Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I was in the kitchen when I kept hearing these little snippets of conversation:

Kelten : Never underestimate the baby!

Rieken: But I want to ride the donkey not the oxen!

Kelten: take off your helmet man you are in the presence of a king!

Kippi: where is my gun who took my gun I'm telling!

Kippi: quit pointing that finger at me

Rieken: I can't stay on the donkey he's slippery

When I went in to see what they were doing it made perfect sense

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

does this outfit make me look fat?

Today it snowed. So, we got all bundled up and off we went to slip and slide and get our extra energy out. It was during this oh so fun and exiting time that Tiernen reminded me of someone but I just couldn't put my finger on it. In fact it took me about half way through hot chocolate and marshmallows to realize who it was...Can you guess? Look at that sweet face and Oh the total puffiness! Only a baby could pull this outfit off don't ya think?
Scroll down to see

It's the little brother from a Christmas story ya know the Red Ryder BB gun show. I think his name is Jimmy but I can't remember we didn't actually watch that one this year. I know blasphemy! Anyhow what do you think? Can you see the resemblance? I will tell ya one thing. That snow suit sure didn't slow him down much and here is a video to prove it. He was telling Kippi and Kelten off a bit because they left him high and dry in the road and he only really liked scooping the walk. Rieken is nowhere in sight because he was mad at me for not letting him slide in the snow first and It just ruined the whole experience for him.

Make sure to pause the music player on the side bar.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas perfection

This year for the second time in our marriage
We were home alone for Christmas.
It was Perfection.
I love the big family get togethers with the games and food and all nighters.
But somehow this topped them all.
In fact I think we just made a new Rimmasch family tradition.
This is how our holiday went down.

Chinese food by candlelight for Christmas Eve dinner
after dinner crafts for the girls after dinner Star Wars extravaganza for the boys Baking and decorating cookies for Santa Christmas mouse visiting for the first time ever in WA and bringing new jammies and a note Daddy reading Twas the night before Christmas Opening the traditional teaser gift Setting out a plate and note for Santa and and his reindeer then Off to bed to wait for the Magic to happen

Christmas day we slept until 7am and then when the big kids could stand it no longer we grabbed the baby and went to see what Santa had brought.
But this year the kids had asked Santa to wrap their gifts and so he did.
They didn't think how this would prolong the waiting.
AHhh the agony!!
Kippi's Rieken's
We took our time and read the Christmas story out of Luke and then the kids went to town. Each one loved everything they got and we didn't hear a single complaint or wistful wish that they had gotten something else.
It was really perfect.
Kippi and her skateboardRieken and his scooter
Kelten and his Mp3 player
Tiernen and his music table
The rest of the day...
The kids played with all the new stuff they got.
We made phone calls to family
Hung out with Uncle Ry and two cousins who popped in for an hour
Mommy and Daddy relaxed.
We ate fancy cheeses and cold meats for lunch
played and rested some more
For dinner Daddy made a delicious Christmas turkey with all the fixings
We topped it off with pie.
Christmas day ended with
The Beasties snuggled under the new blankets Grammy made them
a bowl of popcorn, and a family movie
Like I said total perfection.
I hope your Christmas was Perfect too.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas wish list revision

