Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas perfection

This year for the second time in our marriage
We were home alone for Christmas.
It was Perfection.
I love the big family get togethers with the games and food and all nighters.
But somehow this topped them all.
In fact I think we just made a new Rimmasch family tradition.
This is how our holiday went down.

Chinese food by candlelight for Christmas Eve dinner
after dinner crafts for the girls after dinner Star Wars extravaganza for the boys Baking and decorating cookies for Santa Christmas mouse visiting for the first time ever in WA and bringing new jammies and a note Daddy reading Twas the night before Christmas Opening the traditional teaser gift Setting out a plate and note for Santa and and his reindeer then Off to bed to wait for the Magic to happen

Christmas day we slept until 7am and then when the big kids could stand it no longer we grabbed the baby and went to see what Santa had brought.
But this year the kids had asked Santa to wrap their gifts and so he did.
They didn't think how this would prolong the waiting.
AHhh the agony!!
Kippi's Rieken's
We took our time and read the Christmas story out of Luke and then the kids went to town. Each one loved everything they got and we didn't hear a single complaint or wistful wish that they had gotten something else.
It was really perfect.
Kippi and her skateboardRieken and his scooter
Kelten and his Mp3 player
Tiernen and his music table
The rest of the day...
The kids played with all the new stuff they got.
We made phone calls to family
Hung out with Uncle Ry and two cousins who popped in for an hour
Mommy and Daddy relaxed.
We ate fancy cheeses and cold meats for lunch
played and rested some more
For dinner Daddy made a delicious Christmas turkey with all the fixings
We topped it off with pie.
Christmas day ended with
The Beasties snuggled under the new blankets Grammy made them
a bowl of popcorn, and a family movie
Like I said total perfection.
I hope your Christmas was Perfect too.


Suezan Rimmasch said...

Good Morning. Wow it looks like Santa was very good to all of you. Kelten have you loaded up your MP3 player yet. What with?
Kippi, how is the skateboard going. Is it warm enough to go try it out outside?
Rieken. I bet you are having fun is whizzing along on your scooter. How fast can you go.
Tiernen it looks like you are having a great time and that the cookies are the best. You cookies for Santa look really good. I bet he loved them. I hope you all keep enjoying all of the things you got. looks like the Mouse was good with the snuggy pajamas again. I love you all. OMA

Suezan Rimmasch said...

Aunt Mar says you are all looking good. She would like to see you in your vests so if you take a picture with them on please post it. thanks

owona said...

Oh what a fantastic post!! It looks like an amazing Christmas! I'm glad you all enjoyed a wonderful day together...the kids look so happy and adorable! Thanks for the pics, and Merry Christmas!

tharker said...

Wow, it really was a perfect Christmas! Sounds like a wonderful day.

tharker said...

It was fun seeing you at the store the other day!!

The Patriot Poster said...

That is great! I am glad you had such a full and perfect Christmas! We did much the same thing, just on a smaller scale with 1/2 the kids and younger ages! We were alone too but it was just great--it was my favorite married Christmas so far! Hope to talk to you soon! Love, C