Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Run run run fast as you can you can't catch me cause I'm the Ginger Head Man

Rieken's Blessing day~~~ Rieken almost 1 yr.

Rieken 2 year Birthday party

2.5-3 YEARS
3 -3.5 yEARS
RIEKEN MAY 12,2009
Happy Birthday to The newest 4 year old Ginger headed boy on the block!
On this very day four of the shortest most dog-on long years ago, we were blessed to welcome into our little family of this and that’s a certain little ginger headed man.
Rieken Balian Rimmasch is a one of a kind modern day kiddo. He walks tall, runs fast, talks loud, hugs hard, spits far, learns quickity quick quick and passes the buck like no other.
HE is an adventurer who refuses to conform to ANY ol' rule book and a dreamer who doesn’t sleep. When he talks he mesmerizes you with his little cutie of a lisp and he might just walk right up to you and decide you are his very bestest friend for this very now second. My how he has grown, when he blessed us with his presence that not so long- ago day he was a mere 8 lbs and 7 oz. and he had cheeks to make chucky-cheese proud. Speaking of Cheese he was also the color of it for a week or so while he was deciding what color he really wanted to be.In the end he chose pink with a few Freckle dee sun kisses and a little Ginger on top cause he heard somewhere that Ginger was the Color for only the bravest of the super heroes in training. But alas the time whooshed by in a blur of life and adventures and the next thing you know here we are celebrating how big and strong he is for a newly made 4 year old. Why I don't think we could find another Riekey just like him any where no matter how hard we tried. And that’s just great with us because really, he just IS all that and a super sized bag of Scooby snacks.
We hope your day is filled with happiness,love,laughter and a suprise or two of course.
Love, Mom Dad and the siblings


owona said...

Ah, this post is super sweet! I can't believe how fast time goes!! Rieky really is a super awesome little boy! We love you Rieky and wish you the bestest 4th birthday EVER! Love, your Auntie Toot, Uncle Berny, and baby Oni

Becky Rimmasch said...

What a cutie....is goes by way too fast doesn't it? Enjoy it and thanks for sharing.

Ms. Kristen said...

I love this post....righ on the button! I love Rieken too! Too cute! He is a super smartie pants!