Monday, July 28, 2008

Friendships thicker then water

Last week Kippi and Kelten got to invite a couple of friends over to stay the night. Boy did they have fun! We went swimming a few times, played the Wii, ate spaghetti for lunch (kid’s choice) went to the playground of dreams, played in the water park and had snow cones all in 24 hours! Then we went to our wards 24th of July bash to see all the fun we had go here. It has really been a great week. Did I mention Tiernen is smiling all the time and he even laughs when something really tickles him :) What a joy my family is. I am so grateful to be home with them every day and experience all these fun little summer time adventures they are having. I'm off to clean house for family that is coming all the way from Wyoming and Utah to be a part of our Tiernen boy's blessing this weekend. Anyone who wants to come is welcome! 1:00pm Sunday the 3rd at the Burbank building.


Amy J. said...

Fun summer days!

owona said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! To be a kid again...ah, wouldn't that be the best?? I am super excited for Tiernen's blessing. Is he going to get his own outfit? Can't wait to see ya again! Love ya! Love, Tooty

Kevin & Carrie Poledna Family said...

Wow, Tiernen has shown his true Karl-Niki self! I can totally see the whole family resemblence in the pic of him smiling! And, you look really cute in the picture of just you and Karl. :) 4 kids and you look snazzier than ever! Only 8 weeks +/- left for me... Whew... Love, Carrie