Monday, May 11, 2009

The answers To those burning questions

Thanks to all of you who entered or just popped in. I had a great time reading all of your answers. Now let’s get down to business.

#1 B
I heard Tiernen crying and found him in the tub covered in soap and wet shredded T.P. The curtain had been pulled and the lights had been shut off. I asked Rieken if he had put him in there and at first he totally denied it but as we were the only two people home who could have put him in there he finally fessed up. He said "Uh I needed privacy PUleese." When asked why he left him there he said. I forgot he was in there. (NICE)
#2 C
She also wrote "I love daddy" on one of our other cars. Nuff said
#3 C
Oh yeah the kid got an F on his third quarter report card. The funny (not) thing was none of his teachers requested a conference and in the little side area for comments (right next to his big fat F) his spelling teacher wrote all great things about Kelten... Not a peep about the big bad F.
#4 A
It really happened! We had been looking 4-Ever! Then Kelten says a prayer gets up and walks straight to them outside in the grass! What a great testament to the power of prayer and faith. We still aren't sure why they were in the grass to begin with.
#5 C
He toted that lotion around all day long and about every 15 Min or so would slap some in whatever spot "itched". He still thinks lotion is the best itch stopping trick in the book.
#6 A
She learned REAL quick that Mom means business when it comes to the Goodwill basket. Whatever gets put in does not get to come out at my house EVER AGAIN!
So if you looked in the comments you will notice we have something of a dilemma... We have a TIE! Paula and Angela both had three correct answers. Seriously I never thought this would happen. So to be fair to you both, my beasts have decided to draw straws.... literally. So here is the break down

Angela 5 straws .

1 for each entry (1)
1 for each correct answer (3)
1 because the Kippi felt very strongly you needed to have a pink one

Paula 6 straws
1 for each entry (2)
1 for each correct answer (3)
1 because well Kippi is very persuasive and fair is fair.

Each of the "big kids" picked a straw
I took a ton of pictures and they just wouldn't stand still!
This is the best one and it's still pretty fuzzy sorry,
and so by a pull of two out of three. the winner is ...

P-a-u-l-a !!!!

Congrats and again thanks to everyone who entered. Paula let me know what kind of dessert you would like and I will have it to you by next Wednesday the 20th of May.


Paula said...

I won? I won! I WON I WON I WON!!!
how cool is that?! all I had to go on was grammy lanai's stories in releif society about her crazy burbankian grandchildren.

owona said...

Yay Paula!! I have to admit, I'm a little bummed that I didn't win, but those questions were TOUGH! So, Kuddos, and enjoy whatever fun prize you get!!

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