Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tiernen McKai 1 month pictures

Here are the Pictures of Tiernen at One Month as promised.
Milk drunk and drooling
Uh Hello... I wasn't done da-ringken
After the tank topper He felt so good he couldn't even open his eyes for a picture.
He's perfect. Don't you agree?

I know this picture is dark but this is how we celebrated our 4th of July.
Sparklers + beasties = Tons of fun and burn spots on the lawn.


tharker said...

I love the milk drunk look on a baby! Tiernen is so cute Niki! I am loving those chubby cheeks and especially those thighs! I just wanna squeeze them!!

What is it about a baby that turns an adult into someone who talks about squeezing someone else's child??? I don't know either.

owona said...

Love the pics! He's such a little cutie! Totally looks like a rieky clone! I cant wait to squeeze him when we come to visit in a few weeks! Love you guys and I'm glad you had a happy 4th!

Christin said...

OKay I think he's bigger than my girls and they are 7 months old. He's a bruiser. Too cute.