Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Heavenly Hell

Karl's Aunt Lavon, cousin Paul and his wife and kids came for a quick visit this past weekend.We don’t get to see them but once or twice every couple of years so it was a real treat. It just happened to be mad nasty hot while they were here and to top it off we have NO AC! So we all pretty much felt like we were in the middle of a hot flash from hell. We slapped suits on the kids and tossed them outside to play in the water while the big people stayed inside and cooked. I do mean that both literally and figuratively. We were making Karl's fab ribs and brauts and since we were heating up the house we decided why not make zucchini bread too? So, while it baked so did we. In the end it was so worth it! The food as always when Karl is cooking was delicious and the company made the whole thing a heavenly expeirience. The kids where having so much fun they were pretty much oblivious to the adults slowly melting and quickly losing all fluids from every pore in our bodies. Its times like these I wish we still lived in Utah. We have so many great family members there and the kid's just get along so famously. We are so grateful they thought of us and even went out of their way to stop by and visit even if it was only for a day. Rieken took a major shine to aunt Lavon and adopted her as an honorary Oma. He sat on her lap through sacrament mtg. and took a nap, asked for Oma after they left to the hotel on Sunday and then played mostly with her at the pool on Monday. Before they left on Monday they had mercy on us and invited us to go swimming in the pool at the hotel they stayed in. (we did offer to let them stay but really can you blame them for not? Who wouldn’t choose AC and a pool over early menopause? ) The kid's played and swam and the adults chilled out and chity chatted. It was really a great way to start our week. After a while they had to check out and get on the roed and our time together came to an end. We said our goodbyes and off to Grammy’s Pool and AC the kids and I went ( so we didn't die of heat) while the cousins from Utah hit the road. Or, so we thought… When we got home that night (after it had cooled down) we got a call from Paul saying we had a little something waiting for us on the back porch. Karl walked in carrying a cute little onesie for Tiernen and a card. I thought, "Oh my gosh they drove all the way back here with gas prices the way they are just to leave us a gift, How sweet!" I was so moved I just couldn't believe it. I almost cried! Then Karl came back into the room carrying a big black garbage bag. We opened it to find a window AC unit! Um YEAH I was shocked! Those are not cheap which is why we only have one in our whole house. At first I felt bad that we had tortured them to the point that they felt the need to get that for us and then I was just plain overcome with gratitude. Then I cried (stinking hormones). You see the night before it had been so hot Karl had gone into check on the kids make sure they were ok and they were all stripped practically naked and drenched in sweat tossing and turning and miserable. We had to cover them with wet towels just to keep them cool! I was starting to freak out about how we were going to make it through a whole summer like that. Monday night was the total opposite. The kids were nice and cool and they slept soundly and safely thanks to our unbelievably generous family members. If you found our blog, Thanks a ton you guys. We can't wait to see you in August.

The boys playing with the hose on the trampoline

Henry and Rieken having a soda break

Emily and Kipp playing dolls until they got too hot and had to go back outside

Aunt Lavon and Tiernen

Henry chowing on a braut

Pool fun at the Hotel

Henry hanging out in the Hottub



Oma Lavon and Rieken

the Rimmasch boys Paul and Karl

Aunt Lavon and Karl catching up

Aunt Lavon and the Paul Rimmasch Family

The AC unti, outfit, card and three happy kiddos

cold air and comfort in the kid's room... Oh yeah

Comfy, happy, cool worn out kiddos


Ms. Kristen said...

What a great post! I love family visits, especially when they leave you presents! Fun!

Arlene said...

Well I've always known Paul is an amazing person who we are all lucky to be related to! He is a true gentleman (we all know who he got that from) and I can't wait to see what his mansion in heaven will look like! I'm sure it will have A/C because of his good karma - and we can all hang out at his house (well your mansion in heaven will be pretty stocked too, but the rest of us will have to mooch off of the good folks in the family).

Heather said...

It's nice to have great people for your family! Enjoy your AC.

owona said...

I'm glad you had such a fun weekend with the fam!! Sounds like we missed out on some yummy food, and fun times in the water! It was so thoughtful and nice of them to leave you with the A/C...hope all is comfy and cool in the Rimmasch house now. Isn't the heat a killer this year?!? Hope you enjoy the 4th! Love ya! Love, Tooty

tharker said...

Wow Niki! That is the best story I've heard all week! Thank you for sharing it and making me smile. That's some awesome family you've got there!

Rosie said...

What a great weekened and family you have! And I love when the trampoline is dug into the ground, we are going to have to do that!!