Dear Santa,
Ya know how this year the beasties were on top of things and got wish lists out to you at the very beginning of the month so you had time to prepare? Well, I just want you to know a lot has happened between then and now (new toys books and the like) and as you know kids can be fickle little turds (at least mine can be). Well apparently, they don’t get that it is just plain RUDE to change your mind after having put in an actual list in writing so, if all they get are things from the original list no tears will be shed or this Mommy will be boycotting presents. I'm just sayin'
So here’s the scoop…
Rieken's fondest wish is no longer a scooter. I know, I know he talked about it NON STOP for months. But, he has had a change of heart and he would truly love a snake eyes costume if it's not too much trouble. I did a little checking for ya and there are a couple left at Target just in case you are all out at the North Pole.
Then there is Kippi. I have tried to explain to her that Santa can only do so much but she still wants me to put in a word for a DSi so here I am putting in a word. Although, I want it on the record, I TOTALLY feel she is a bit young/irresponsible for one. In fact I would prefer you to stick to her original list. Oh and yes she does know where I stand on the matter and would be VERY happy with the skateboard that she originally asked for.
Kelten Has been up in the air for some time and unfortunately just decided today (2 days before the big day) what he really wants. I did some scoping for you and I'm not going to lie, I think you may just have to fall back on his list of previous options. It is really very hard to find metroid prime fusion for the game boy advance at this late a date. I have already explained to Kelten you mostly work in toys so when it comes to video games and electronics you have to do it the same way we mere mortals do... You go to Best Buy or Amazon or EBay and sometimes things are just plain out of stock.
Now Santa I would like to express my Thanks for your understanding in this matter and please know the Rimmasch Kids fully understand that they are blessed no matter what they may or may not get because well frankly Christmas isn't about the gifts. That is just a happy perk. I hope this letter finds you well and ready for the big night. We will be waiting with baited breath for you to work you Christmas Eve magic.
Merrily yours,
Mommy Rimmasch

P.S. If you happen to come across my camera battery I would LOVE to have it Christmas morning.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Upon hearing the news that they needed to actually get dressed and ready for school on a weekday after having a week of 2 hour delays and cancellations this is what we heard all morning long.

What! Are you sure there isn't a two hour delay, that ice still looks pretty bad to me!

OH NO!!!!(total drama) Mom did you get a present for my teacher!?I can't go to school without a present I need to make her a card I think I better hurry and make her a card Mom are you listening I have to have a present for my teacher and OH NO Mauuaaam what about Mrs W. ( the SUB) and Mrs. Wheatley (the Music teacher) and Oh man I'm never gonna get this done in time and (finally takes a huge breath and then on the verge of tears stomps up the stairs.... and finishes off with) Kelten get outta of my way I have cards to make cause I have to do everything myself!
( Good thing I am a pro at tuning that bit of loveliness out and that I totally made treats last night PHEW!)

Mom -huff huff puff (running around looking for her)
MOM -Huff Huff
this goes on for a good 5 min.

What Conner?

Oh your still here? Never mind then.

I think you should check again and make sure school isn't cancelled I think I saw a snowflake. This could be bad...

Oh yeah Today is the last day of school before winter break I think we are all feeling it.
Until next time, N

Sunday, December 13, 2009

No longer the black or shall I say, brunette sheep...

Last week for a belated birthday present my Sister in Law Eden took me out and we got our hair cut and colored (by a pro. Not me doing it from a box..)then went to lunch. We had a great time even though I got a call from my babysitter saying my babe was screaming his ever loving head off. Unfortunately there wasn't much I could do as we were in the middle of highlights. (Sorry Maren!) When it was all said and done Maren and Tiernen were at least on friendly terms, Eden had bangs and I had mostly blond hair! I know right?! I have always been the lone Brunette girl in a family of pure true blonde's. I have never even consider being anything but a brunette with the occasional Carmel highlight here and there. I admit I tried red highlights a couple of times but is was a bust. Not today. Today I feel like I have beautiful hair. who knows I may just stay
this way. The way I hear it blonde's have more fun anyhow...

