Wednesday, May 21, 2008

today in a nutshell

Today has been one of those days. Kippi got to stay home with daddy WHile I took Rieken to my Dr. apt. (all is well) They made lunch and they decided on deviled eggs nummy! This made Kippi so happy as she loves them to bits!! Rieken got to mow with daddy and this made his day fun fun. Then Rieken went off and whacked his head open again so while I took him in to the ER for some T LC Kippi and Kelten got to hang with Dad and have fun with the Birthday toy. That toy has been a huge hit around here. Hours of fun I tell ya. Thanks Aunt Toot.


Jan said...

Those eggs look delicious. Just like a flower. That softens the devilish part of them. Love it. How is Rieken?

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Rieken is doing great he didn't even cry. He let them scrub his head while he rested on the bed. They asked him if he was asleep and he said no it just feels nice. Wierdo! He actually got away with a good srubbing and some ointment. They said they could throw a couple of staples in but they thought it would heal up w/o and if we had problems just glue it (which we keep on hand just for him).. Besides he was being so good they didn't want to wreck his day.

owona said...

Ok, sometimes I don't understand how you get through a whole day without crying/laughing/hurting someone/going mental/or running away all at once. I love your fam, and your kids are the cutest, but Man! Can't they give you a break?? I guess that's the fun of being a mom, and you're fam is lucky that you're such a great one! Love ya! love, tooty