Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you have a hidden talent?

For FHE on Monday we decided to have a big food filled Labor Day dinner and a talent show put on by the kids. It was very spur of the moment so nothing fancy was expected or needed. In fact the idea was to have each of the kids think about something (a talent) that they are good at and enjoy doing and have them share it with us after dinner. Each of the kids got really excited and thought (talked) about it pretty much all day. Kelten decided he would play a song on the piano, Kippi decided she would show us how well she could ride her bike, Rieken wanted to do summersaults, Aleah and caleb where going to dance ,Tiernen was going to do high fives and cheer for everyone And Conner was going to duel with light sabers. All very talent show worthy and exciting to boot. Well, as we were sitting down pigging out on our FABULOUS meal I kept hearing a cow munching (someone eating with their mouth open). Now I ask you this who in their right mind can enjoy eating while listening to someone else do it and loudly at that? Not me. It has to be my numero UNO biggest pet peeve of ALLL TIME!!! I know very petty and hard to image given I can handle boogies, blood, belching, crumbs in my bed (sometimes it happens people), and all sorts of nastiness. But it is. Now I need to fill you in on a little secret. We have assigned seating because 11 of us are bound to have issues if we aren't careful who sits by whom and I have been assigned to sit by my nephew Conner. I think it's only fair at this point to mention I did the assigning and it seemed logical at the time but that was before... Before the munching and crunching that is. Holy Hannah that boy enjoys his food VERY audibly. Now this has been a real trial for the both of us as he is constantly chomping and smacking and I am constantly asking him to pah-lease chew with his mouth closed.
So back to Monday at Dinner :)
Here he is chomping away and here I am asking him over and over to stop when Kelten got asked to leave the table for less than stellar manners. Well I couldn't help it. I asked Conner if he wanted to move over to Kelten's spot and finish Dinner there. I really thought I was being all sly about the whole "get your chompers as far away from my ears as possible thing" by being all ,”ooh look you get to sit in Kelten’s spot” thing. Apparently I’m not as sly as I like to think because Conner goes off and asks why. (Of course he would) “Well” I said, “wouldn't you like to sit over there by Rieken?” Conner says, "Yeah I guess but is it because I chew with my mouth full?" (Gulp) now I feel bad about being so petty and then he says, “Because it's my hidden talent you know I love to do it and I'm really good at it too."
Now I ask you how a person can argue with that.
And so he did (munch and crunch…LOUDLY) and I didn't mind one bit because really who am I to deny someone from using their talents even if it annoys the daylight out of me? (Especially when they are clear at the other end of the table :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soap in the mouth anyone?

The other day all of the kids were outside playing (PHEW) when Conner and Kippi came rushing in to Aunt Ede and tattled (oh yes they did) on Rieken about saying a bad word over and over. Aunt Ede being the nice person she is decided to talk to Rieken and see what he had to say for himself (so thoughtful don't you think).
"Rieken" she asked, "were you saying a bad word?"
and do you know what that little booger replied with a dead straight face?
"No I wasn't I was just saying Son of a B*$@!"
Now aunt Ede (being the kind person she is) pointed out (with a straight face) that said word most certainly IS a bad word (oh yes it is!)
And my sweet Ginger headed boy assured her it most certianly was NOT a bad word cause his Daddy says Son of a B*$@! all the time ( not all the time).
Now that Aunt Ede ( trying oh so hard not to laugh) told Rieken Yes yes it is a bad word and because he didn't know this time she would let it pass but next time there would be soap in the mouth.
Rieken (oh my Rieken) said, "Okay I promise I won't say Son of a B*$@! anymore cause I don't like soap in the mouth."

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been a Blistery kind of day

On the First day of School
Kippi Soup wore her brand new shoes.
Did she slow down when they started to pinch?
Did she take them off and see what was causing all that discomfort?
after a summer long hiatus she played hard on the Monkey bars.
Did she stop playing after the fist pinch?
Did she stop playing on them recess after recess?
When she got home she finally decided to check out her feet.
what did she have?
2 big ol' fat blisters that's what.
She also showed me her hands and what did she have 5 big ol' blisters and only one of those hadn't torn open yet
On day two of school
she woke up and was determined to wear yet another pair of brand new shoes w/o socks because they matched her outfit...
As her mother you may think it was my responsibility to MAKE her wear more sensible shoes.
As her mother I must respond, next time I'll call you and let you give that a shot.
On day two of school she was sure she couldn't get any more blisters so she figured what they hay?
When she got home from school she Finally checked her feet out and showed me her hands and what does she have?
Two nasty torn blisters that got even bigger and hands that look like hamburger.
On day Three of school
same thing
On day Four of school
My sweet Beautiful Kippi soup woke up and said,
"It feels like it's gonna be another blistery day but maybe I should wear my old tinnies just in case. "
Day 2 after school
Day 3 after school she even has blisters on her fingers

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To make a long story short...

We moved...
To Pasco....
We are really enjoying it.
We can't decide if we want to sell or rent our little Yellow house in Burbank...
Decisions decisions.
Life's' been insane...
But in a good way.
I feel like I forgot to do something important...
I mean really important...
If It was for you or about you or you know what it might be,
please call me and let me know.
Maybe it was a bill or a Dr's appointment? Do I have all my kids (kidding) hmmm...
We love our new ward and have met lots of new people...
The kids started the year in a new school...
They LOVE it!
They hate it...
There are 11 of us living under one roof!..
what can I say?
I'm really greatful for good friends and great family...
I'm starting to feel alive again, it's been a while...