As for my teaser post sorry to leave you (all 2 of ya) hanging I wanted to post pics and my camera was down so here ya go. Oh, by the way did I mention I am going to school full time winter quarter? I am signed up and ready to go. Like I said people, changes.
Until next time, N

Thursday, December 10, 2009

~~~Change is in the air~~~

Some big changes have been taking place.
I don't have time to go into details but let's just say, I'm stepping out of the box.
Until next time-N

Monday, December 7, 2009

In the blink of an eye and a twinkle of time.

Today was one of those days when all of the sudden it was as if I felt time moving. I was sitting at the counter watching Kippi Laugh with her Daddy while learning how to use a star tip to decorate her very own birthday cake when it hit me. Seven years ago today we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. SEVEN YEARS! It seems like well, I won't say yesterday because frankly yesterday was traumatic enough to be fresh in the old noggin but it sure doesn't seem like it's possible for seven whole years to have literally flown by without my noticing. So that got me to thinking about what I have done with my life in the past seven years that I wouldn't have noticed... hmmm... well... Uh, I have had two more babies and moved 3 times. Not to mention all the day to day fun that no, I didn't take the time to stop and sniff just in case it smelled like roses and I really didn't journal about it either. Now one day when I am an empty Nester and have five minutes of "me" time I can't even sit back and laugh/cry at it then. SHEESH! So here I am back at my computer putting down the things that were good,bad and wonderful about today.

Today- Kippi turned 7. She had a Christmas themed party with a heart shaped cake with snowflakes on it that she and her Daddy made.
Today- Kippi's ears stopped hurting from getting pierced on Friday night (hooray!)
Today- Rieken smelled my neck and told me I smelled beautiful
Today- Kelten woke up and the tooth fairy had forgotten to come .. again.
Today- I sat in the rocking chair and spent a whole 40 min of peace with my baby boy just snuggling him , tracing the little bluish veins on his arms and face and watching him sleep.
-Today the wind blew so hard that when I took the garbage out, the door hit me in the butt on my way out.
Today- Karl rubbed my neck for no reason and didn't ask for anything in return.
Today- I left my peppermint tea in the microwave for 3 hours before I finally found it
Today- I was given a very generous and unexpected gift that I think will be amazing . (piano lessons)
Today -I told my lilttle sister I would call her back and forgot to .. again!
Today-I cleaned our bathroom for the first time in too long and now I want to lock the door so it stays that way.
Today- Aleah didn't have a single major issue with anything really.
Today- Caleb did... Markers ... everywhere
Today- Kelten was willing to give the tooth fairy one last shot before he gave up all together. Thank heavens for that!
Today- I am going to bed with a clean house and a happy family.
Today- I start fresh

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you have a hidden talent?

For FHE on Monday we decided to have a big food filled Labor Day dinner and a talent show put on by the kids. It was very spur of the moment so nothing fancy was expected or needed. In fact the idea was to have each of the kids think about something (a talent) that they are good at and enjoy doing and have them share it with us after dinner. Each of the kids got really excited and thought (talked) about it pretty much all day. Kelten decided he would play a song on the piano, Kippi decided she would show us how well she could ride her bike, Rieken wanted to do summersaults, Aleah and caleb where going to dance ,Tiernen was going to do high fives and cheer for everyone And Conner was going to duel with light sabers. All very talent show worthy and exciting to boot. Well, as we were sitting down pigging out on our FABULOUS meal I kept hearing a cow munching (someone eating with their mouth open). Now I ask you this who in their right mind can enjoy eating while listening to someone else do it and loudly at that? Not me. It has to be my numero UNO biggest pet peeve of ALLL TIME!!! I know very petty and hard to image given I can handle boogies, blood, belching, crumbs in my bed (sometimes it happens people), and all sorts of nastiness. But it is. Now I need to fill you in on a little secret. We have assigned seating because 11 of us are bound to have issues if we aren't careful who sits by whom and I have been assigned to sit by my nephew Conner. I think it's only fair at this point to mention I did the assigning and it seemed logical at the time but that was before... Before the munching and crunching that is. Holy Hannah that boy enjoys his food VERY audibly. Now this has been a real trial for the both of us as he is constantly chomping and smacking and I am constantly asking him to pah-lease chew with his mouth closed.
