Monday, August 31, 2009

New Traditions

After seeing this Amazing Idea on This gals blog, My sister in law Eden and I felt like this would be just the thing to start the new school year with. We tweaked it a bit here and there to make it just right for us but in the end Nie Nie is to credit for ALL the good ideas. We even loved the idea of a theme so much we decided to borrow it.

Listen and Obey
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As for our Menu, each one of our little ones got to put in their "order" and we made them whatever they asked for. here is how it came out


Dinner ~ spaghetti, garlic bread , raw carrots & Italian soda to drink

Dessert ~ Crepes with Nuttella filling


Dinner ~ Cheeseburger tater tots and corn on the cob & cream soda to drink

Dessert ~ Chocolate mousse


Dinner ~ Steak, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob & orange smoothie to drink

Dessert ~ Raspberry Cheesecake


Dinner ~ BBQ chicken wings, broccoli, tater tots & pina colada to drink

Dessert ~ Birthday cake


Dinner ~ chicken nuggets french fries, corn on the cob & cream soda to drink

Dessert ~ cake


Dinner ~ chicken nuggets fries corn on the cob & cream soda to drink

Dessert ~ cake and Mousse


Dinner and dessert ~ a little of everything

We ended our night with Fathers blessings for each of the kids. It was an AMAZING start to our new school year in fact we have decided to make it a tradition.

Thanks Nie Nie