Sunday, May 10, 2009

To be or Not to be

As A kid I didn’t realize the daily struggle my mom went through just to get through the days and raise us right. Every day she had to decide weather To Be or Not Be,
~~~To be a Mom who led by example
~~~Not to be too hard on those precious little ones in her care when something went wrong

~~~To be a pillar of strength
~~~ Not to be angry

~~~To be an amazing cook, interior decorator, lullaby singer,
owie kisser, taxi driver, bum spanker, easy going and hard loving Mom
~~~Not to be worried about being our Best friend but being our Mom
~~~To be a mom who made life interesting and Fun
~~~Not to be afraid to apologize
~~~To be active in her Church and callings
~~~Not to be a judge and jury but an ear to listen and a parent full of words of wisdom and counsel
~~~ To be a Wonderful wife and friend to her spouse
~~~Not to be a critic of others

~~~To be a true friend to others
~~~Not to be willing to get caught up in herself
~~~To be active in all aspects of her children’s lives
~~~Not to be upset at having to work all our lives but to be proud that she could continue to use the skills she had worked so hard to gain.
~~~To be full of laughter and love

~~~Not to be just a mom but be the best Mom who loves all 5 of us monsters with every pore in her body
~~~To be willing to let us go and make our own decisions when the time came
~~~ Not to be critical of our choices
~~~To be the best Grammy Lanai ANY grand baby could every ask for
~~~Not to be offended easily
~~~To be a wonderful Mother in Law and friend to her new sons and daughters
~~~Not to be overbearing
~~~To be the women my sisters and I all want to be when we grow up.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, We love you!
Ryan, Sheri, Ashley, Aaron,
Kim, Eden, Conner, Caleb, Aleah,
Jaime, Mike, Jack,
Niki, Karl, Kelten, Kiprianna, Rieken, Tiernen,
Tiffany, Bernard, and Oni


owona said...

Love this...

Amy J. said...

Yes...your mom pretty much has always rocked! Love her.