Monday, June 30, 2008

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Raise your hand if you're up for a giveaway?...

In honor of our 100th post we will be having our very first giveaway!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to raise # 4

It's all about delegating...

I highly recommend it to anyone with more kids then they have hands!
Disclaimer: I was present the whole time Kippi and Rieken held Baby T so technically it may have been more work for me. It was worth every second though because in the end they feel so special not to mention it helps them bond and learn all at the same time.

Kelten taking Tiernen for a ride in the Moby Wrap (I love that wrap!) while I made dinner. So awesome to have a child big enough and responsible enough to handle this!

Rieken feeding Tiernen his first ever bottle feeding. (They both loved it)

Kippi on burping duty (she always gets the biggest burps)

Kippi giving snuggles and kisses to her littlest brother

Kelten doing laundry SO nice!

Kippi changing Tiernen's Diaper. Rieken watching to make sure she does it right:)

Rieken giving Tiernen moochy kisses (his words not mine)
Tiernen a very happy well loved, none the worse for wear baby. I love those chunky cheeks!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our busy crazy life

Kelten and Rieken Playing connect four from Oma
Tiernen just chillin in his bouncer
Baby T doing what he does best
Baby T two days old showing off his remarkable neck control:)

Kat and Karl putting together the changing table
Katl and Karl painting all the many peices of furniture on my to do list
Kat and Rieky painting molding
Karl and Rieky putting together a bookshelf
Kippi and Rieky playing in "the fort"

So, the Baby has been born. This means I am no longer pregnant and yet I still look it... Well I had to know so I got on the scale yesterday for my first weigh in post baby #4 and I was shocked and pleased. I have lost 21 lbs! Having a baby is seriously the best diet ever (at least this time)!!! So now when my kids (Rieken or Kippi ) ask why my tummy is still all puffy and want to know when the other baby in it is coming out Yes, I still want to cry but at least I know I am 21 lbs smaller then I was 13 days ago and It is only going Down from here. We have been super busy! Since the day I got home from the hospital we have been cleaning, putting furniture together , painting up a storm, playing games, making forts scout camp and just overall enjoying the sunshine! . I have to say I love me a c-section! I feel so good within about 3 or 4 days and 99.9% normal with in a week and I just can't complain. Baby T is doing great. He eats like a champ and sleeps like someone with Narcolepsy. What more can you ask for? I think to date he is our “best” baby or maybe we are just getting better at parenting. Kathy had to go home on Monday. We got so much done with her here it was insane! It's amazing how much can get done when your husband is home and you have an extra set of willing hands to help out. She was a godsend and it only took us about 5 min to miss her. Not much else to post about but, I will post finished pictures of all our fun projects within the next 2 weeks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pictures a la Niki!

Today we came home from the hospital and it is so nice to be back with my family. For those of you who want the scoop here ya go.

Thursday I went in for my regular doctors apt. I had and NST (a monitor they place on your belly to track baby movements, heart rate and uterine contractions) and an ultrasound. During the NST the baby wasn't really moving very much so they popped me into ultrasound where they did a biophysical profile. During the Bio they are looking for things like movement, tone, breathing motions, fluid level and heart beat. Each thing is given a point value with the most possible points =ing 10. We got 2 out of 10. He got a point for fluid level and heartbeat. The ultrasound tech pushed and shoved and did everything to get him to move and he just wouldn't do it. So, they gave me some food in the hopes it would perk him up and we re-took both the NST and the ultrasound. We flunked. He still wasn't budging. We were worried, stressed and scared for the little man to say the least. And to be honest at first I was bummed because as you all saw my living room I was obviously NOT prepared and I felt like I was getting ripped time wise. I got over it when they pretty much said get your kids handled and meet us in the hospital in two hours. Dr.O was a bit upset about the food because that meant he had to wait 10 hours to do the c-section and he wanted to do it ASAP in the end he settled for getting us into the hospital and monitoring us until he could do it. We farmed out the kids. We want to Say a huge Thank you to Maren for taking the boys overnight on such short notice and washing the car seat! And a HUGE thanks to Stacia and Kristen for taking Kippi and taking care of her on her special day and keeping her overnight on such short notice. You were both so great. It really made her graduation day the special one we were hoping for.
Back to the hospital... We got monitored and had another ultrasound. The baby did better during that test but he still wasn't really up to par and the decision was made to take him for sure. He was born at 9:49 pm and it was a dang good thing too. There was a ton of meconium and it was really thick. What this meant was at some point he had gone into stress and had a bowel movement in utero. The fact that he didn't have to go the NICU was such a huge blessing. They really worked hard to get his lungs suctioned out so he was breathing well. If we would have waited even until Monday the results could have been so much worse. Hanging out in meconium can cause the baby to go septic and sometimes they can't bounce back if it has been to long. We are so grateful for a doctor who did such a wonderful job and for the nurses and ultrasound tech who where so on top of things. We are beyond grateful for the privilege of bringing home a healthy and beautiful baby boy. He is perfect!