So back to Monday at Dinner :)
Here he is chomping away and here I am asking him over and over to stop when Kelten got asked to leave the table for less than stellar manners. Well I couldn't help it. I asked Conner if he wanted to move over to Kelten's spot and finish Dinner there. I really thought I was being all sly about the whole "get your chompers as far away from my ears as possible thing" by being all ,”ooh look you get to sit in Kelten’s spot” thing. Apparently I’m not as sly as I like to think because Conner goes off and asks why. (Of course he would) “Well” I said, “wouldn't you like to sit over there by Rieken?” Conner says, "Yeah I guess but is it because I chew with my mouth full?" (Gulp) now I feel bad about being so petty and then he says, “Because it's my hidden talent you know I love to do it and I'm really good at it too."
Now I ask you how a person can argue with that.
And so he did (munch and crunch…LOUDLY) and I didn't mind one bit because really who am I to deny someone from using their talents even if it annoys the daylight out of me? (Especially when they are clear at the other end of the table :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soap in the mouth anyone?

The other day all of the kids were outside playing (PHEW) when Conner and Kippi came rushing in to Aunt Ede and tattled (oh yes they did) on Rieken about saying a bad word over and over. Aunt Ede being the nice person she is decided to talk to Rieken and see what he had to say for himself (so thoughtful don't you think).
"Rieken" she asked, "were you saying a bad word?"
and do you know what that little booger replied with a dead straight face?
"No I wasn't I was just saying Son of a B*$@!"
Now aunt Ede (being the kind person she is) pointed out (with a straight face) that said word most certainly IS a bad word (oh yes it is!)
And my sweet Ginger headed boy assured her it most certianly was NOT a bad word cause his Daddy says Son of a B*$@! all the time ( not all the time).
Now that Aunt Ede ( trying oh so hard not to laugh) told Rieken Yes yes it is a bad word and because he didn't know this time she would let it pass but next time there would be soap in the mouth.
Rieken (oh my Rieken) said, "Okay I promise I won't say Son of a B*$@! anymore cause I don't like soap in the mouth."

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been a Blistery kind of day

On the First day of School
Kippi Soup wore her brand new shoes.
Did she slow down when they started to pinch?
Did she take them off and see what was causing all that discomfort?
after a summer long hiatus she played hard on the Monkey bars.
Did she stop playing after the fist pinch?
Did she stop playing on them recess after recess?
When she got home she finally decided to check out her feet.
what did she have?
2 big ol' fat blisters that's what.
She also showed me her hands and what did she have 5 big ol' blisters and only one of those hadn't torn open yet
On day two of school
she woke up and was determined to wear yet another pair of brand new shoes w/o socks because they matched her outfit...
As her mother you may think it was my responsibility to MAKE her wear more sensible shoes.
As her mother I must respond, next time I'll call you and let you give that a shot.
On day two of school she was sure she couldn't get any more blisters so she figured what they hay?
When she got home from school she Finally checked her feet out and showed me her hands and what does she have?
Two nasty torn blisters that got even bigger and hands that look like hamburger.
On day Three of school
same thing
On day Four of school
My sweet Beautiful Kippi soup woke up and said,
"It feels like it's gonna be another blistery day but maybe I should wear my old tinnies just in case. "
Day 2 after school
Day 3 after school she even has blisters on her fingers

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To make a long story short...

We moved...
To Pasco....
We are really enjoying it.
We can't decide if we want to sell or rent our little Yellow house in Burbank...
Decisions decisions.
Life's' been insane...
But in a good way.
I feel like I forgot to do something important...
I mean really important...
If It was for you or about you or you know what it might be,
please call me and let me know.
Maybe it was a bill or a Dr's appointment? Do I have all my kids (kidding) hmmm...
We love our new ward and have met lots of new people...
The kids started the year in a new school...
They LOVE it!
They hate it...
