Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crazy Summer Dayz

Today the kids invited this gal's kids over for a play date and they had so much fun
~~~~The girls did~~~~

THIS...They picked out a recipe, picked the ingredients from the garden and the pantry, and made it all from start to finish!

THIS. They helped me make Zucchini bread and they greased the pans the "old" way because I'm out of Pam. It turned out Nummy! AND THIS. They took a break and had some water melon and jumped on the trampoline then to cool off they played in the water. Fun Fun!

~~~~The boys did~~~~

THIS... They played Star Wars, and jumped on the trampoline, and played Star Wars legos on the game cube. They really had a ton of fun too.

Then when Marilyn came to pick them up, they gave us these scrumptious berries which lasted all of 1 hour! (The bowl was actually almost full before they started eating them all.)
We are so grateful to have such great friends who have such great kids!!

After things settled down the kids had some much needed (for me) quiet time for an hour. I guess it was the re-charge they needed because the next thing you know every kid in the neighborhood was over just in time for my new Visiting Teachers to come and visit. I am so excited I get this gals mom and this gals mother in law as my new Visiting Teachers! They also brought us more nummy berries just in time to replenish our stock. Don't they look so good! The Ladies are wonderful! They didn't even flinch when my kids (who were out front playing with the neighborhood kids spraying water everywhere) sprayed water IN Sister Lybbert's car and then they sprayed both ladies as they were leaving! UHG!!! You know they were great about it but seriously could we have possibly found a way a little less damp to make them feel at home and welcome? I hope it at least cooled them off after having to sit in my hot house during our visit. Ah well all in all it has been a wonderfully crazy fun day but now we all feel like doing this.
(Kippi last night after swimming and playing hard with some friends for FHE)
But only after we eat these for dinner:) Don't you wish you could have some?Thanks for the idea Marilyn. Fresh blueberries + pancakes and eggs = fantastic breakfast for dinner.


owona said...

So fun! Look at those little cooks in the kitchen! Man...they're awesome! And the boys look like they were having fun, too. I want to come and play at your house!
What chair is that? The one where Kippi is upside down in the last pic...I don't recognize it. Looks comfy, though.
And, I LOVE all the new pics on the side of your blog!! SUPER CUTE!! I'm glad you are enjoying the summer fun. Love ya!
Love, Tooty

Marilyn said...

The kids did have fun and we are glad to have such great friends like you guys too!

Jessica said...

Fun summer days, I love it! The kids are making some great memories!

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

The kids are so cute--they sound so normal and like kids were when we were little. Such a cute family. I still am a little surprised every time I see your haircut though! It is really cute but I never saw you in person with bangs or anything so it makes me look twice every time! Way to go! :) I am jealous of the berries too. Pretty hard to find in WY... Love, C

Connie said...

HI Niki, I had fun getting to know you today. and I am glad I found your blog. Just thought I would share mine with you too. We'll have to get together again sometime. Connie

tharker said...

What a fun day for you and your kids! Yes, those blueberries are the best aren't they? Yum, yum!