Saturday, September 20, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has been INSANE! Lots of good along with plenty of bad. This month we celebrated Karl's 34th and Kelten's 9th Birthdays. I am feeling like a total slacker Wife and Mommy for not posting about them on their special days but I have been caught up in life, Love and change. I will take time next week to celebrate both of them with pictures and shout outs and post about Kippi's "new room".
But for now I have a favor to ask. Last week both my Grandpa and Grandma found out they have cancer. It’s looking pretty bad for both of them and our whole family has once again been set on it head with this news. You would think we would be used to hearing this in our family but it is still a shock. Grandpa is a spry 80ish man with White hair and easy attitude he works hard and loves hard. He is an orchardist who loves his work and is still out there ever year doing whatever needs to be done for his crops. Nanny is a young 60 something who is as strong as she is gentle. She stands by her man and helps him day in and out in the fields and behind the scenes within the home and family. They are such a great team and really amazing grandparents. They got the news within days of each other and really this shouldn't surprise me they seem to do everything else in life together too. I know some people may be thinking,"Well at least they have lived long good lives." But really should that make it any less of heartache to know your family is hurting and will have to fight for their lives? Nope, it doesn’t. So, I ask you this favor. Please pray for them. We as a family would really appreciate it. I have a strong faith in the healing power of prayer weather emotional or physical it helps in every way. Thank you and I will be back to my blog-o-diction here in the next little while. Until then, happy weekend.