There are 11 of us living under one roof!..
what can I say?
I'm really greatful for good friends and great family...
I'm starting to feel alive again, it's been a while...

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Traditions

After seeing this Amazing Idea on This gals blog, My sister in law Eden and I felt like this would be just the thing to start the new school year with. We tweaked it a bit here and there to make it just right for us but in the end Nie Nie is to credit for ALL the good ideas. We even loved the idea of a theme so much we decided to borrow it.

Listen and Obey
(double click to enlarge)
As for our Menu, each one of our little ones got to put in their "order" and we made them whatever they asked for. here is how it came out


Dinner ~ spaghetti, garlic bread , raw carrots & Italian soda to drink

Dessert ~ Crepes with Nuttella filling


Dinner ~ Cheeseburger tater tots and corn on the cob & cream soda to drink

Dessert ~ Chocolate mousse


Dinner ~ Steak, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob & orange smoothie to drink

Dessert ~ Raspberry Cheesecake


Dinner ~ BBQ chicken wings, broccoli, tater tots & pina colada to drink

Dessert ~ Birthday cake


Dinner ~ chicken nuggets french fries, corn on the cob & cream soda to drink

Dessert ~ cake


Dinner ~ chicken nuggets fries corn on the cob & cream soda to drink

Dessert ~ cake and Mousse


Dinner and dessert ~ a little of everything

We ended our night with Fathers blessings for each of the kids. It was an AMAZING start to our new school year in fact we have decided to make it a tradition.

Thanks Nie Nie

Monday, June 15, 2009

hanging on...

Do you ever just feel like you are hanging on as hard as you can but no matter what you do you fall?

Sometimes I do...

Friday, June 12, 2009

bbbblog bbblahs

Lately I have noticed that blogging just isn't pulling me in like it used to. Sure I still read every one else's blogs off my reader and I may throw a comment out here and there but, in general it just doesn’t call me the way it did say a year or so ago. I'm not quite sure what or when it happened but one day I realized I was having to REALLY work to take the time to sit and blog and when I finally did I found I was getting up and checking my site for comments about every 15 min. and then I would analyze those comments and my posts.
Can we just say obsessed!
It was around that moment of revelation that I noticed a major decrease in comments left on my posts which let’s face it; is devastation to an obsessed blogger who blogs for the people. Just kidding! But seriously it is a huge part of the fun of blogging at least for me. So instead of feeling guilty about the things I didn't get around to blogging about and then feeling bummed that once I do no one cares.
I am going to grow up and move on :)
So from here on out
I will
Post when I can.
I will
Shoot for at least once a month but I'm not going to stress about it.
I will
Try to comment more often on those blogs I check regularly.
I will
Enjoy the summer with my kids’ friends and family and NOT think about blogging
I will
Go to sleep at night and not want to check and see if anyone commented.
I will
Make a real effort to actually call and get together with friends and family instead of waiting for them to call me.
I won’t
Waste our summer inside in front of my computer when I could have been making the memories that blogging is all about
Love, N.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes

Happy Happy Birthday Tiernen Boy Were wishing you a year of Love and Joy What a blessing and a gift you are to Me
So Have a Happy Happy
Love, Your Family

Saturday, May 30, 2009

blind as a bat and mad as a hatter

One pair of glasses
(Last whole pair)

Did you know if you lose your glasses in the middle of the night it is EXTREMELY difficult to find them as you are most likely needing said glasses to find them?
I do...
Did you know that 5 year old glasses may come in handy in case you lose your 3 year old pair that you have been using since your 1 year old pair broke?
I do...
Did you know that 5 year old glasses are almost as bad as no glasses but not quite?
I do...
Did you know headaches may occur if “old" glasses are worn for long periods of time?
I do...
Did you know after looking for 2.5 hours for "new" glasses the "old" glasses and I have yet to spot them?
I do...
Did you know I can swim w/o glasses and be fine?
I do...
Did you know I may have to swim all day tomorrow to keep from going mad?
I do :)
Happy weekend Friends, N.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And the winner is...

Scroll down throught the b-day post of beastie # 3 and get the answers to all those burning questions.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Run run run fast as you can you can't catch me cause I'm the Ginger Head Man

