Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas wish list revision

Dear Santa,
Ya know how this year the beasties were on top of things and got wish lists out to you at the very beginning of the month so you had time to prepare? Well, I just want you to know a lot has happened between then and now (new toys books and the like) and as you know kids can be fickle little turds (at least mine can be). Well apparently, they don’t get that it is just plain RUDE to change your mind after having put in an actual list in writing so, if all they get are things from the original list no tears will be shed or this Mommy will be boycotting presents. I'm just sayin'
So here’s the scoop…
Rieken's fondest wish is no longer a scooter. I know, I know he talked about it NON STOP for months. But, he has had a change of heart and he would truly love a snake eyes costume if it's not too much trouble. I did a little checking for ya and there are a couple left at Target just in case you are all out at the North Pole.
Then there is Kippi. I have tried to explain to her that Santa can only do so much but she still wants me to put in a word for a DSi so here I am putting in a word. Although, I want it on the record, I TOTALLY feel she is a bit young/irresponsible for one. In fact I would prefer you to stick to her original list. Oh and yes she does know where I stand on the matter and would be VERY happy with the skateboard that she originally asked for.
Kelten Has been up in the air for some time and unfortunately just decided today (2 days before the big day) what he really wants. I did some scoping for you and I'm not going to lie, I think you may just have to fall back on his list of previous options. It is really very hard to find metroid prime fusion for the game boy advance at this late a date. I have already explained to Kelten you mostly work in toys so when it comes to video games and electronics you have to do it the same way we mere mortals do... You go to Best Buy or Amazon or EBay and sometimes things are just plain out of stock.
Now Santa I would like to express my Thanks for your understanding in this matter and please know the Rimmasch Kids fully understand that they are blessed no matter what they may or may not get because well frankly Christmas isn't about the gifts. That is just a happy perk. I hope this letter finds you well and ready for the big night. We will be waiting with baited breath for you to work you Christmas Eve magic.
Merrily yours,
Mommy Rimmasch

P.S. If you happen to come across my camera battery I would LOVE to have it Christmas morning.


owona said...

Silly kids!! Poor Santa! Hope it gets all figured out...thank goodness Oni is one and Bernard and I still get to make her Christmas list! Love ya big and hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas!!

tharker said...

I can totally relate! Jake has been asking for more Transformers since his birthday in September, so we got him some for Christmas. Then...THEN...last week, I took him to choose a gift for a birthday party, and when we saw the Transformers, I asked him if his friend would like them, and he promptly replied, "No way! Transformers are so dumb, Mom!" Well, that's just great. Should be a fun Christmas morning around here ;)