. (why would you be getting out of your car a few blocks away, stupid stupid me!) Again I am so so so so so so sorry! :(

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Jessica, seriously do not worry one bit! I would have done the exact same thing. I totally know the- get home, feed the kids, please sit down, be quiet, and put your buckle on properly thought process you were most likely in the middle of right then! It was good for me to get out and get some fresh air. At least now I know how seriously out of shape I really am:) By the way Thanks for the luch date the other day. Kippi keeps talking about it. We should do it again some time soonish.

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

It's me, your long lost pal. Been sick, added a little to our own blog but it's not too exciting. You are a CRAZY girl! :) That's why I like you! Life is always an adventure with Niki, eh? Glad to hear you are all doing well and I hope the GD test is in your favor--that is a rotten trick for a prego girl! I had a dream about you and I hanging out like we used to last night before there were almost 6 kids in the mix! There was just a Kelten back then! :) Pictures are cute--think I am going to cut my hair too, even though I never keep trimming it and it only grows out again to the usual before I whack it off again. You are my hair inspiration for the month! Talk to you soon--behave yourself! CMP

Rosie said...

Boys haircuts that you cut yourself = Free and cute

Baby has heartbeat, gaining weight and get to eat jelly beans instead of nasty drink = Awesome

Running out of gas = priceless:)

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Rosie= rockin friend:)

you are such a doll!

Ms. Kristen said...

Hey, that is what friends are for! I know you would do the same thing! Like it was so far from my house!
I am on a diet.....I could eat the entire homeade loaf of bread right now...if you gave it to me.....cause I am STARVING!!!!! So maybe a large DC would be great! Lots of ice!
Love ya!
One reason why I love this preschool thing is because I make new friends! Like you!

owona said...


You CRACK ME UP!! It's a good thing you have a good attitude! Love ya!

polka dots said...

Loving #3's hair cut. My #3 would do the same thing given the chance.

D.C. Confidential said...

Re: Kids and haircuts--I think we've all done that at least once in our lives. My mother has either my kindergarten or first grade pictures where I cut my hair the night before picture day!

Your song choice is an excellent one. Good for you for going a bit non-traditional in terms of the songwriter. Sandi Patti is one of my favorites. Years ago, she did one of those Hallmark Christmas albums and it has one of my very most favorite Christmas songs on it: Child of Peace. Good choice, Niki! And good luck. You'll be great!

Tharker said...

Dude, that is one wild and crazy week!

I just read Jessica's comment and laughed my head off!

June 6th seems like such a long time, but hooray for knowing exactly when baby Masch is coming!

I'm sure that your song will be beautiful. And holy cow, you are one popular singing lady this month! I know it's just cuz you're so awesome!

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

I LOVE her too. She is one of my Mom's favs so I've pretty much listened to her off and on forever. I can't believe I didn't hear this song until I was 19! Anyhow thanks for checking in :)

The funniest thing is I looked up just as she was driving by and she had this big smile and waved and what did I do? I just gave her a big toothy grin and waved right back. It didn't even occur to me to wave someone down for help! So I don't blame her one bit for driving on .It's not like I looked stranded :)