Rieken's Blessing day~~~ Rieken almost 1 yr.

Rieken 2 year Birthday party

2.5-3 YEARS
3 -3.5 yEARS
RIEKEN MAY 12,2009
Happy Birthday to The newest 4 year old Ginger headed boy on the block!
On this very day four of the shortest most dog-on long years ago, we were blessed to welcome into our little family of this and that’s a certain little ginger headed man.
Rieken Balian Rimmasch is a one of a kind modern day kiddo. He walks tall, runs fast, talks loud, hugs hard, spits far, learns quickity quick quick and passes the buck like no other.
HE is an adventurer who refuses to conform to ANY ol' rule book and a dreamer who doesn’t sleep. When he talks he mesmerizes you with his little cutie of a lisp and he might just walk right up to you and decide you are his very bestest friend for this very now second. My how he has grown, when he blessed us with his presence that not so long- ago day he was a mere 8 lbs and 7 oz. and he had cheeks to make chucky-cheese proud. Speaking of Cheese he was also the color of it for a week or so while he was deciding what color he really wanted to be.In the end he chose pink with a few Freckle dee sun kisses and a little Ginger on top cause he heard somewhere that Ginger was the Color for only the bravest of the super heroes in training. But alas the time whooshed by in a blur of life and adventures and the next thing you know here we are celebrating how big and strong he is for a newly made 4 year old. Why I don't think we could find another Riekey just like him any where no matter how hard we tried. And that’s just great with us because really, he just IS all that and a super sized bag of Scooby snacks.
We hope your day is filled with happiness,love,laughter and a suprise or two of course.
Love, Mom Dad and the siblings

Monday, May 11, 2009

The answers To those burning questions

Thanks to all of you who entered or just popped in. I had a great time reading all of your answers. Now let’s get down to business.

#1 B
I heard Tiernen crying and found him in the tub covered in soap and wet shredded T.P. The curtain had been pulled and the lights had been shut off. I asked Rieken if he had put him in there and at first he totally denied it but as we were the only two people home who could have put him in there he finally fessed up. He said "Uh I needed privacy PUleese." When asked why he left him there he said. I forgot he was in there. (NICE)
#2 C
She also wrote "I love daddy" on one of our other cars. Nuff said
#3 C
Oh yeah the kid got an F on his third quarter report card. The funny (not) thing was none of his teachers requested a conference and in the little side area for comments (right next to his big fat F) his spelling teacher wrote all great things about Kelten... Not a peep about the big bad F.
#4 A
It really happened! We had been looking 4-Ever! Then Kelten says a prayer gets up and walks straight to them outside in the grass! What a great testament to the power of prayer and faith. We still aren't sure why they were in the grass to begin with.
#5 C
He toted that lotion around all day long and about every 15 Min or so would slap some in whatever spot "itched". He still thinks lotion is the best itch stopping trick in the book.
#6 A
She learned REAL quick that Mom means business when it comes to the Goodwill basket. Whatever gets put in does not get to come out at my house EVER AGAIN!
So if you looked in the comments you will notice we have something of a dilemma... We have a TIE! Paula and Angela both had three correct answers. Seriously I never thought this would happen. So to be fair to you both, my beasts have decided to draw straws.... literally. So here is the break down

Angela 5 straws .

1 for each entry (1)
1 for each correct answer (3)
1 because the Kippi felt very strongly you needed to have a pink one

Paula 6 straws
1 for each entry (2)
1 for each correct answer (3)
1 because well Kippi is very persuasive and fair is fair.

Each of the "big kids" picked a straw
I took a ton of pictures and they just wouldn't stand still!
This is the best one and it's still pretty fuzzy sorry,
and so by a pull of two out of three. the winner is ...

P-a-u-l-a !!!!

Congrats and again thanks to everyone who entered. Paula let me know what kind of dessert you would like and I will have it to you by next Wednesday the 20th of May.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To be or Not to be

As A kid I didn’t realize the daily struggle my mom went through just to get through the days and raise us right. Every day she had to decide weather To Be or Not Be,
~~~To be a Mom who led by example
~~~Not to be too hard on those precious little ones in her care when something went wrong

