Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a glimpse

Have you ever just wanted to peek into someone’s window and see what’s going on at their house? I know I have.
Well, here is your chance to get a peek at our life over the last year. Happy snooping friends.

double clickpicture to enlarge

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Opinions needed

Every year I try to take pictures of the kids for our wall. This year I can't decide on color or black and white. My decorating style is very Hodge podge a little of this and a lot of that so either looks fine in the room. I just can't decide. Oh and I like two of the shots I got of Kippi I'm having a hard time picking there too . What do you think?Please please please let me know I just can't make up my mind here.
Kelten is so sensitive to light he has to have all outdoor shots in the shade and not facing the sun.
not an easy shot to get because he is so fast! I would have loved something more full on but ya get what ya get. Oh by the way it is official Tiernen is taking steps. I wouldn't call it walking really but three or four steps at a time and getting braver every second as is proven by the big fat scratch on his face:)

Um Ya I just Love him. Isn't he so darn cute.

the first and second are the same I just cropped the b&w shot. and if I keep it in color I will crop it too. The 3rd is the one I can't decide on though. which one do you like better shot one (top) in color or B&W or shot three (bottom) in color or B&W?? She is such a ham and that's just one of the reasons we'll keep her.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

check this out!

I LOVE coupons !! Here is a local gal who has it down to an art and she is having a give-a- way to boot. So do yourself a little Easter dance and "hop" on over there and maybe you could be the lucky winner.