Friday, May 1, 2009

We’re moving

Now, let’s be honest…Your reaction to that title was

A: Thank Heavens one less loud mouth to deal with. Now I can finally have some peace!

B: um okay, where ya going?


D. When’s the open house I’d like to come take a look around.
E. Yeah right I’d like to see you try.

Now I’ll be honest… That title was just a titch deceiving. When I said we’re moving what I really meant was Tiernen is moving which in reality means more movement from the rest of us ya follow? So if your answer was B,C,D,or E please click below to see the cutest new mover in town. If your answer was A keep it to yourself and feel free to click below:) Who knows after witnessing such an amazing act of grace and balance you might decide keeping us around is worth it. Oh, the second clip is mostly because he walks and talks. In the past he has consistently said: get it, go get, look it, kip kip, mom momma, dad, daddy, ow, sip sip, this,that, and oh oh. In the clip he says, go get and get it very clearly. He may be a few months behind our other three little beasts in the walking department but he defiantly has my gift of gab.

Clip # 1

Clip # 2

p.s. my floors are not dirty they are just nicked and scratched which by the way I love and think it gives them character. And as soon as I can I will fix that with a fresh coat of paint because really we have enough character living in our house .Really.

p.s.s. I'm really not a mean mommy He was just super Tiered and he wasn't falling for the usual.


Amber Grannis said...

that is super cute! but to honest, my first reaction to the title was "ooh, i hope it's texas!"

lindsay>boo said...

Ha! You got me! I was like, "Oh my goodness! Where are they moving to!"

Cute cute cute!

owona said...

SO ADORABLE! I can't believe he's almost a year old! Why does it go by so fast!!

And, the fake out with the whole "we're moving" thing wasn't my favorite joke, but whatever! :) haha