~~~To be a pillar of strength
~~~ Not to be angry

~~~To be an amazing cook, interior decorator, lullaby singer,
owie kisser, taxi driver, bum spanker, easy going and hard loving Mom
~~~Not to be worried about being our Best friend but being our Mom
~~~To be a mom who made life interesting and Fun
~~~Not to be afraid to apologize
~~~To be active in her Church and callings
~~~Not to be a judge and jury but an ear to listen and a parent full of words of wisdom and counsel
~~~ To be a Wonderful wife and friend to her spouse
~~~Not to be a critic of others

~~~To be a true friend to others
~~~Not to be willing to get caught up in herself
~~~To be active in all aspects of her children’s lives
~~~Not to be upset at having to work all our lives but to be proud that she could continue to use the skills she had worked so hard to gain.
~~~To be full of laughter and love

~~~Not to be just a mom but be the best Mom who loves all 5 of us monsters with every pore in her body
~~~To be willing to let us go and make our own decisions when the time came
~~~ Not to be critical of our choices
~~~To be the best Grammy Lanai ANY grand baby could every ask for
~~~Not to be offended easily
~~~To be a wonderful Mother in Law and friend to her new sons and daughters
~~~Not to be overbearing
~~~To be the women my sisters and I all want to be when we grow up.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, We love you!
Ryan, Sheri, Ashley, Aaron,
Kim, Eden, Conner, Caleb, Aleah,
Jaime, Mike, Jack,
Niki, Karl, Kelten, Kiprianna, Rieken, Tiernen,
Tiffany, Bernard, and Oni

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Problem solving Give-a-way

Lately we have had what seems like and abnormal amount of problems (as the kids like to call any incident or non -planed mishap), so we have encouraged the kids to "help" by trying to solve the problems on their own first and then come to us unless it's a big one. I thought it would be fun to play a game of problem solving with you guys too. I will give you the problem scenario and multiple choice answers for the solution. At least one will be the true answer. Whoever gets the most correct answers will win a fantastic prize...

A dessert of your choice from below made by my husband.
Trust me on this he is an AMAZING cook.
A: French silk pie
B: ├ęclairs filled with (you choose)
C: surprise dessert

If a non-local wins you will get a surprise pkg. of goodies with a theme of your choice from below.
A: Chocolate
B: culinary
C: Summer time

if there is a tie the problem will be solved courtesy of our personal problem solution team aka the beasties.

Problem #1

Rieken needed privacy in the bathroom but Tiernen wouldn't go out so he...


a: Yelled at the top of his lungs for five minuets (Mom was outside cleaning the car so of course the windows were open and all the neighbors could hear) for mom to come get Tiernen so he (Rieken) could go poop.

b: Picked Tiernen up put him in the empty but still damp tub gave him a roll of T.P. and a bar of soap to play with, shut the curtain on him and went on with his business. Mom found Tiernen in the dark in the tub crying covered in wet t.p. And slime from the bar of soap.

c: shut the door and got on with his business only to have Tiernen start crying because he wanted out and Rieken was a little to occupied so Rieken sang songs and made farting noises to drown him out and pelted Tiernen with rolled up wads of T.P. . (Mom stood outside the door listening and trying not to laugh)

Problem #2
Kippi was trying to write her name in the dirt on the back of our car but it was not working so she...

a: Got a permanent marker and wrote ---Kippi iz prte (Kippi is pretty) all over the drivers side door for mom to see .

b: Found a bottle of nail polish and wrote her name on the tailgate, windows, and on her seat inside the rig.

c: Took a rock and scratched her name in the paint where it will remain to immortalize her.