Up until now I thought we only had one baby mold but we apparently have at least two in the closet. He has DARK brown hair verging on black and he just has a different look then the others had. This is such a shock I can’t even tell you. He still had some of the Rimmasch traits I have so grown to love like the cheeks and the fingers which frankly I would be sad if he didn't have. He may not have the red hair but he sure has the temper of a red head. He can go from 0-60 in no time if you get him naked or make him wait to be fed. However most of the time he is just a doll. He is very mellow and laid back. What a nice change of pace for sure. All in all He is wonderful and we are just thankful to bring him into the crazy life we live. We also just wanted to make a couple of big fat shout outs. First, to Marilyn for being so great. Thanks for spreading the word (in the ward) and getting the ball rolling when we needed it the most. Dinner was fantastic and a huge help to say the least. You are amazing. And to Kathy who flew up here on short notice (even though she hadn’t planned on coming for another week) and helped Karl with the kids and the house ( I know amazing!). You have been wonderful and we appreciate everything you have done! Thanks to everyone for your love and support we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Critical Stats!

Not that the stats want to be critical, they would just like see some improvement. But enough of the word humor and on to the important part, the numbers!
I would like to note that I did try to get that information out to everybody on the first go. If you look at the second picture you will see that Tiernen’s name card is in the frame. If you click on that picture it enlarges greatly and you can see name, weight, length, etc. I was just being a little lazy by putting it in the picture.

So the numbers are these:
Weight-8 lbs. 7.7 oz.
Length- 20 in.
Head- (for all you people who deliver vaginally) 35 cm~ 13.78 in.
Chest-36 cm ~14.173 in.
Date and Time of Birth- Thursday 5 June 2008, 9:49 PM

Now that we have taken care of the details we will move on to the funner stuff, more Pictures! Yes I know that funner is not a real word, but I like it.

Pictures with Kiprianna will be forth coming, so don't go feeling all bad for her yet. I just need to bring the camera home from the hospital and download the pix.

Until Niki returns I remain faithfully yours,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

chitty chat in the Rimmasch haus

Lately there have been some pretty funny dialogs going on between me and mine. Here are a few I thought you would all enjoy.

Kippi: Mom when are you going to have that baby so you can finally teach me how to be a mom!?
Me: (thinking... I thought that’s what I do on a daily basis... Guess I need to kick it up a notch.)

Kelten: Hey mom I finally figured it out!
Me: figured what out?
Kelten: what your belly looks like
Me :( great) what's that bud?
Kelten: A zebra with a sunburn. Only your belly is white with red stripes not black ones ... Get it? HA HA
Me: Nice... I'm so glad you finally figured that out I would hate for you to lose any more sleep over that one.

Me: (to Karl) Ugh My heartburn is so bad I feel like my food is just sitting in my throat and the only thing between keeping it down or it coming up is a deep breath.
Karl: Hey Babe
Me: Ya
Karl: if you’re going to puke just tell me to move so you don't hit me "k".
Me: Uh o.k. no prob... Thanks for the concern.
Karl: Trust me I am concerned.(snore...)

Rieken: Mommy, I love you
Me: AH I love you too Rieky
Rieken: Now get you belly out the way so I can be by you "k" (bossy like)
Me: moving the monster belly as much as possible to make room for my soon to be littlest big brother.
Rieken: humph did you hear me? I said I loved you... ( all grumpy and put out)
Me: Yup and I love you. Now come snuggle me.
Rieken: humph.. (frown... Lightbulb face, big smile) Okay (and he sprawled on my belly and laid there smelling me and giving me kisses for a nice long while.)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

only ten more days and I'm having a pity party:(

Here it is 10 days to go until the slicing and dicing begins and I am in the middle of a mess! What was I thinking? I went to storage and pulled out a ton of stuff ,went through it all and then I decided to clean out the toy room so everything in that room is now in the middle of my living room with all the storage stuff. I would post a picture but it's too humiliating or maybe I will and you will all see that I am not over exaggerating... Ah nesting how I love thee. I am starting to stress out a bit. Did I mention we all got the stomach flu? Yeah well I'm just grateful it hit this week and not next. It seems to be a 24 hour bug so if you’re going to have the flu this is the way to go. As far as my “To DO” list goes I may have to come to terms with the possibility that it might not get 100 % done. This really bugs me but I have no one to blame but myself. For some reason I am so far behind in preparing for this baby I can't help but wonder what the heck I have been doing for the past nine months! I have always been ready and waiting impatiently by like 5 months. This time I can feel the anxiety build with every tick of the clock. It just occurred to me this morning around 2 am that in order for all this work to get done I will have to do it myself. I have known for months that Karl is unavailable to help much. And yet for some odd reason I thought as the time got nearer he would be able to help more. In reality however it is just the opposite. I couldn't have planned a more stressful time to have this baby. Karl has finals next week and is therefore completely off limits as he has papers and projects and speeches due this week and finals to study for next week. Then to top it all off he got the flu so any free time he may have had he just went down the toilet literally. So, as of right now I have decided the best way to get through this is to gripe and moan and pray for the nausea and heartburn to subside. Things will turn a corner around ten tonight and I will get my second wind. The living room and toy room will be clean by morning and I will be able to check two things off my list and feel like I can get through this before any chopping and baby having is to take place. If it feels like I went off and haven’t been heard of in a while no worries that I’ve gone and done the sensible thing and gone into labor. Nope I will be at home digging myself out of the hole I call my life. Until next time have a happyday :)
1- Kippi Laoding the Truck with stuff we took to storage
2-A full truck load to storage just to be traded for an even fuller load to bring back and put in my LR for sorting and the like.
3&4-The living room with storage and toy room all blown up in it. This is of course after the kids got through "helping" go through the toys and bins. Yea me :)

Are ya feeling my pain yet?