Friday, December 18, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Upon hearing the news that they needed to actually get dressed and ready for school on a weekday after having a week of 2 hour delays and cancellations this is what we heard all morning long.

What! Are you sure there isn't a two hour delay, that ice still looks pretty bad to me!

OH NO!!!!(total drama) Mom did you get a present for my teacher!?I can't go to school without a present I need to make her a card I think I better hurry and make her a card Mom are you listening I have to have a present for my teacher and OH NO Mauuaaam what about Mrs W. ( the SUB) and Mrs. Wheatley (the Music teacher) and Oh man I'm never gonna get this done in time and (finally takes a huge breath and then on the verge of tears stomps up the stairs.... and finishes off with) Kelten get outta of my way I have cards to make cause I have to do everything myself!
( Good thing I am a pro at tuning that bit of loveliness out and that I totally made treats last night PHEW!)

Mom -huff huff puff (running around looking for her)
MOM -Huff Huff
this goes on for a good 5 min.

What Conner?

Oh your still here? Never mind then.

I think you should check again and make sure school isn't cancelled I think I saw a snowflake. This could be bad...

Oh yeah Today is the last day of school before winter break I think we are all feeling it.
Until next time, N


tharker said...

So funny! Hannah also wanted me to double check again that school wasn't delayed ;)

owona said...

So cute!! I'm glad it's finally Winter break for everybody! This is the best time of year, if you ask me! Except one day in July, that is! Wink, wink! Hope you're all enjoying your time off together! Love ya!