Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soap in the mouth anyone?

The other day all of the kids were outside playing (PHEW) when Conner and Kippi came rushing in to Aunt Ede and tattled (oh yes they did) on Rieken about saying a bad word over and over. Aunt Ede being the nice person she is decided to talk to Rieken and see what he had to say for himself (so thoughtful don't you think).
"Rieken" she asked, "were you saying a bad word?"
and do you know what that little booger replied with a dead straight face?
"No I wasn't I was just saying Son of a B*$@!"
Now aunt Ede (being the kind person she is) pointed out (with a straight face) that said word most certainly IS a bad word (oh yes it is!)
And my sweet Ginger headed boy assured her it most certianly was NOT a bad word cause his Daddy says Son of a B*$@! all the time ( not all the time).
Now that Aunt Ede ( trying oh so hard not to laugh) told Rieken Yes yes it is a bad word and because he didn't know this time she would let it pass but next time there would be soap in the mouth.
Rieken (oh my Rieken) said, "Okay I promise I won't say Son of a B*$@! anymore cause I don't like soap in the mouth."


owona said...

HAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA!! That is HILARious!!! It's funny what those kids pick up, isn't it? That cracks me up to no end! Way to go Eden...you handled it beautifully! I don't think I would have been able to keep a straight face! I'm still laughing!!

tharker said...

I am dying! This is so stinking funny! The best part to me is trying to imagine just how Eden kept that straight face without laughing! I would have had the worst time!!