Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby shower

Pictures Galore!

Last weekend my little sister Tiffany and sister in law Eden threw me a shower. I know who needs a shower on their fourth baby right. Well Tiffany really wanted to do this and who am I to get in the way of a party? It was so nice and I loved it. I just wanted to say thank you! We sat and ate and chatted, opened a few gifts and ate some more :) seriously, what is not to like about good food and good company? They put in so much work making all of the food and setting everything up to perfection (Mom thanks for all of your help too and Dad thanks for watching Eden’s kid’s ). It came out simple, elegant and just wonderful. Thank you for only making us suffer through one game although it was a good one, hangman to guess the baby’s name :) Maren and Angie I still can't believe you worked it out! Also a big thanks to all who could make it. It was so nice to see everyone! And last but not least a special thanks to Jenn McClure for stepping in and helping out. You are amazing and we all really appreciated everything.


lindsay>boo said...

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to make it. Jared had a scout camporee and I thought my mother-in-law was going to be able to watch my kids, but it didn't work out. It looked like a great time though.

owona said...

I'm really glad you liked the shower! I thought it was really fun and it turned out to be beautiful. I wish I would have taken better pics of the food, 'cause it looks pretty bare. But the food was yummy! I'm just glad you indulged me and let me have it for you! It was a ton of fun! Love ya! Love, Tooty

Jan said...

That looks like such a great party. I know almost everyone there and I now am putting a face to the name Niki. I get who you are now.. Sorry. Thats funny. Is that Vicki Wright. She is so sweet. We have cabins by each other. So glad to now figure it all out. Excited about your baby.

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Lindsay, I totally understand !We sure missed you and your cute chloe though :)

Tiff, Anytime you want to throw me a party I'm in!

Jan, It was great. Yeah thats vickie or to me Auntie Jo. My mom (Lanai Mahaffey) and Her have been best pals forever and we grew up with them like family. So funny how small the world really is. I'm getting excited about this little guy too... Finally.

Anonymous said...

Niki, this is open to the world!!! DAD

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