Friday, May 2, 2008

Apple Blossom Weekend.

This weekend is the annual celebration of Apple Blossoms in Wenatchee.
My grandparents live there so this is just a super time to party with the whole Fam Damily. It is a tradition to go to the Parade on Saturday morning and then hit the street vendors and snack shacks. It is like the fair w/o the animals.
Then after a long morning and afternoon of hanging in town enjoying all the goodies everyone heads back up to the heights (the mountain my grandparents live on) and have a fun family time with food games and a hunt through the orchards for random kids who went for a walk and have yet to return. We haven’t been in a few years and we really miss it. Unfortunately Karl's schedule was crummy so he couldn't go and frankly I'm not up for a load of travel right now. So my parents offered to take ALL THREE KIDS! Can you believe it? I cam going crazy just thinking about all I can get done with two days of zero interruptions’ the very least if I totally can't be bothered just think of the amount of sleep time I can rack up:) Heavenly I tell ya. Anyhow, all the kids are so excited they can't stop talking about it. This will be Rieken's first trip out of town w/o Karl of me so it should be fun. I will post pics next week when everyone gets back. Until then Happy weekend.


lindsay>boo said...

Your parents rock! That's awesome. It's so nice to have time to yourself and get things done. Can't wait to hear all about how the weekend went for everyone.

Heather said...

That will be so nice for you to have a little break.

Islandalli said...

I think I got some pics of your kiddos too. I will look... send me an email and I will get them to you.

Ms. Kristen said...

I applaud your mom and dad...very nice! Hope you were able to get lots done! Can't wait to see Kippi! Missed her!

owona said...

Yay...Appleblossom fun! Boo...I didn't get to go! Life's so unfair when you're a grown up and you have to go to work! :(
Glad the kids and mom and dad had fun! We'll have to join them next year. Love ya!

Tharker said...

Just wondering how in the world you are doing. Hope you're well and surviving these last few weeks! You're so close.