Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to raise # 4

It's all about delegating...

I highly recommend it to anyone with more kids then they have hands!
Disclaimer: I was present the whole time Kippi and Rieken held Baby T so technically it may have been more work for me. It was worth every second though because in the end they feel so special not to mention it helps them bond and learn all at the same time.

Kelten taking Tiernen for a ride in the Moby Wrap (I love that wrap!) while I made dinner. So awesome to have a child big enough and responsible enough to handle this!

Rieken feeding Tiernen his first ever bottle feeding. (They both loved it)

Kippi on burping duty (she always gets the biggest burps)

Kippi giving snuggles and kisses to her littlest brother

Kelten doing laundry SO nice!

Kippi changing Tiernen's Diaper. Rieken watching to make sure she does it right:)

Rieken giving Tiernen moochy kisses (his words not mine)
Tiernen a very happy well loved, none the worse for wear baby. I love those chunky cheeks!


Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

What a group! They are all getting so big! And Tiernen definitely has his own look. He looks like a Karl+Niki baby but with his own take on it! So cute! How fun to have lots of helpers too. Your hair keeps throwing me off though because I always remember how you were when you lived in Laramie and it was so long! Anyhow, love the pix! Carrie

owona said...

How awesome! You've got a great system worked out there! I love how much the big kids want to help! Plus, they seem to not be able to get enough of Tiernen...that's so cute that they adore him like that! You guys are a great team! By the way, look at the laundry room! You've done an amazing job making things spic and span over there...and it's only been two weeks! I'm impressed! You guys rock! Love ya! Love, Tooty

Jodi said...

I love your blog!! Thanks for visiting mine. :) I didn't know you had your baby!! I guess that makes sense since you were basically due when we saw that Las Vegas movie... Congratulations! He's soooo cute!!!!!!

tharker said...

Seriously, those cheeks are so cute!!!

You're such a good mom for letting them help so much. I know, really it helps you too, but you are doing THEM a huge service by teaching them to serve each other.

I love the picture in your sidebar of Reiken and your belly. It is ADORABLE!!

Rachel said...

What a helpful bunch you have there Niki. I agree that sometimes, well most times, it is more work to have them help, but it is great to see their confidence soar when the finish a job. I love those cute chubby cheeks on little T.

Christin said...

Oh what I would give to have kids old enough to tend. I loved the laundry picture too. Is a four year old able to do laundry? I'm going to start training him now.



Arlene said...

Well, if that doesn't make me want to have four kids I don't know what would! (I think we'll stick with two though)

* Mike and Jaime Sydnes * said...
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* Mike and Jaime Sydnes * said...
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* Mike and Jaime Sydnes * said...

What a great group of helpers you have there! Brings me back to the wonderful days of us folding laundry and doing dishes together with our AWESOME star chart (THANKS MOM for the great reward system - it seems to have worked for Me, Nik and Toot, maybe Ry and Kim but I reserve judgment on that one). :-) Now you are passing on the time honored tradition of Mahaffey "Clean-up time". Thanks for sharing the pics!

Love Ya,

PS Love the Tummy-Rieky Shot absolutely adorable!!!

Tammy said...

It's so great for the older kids to help with the baby. They get that same bonding that we get as mothers. What a beautiful crew you have there!!!!