Friday, June 12, 2009

bbbblog bbblahs

Lately I have noticed that blogging just isn't pulling me in like it used to. Sure I still read every one else's blogs off my reader and I may throw a comment out here and there but, in general it just doesn’t call me the way it did say a year or so ago. I'm not quite sure what or when it happened but one day I realized I was having to REALLY work to take the time to sit and blog and when I finally did I found I was getting up and checking my site for comments about every 15 min. and then I would analyze those comments and my posts.
Can we just say obsessed!
It was around that moment of revelation that I noticed a major decrease in comments left on my posts which let’s face it; is devastation to an obsessed blogger who blogs for the people. Just kidding! But seriously it is a huge part of the fun of blogging at least for me. So instead of feeling guilty about the things I didn't get around to blogging about and then feeling bummed that once I do no one cares.
I am going to grow up and move on :)
So from here on out
I will
Post when I can.
I will
Shoot for at least once a month but I'm not going to stress about it.
I will
Try to comment more often on those blogs I check regularly.
I will
Enjoy the summer with my kids’ friends and family and NOT think about blogging
I will
Go to sleep at night and not want to check and see if anyone commented.
I will
Make a real effort to actually call and get together with friends and family instead of waiting for them to call me.
I won’t
Waste our summer inside in front of my computer when I could have been making the memories that blogging is all about
Love, N.


Paula said...


owona said... crack me up. It's ok to be "passionate" about something...but I like your new goals! I hope you enjoy blogging much more now! I enjoy your posts, and even though I might not comment sometimes, I'm still reading them, so please don't stop. You have to be the most creative and hilarious blogger I know! Love ya! :) Tooty

Amber Grannis said...

I am the first to admit to being a blog-stalker...I rarely comment on other people's blogs, but really do love reading what everyone's up to. And I, for one, love keeping up with the Rimmasch fam thru your eyes (and words). Keep 'em comin when you can! But I totally hear ya. My posting frequency has seriously diminished over the last several months. Have a great summer, girl!