Wednesday, June 4, 2008

chitty chat in the Rimmasch haus

Lately there have been some pretty funny dialogs going on between me and mine. Here are a few I thought you would all enjoy.

Kippi: Mom when are you going to have that baby so you can finally teach me how to be a mom!?
Me: (thinking... I thought that’s what I do on a daily basis... Guess I need to kick it up a notch.)

Kelten: Hey mom I finally figured it out!
Me: figured what out?
Kelten: what your belly looks like
Me :( great) what's that bud?
Kelten: A zebra with a sunburn. Only your belly is white with red stripes not black ones ... Get it? HA HA
Me: Nice... I'm so glad you finally figured that out I would hate for you to lose any more sleep over that one.

Me: (to Karl) Ugh My heartburn is so bad I feel like my food is just sitting in my throat and the only thing between keeping it down or it coming up is a deep breath.
Karl: Hey Babe
Me: Ya
Karl: if you’re going to puke just tell me to move so you don't hit me "k".
Me: Uh o.k. no prob... Thanks for the concern.
Karl: Trust me I am concerned.(snore...)

Rieken: Mommy, I love you
Me: AH I love you too Rieky
Rieken: Now get you belly out the way so I can be by you "k" (bossy like)
Me: moving the monster belly as much as possible to make room for my soon to be littlest big brother.
Rieken: humph did you hear me? I said I loved you... ( all grumpy and put out)
Me: Yup and I love you. Now come snuggle me.
Rieken: humph.. (frown... Lightbulb face, big smile) Okay (and he sprawled on my belly and laid there smelling me and giving me kisses for a nice long while.)


Marilyn said...

Love the Rimmasch family dialogs! Your kids come up with some pretty hilarious thoughts.

Call me when you need any help!

tharker said...

I love the funny things your kids say...and your husband says some pretty awesome things too!!! This was so funny Niki.

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