Problem #3
Kelten lost a spelling packet at school so he...

a: told his mom who told him to ask his teacher for a new one

b: took one from someone else in class when they weren't looking and then lied about it when initially asked. Then felt really bad about it so he fessed up which then got him into trouble at school for stealing and lying not to mention the trouble he got in at home...

c: told no one figured no big deal and got an F on his report card because of that ONE packet which was apparently more important then he thought

Problem # 4
Dad lost his work keys and had to leave SOON. After Mom and Dad had searched everywhere and retraced everyone’s footsteps and asked the kids multiple times if they had seen them Kelten...

a: suggested a prayer and then got right up and looked outside in the lawn and found them.

b: opened the front door and found them still in the lock then proceeded to give dad all sorts of advice on how NOT to lose his keys next time i.e. take them our of the door and hang them up.

c: fesses up that he put them in the fridge because he wanted to see how long it would take us to find them.

Problem # 5
Rieken was grounded from scissors because of multiple infractions. He had a tag that was really bugging him so he...


a: Asked Kippi to cut it off for him because she wasn't grounded and when she cut it off she cut a hole in the shirt too.

b: Turned his shirt inside out and refused to wear it any other way.

c: Walked around caring a bottle of lotion for hours until finally mom asked what it was for and he said, " cause my back is itching me and the lotion makes it not itchy anymore. "

Kippi needed to clean her room before mom came through with the goodwill basket so she...


a: Got on it right away and for the first time (since starting the basket) had her room picked up and nothing went to goodwill.

b: bribed Kelten and Rieken to come and help her by promising they could have all her left over Easter candy. They fell for it and got her room done but didn't have time to clean their own room and ended up losing some things that were left out and Kippi only had two pieces of candy left. (Which she hadn't told them)

c: didn't clean much and when the time came, offered to be the one who went through with the goodwill basket so Mommy could relax. Sadly Mommy didn't take her up on it and as she hadn't listened she is now shy 2 barbies one littlest pet shop and a whole bag of papers and markers.

Have a super fun time and I think you may be surprised by what the True solutions were. Contest will end at midnight on Mothers day.
Please be sure to leave your e-mail address with each comment so I can contact you if you win. There are three ways you can be entered.

A:(one entry)
Leave your answers by putting prob. # with solution letter you think it is. For all 6 problems

B:(One entry)
You post about this on your blog and then come back and leave a comment that you did.

C: (one entry)
Comment on Face book about this and then come back and leave a comment that you did.

Friday, May 1, 2009

We’re moving

Now, let’s be honest…Your reaction to that title was

A: Thank Heavens one less loud mouth to deal with. Now I can finally have some peace!

B: um okay, where ya going?


D. When’s the open house I’d like to come take a look around.
E. Yeah right I’d like to see you try.

Now I’ll be honest… That title was just a titch deceiving. When I said we’re moving what I really meant was Tiernen is moving which in reality means more movement from the rest of us ya follow? So if your answer was B,C,D,or E please click below to see the cutest new mover in town. If your answer was A keep it to yourself and feel free to click below:) Who knows after witnessing such an amazing act of grace and balance you might decide keeping us around is worth it. Oh, the second clip is mostly because he walks and talks. In the past he has consistently said: get it, go get, look it, kip kip, mom momma, dad, daddy, ow, sip sip, this,that, and oh oh. In the clip he says, go get and get it very clearly. He may be a few months behind our other three little beasts in the walking department but he defiantly has my gift of gab.

Clip # 1

Clip # 2

p.s. my floors are not dirty they are just nicked and scratched which by the way I love and think it gives them character. And as soon as I can I will fix that with a fresh coat of paint because really we have enough character living in our house .Really.

p.s.s. I'm really not a mean mommy He was just super Tiered and he wasn't falling for the usual.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a glimpse

Have you ever just wanted to peek into someone’s window and see what’s going on at their house? I know I have.
Well, here is your chance to get a peek at our life over the last year. Happy snooping friends.

double clickpicture to enlarge