Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well Overdue

I was tagged by my friend Rachel eons ago and I promised not to let her down… So here we are almost 5 full months later and I’m feeling a bit sheepish and like a giant LIAR! Um yeah those posts I promised, not happening. Blogging with no internet is kind of hard people. The Library and I get on for all of 10 min. while my kids run around and I get some dirty looks from the librarians. In the end we feel like we have to check out a cazillian and one books to make up for it and then the next time I go back ( late as usual) I get to pay a fee, log on (takes 4ever) and skim all 400 updates. No time for commenting and NONE for posting. So today must be my lucky day. All the kids are sick I am sick and my husband is sick….Lucky right? Yup because I get to go to the library alone with my overdue books, my Kleenex and my germ X. Oh, and I get to post this TAG from Rachel FINALLY!!!
So, the rules are to tell 5 things that nobody knows or are unique about you. I think I share every detail of my life with everybody, so this might not be very interesting but I will try to think of a few.

1. When I was in 7th grade I was asked to sing a solo at a state wide teacher’s conference in Spokane at the Opera House. There were TONS of people and I almost peed my pants. Oh yeah they paid me and paid all travel expenses. (I felt like a professional.) I made it through without any mistakes and got a standing ovation… and was never asked back…hee hee that sure kept me grounded.

2. My big ambition in life was to get married and have kids... I never really dreamt any further then that until I got married and had kids is that weird?

3. I know this is a well kept secret but that fact is I used to be skinnyish. No really, I am telling the truth. But alas it was just a phase.

4. I love to floss… but it is really not good for me. I love it so much I can’t stop and then I have sore ripped up gums. It’s like scratching a mosquito bite you know you shouldn’t but you just can’t stop except I know I should but when I do I just can’t stop. I do floss although only bi-weekly gross I know but hey it takes about that long for it to heal.

5. When I was in 7th grade I was in an accident. I was riding one of our horses and I got trampled. I can’t tell you all the details as I have only a few memories of them but apparently my sister saw me lying in the dirt and thought I got bucked off .Being the wonderful sister that she is she told me to get up and get back on the horse and show it who was boss. She was so ticked when I stood up and walked like a drunken sailor inside (In her defense she really didn’t know I had been trampled.) So I went inside and puked everywhere and passed out. I woke up a few days later in the ICU with all sorts of monitors and wires hooked to me and only a few flash like memories of what had happened. Oh and like fifty hoof print bruises on my body from head to toes and not a single broken bone... I got to tell ya 7th grade was a defining year for me.
Ok so there you go. 5 weirdish things about me.

I am tagging both of my sisters Jaime and Tiffany because I know you both have so much time on your plate (hee hee ). Amber Grannis, Alicia L. and last but most assuredly not least, Kristen P.
Good luck Ladies and I will read all about in about 3.5 weeks just in time to get that overdue fee in honor of all things routine and just a tich weird about me and mine.